Employer may not create a company sponsored union and bargain with it. requires that the employer agree not to oppose future organizing drives by the union within the company. Conditions of employment would involve a direct and immediate effect on union members' jobs and is strongly determined by labor cost factors. American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations. If a Union doesn't get voted in they have to wait 1 year before they can vote again. If employees are currently represented, but at least 30 percent of them indicate they do not want continued representation a ___________ is held. We apologize for the inconvenience. You have to wait one year before you can have another election. Professional and non-professionals may be in the same union if a majority of the pros agree. this (1935) act gave workers the right to join labor unions. Unions benefit their members (monopoly power), at the expense of higher costs, and benefit the public by requiring that employers respond to employee grievances (voice power). The NLRB has to certify the representation election results before bargaining begins. As the campaigns gains momentum, an internal organizing committee is established. Irish minors appressed by English Laws discriminating against Roman Catholics, stuck when mine owners cut wages below the agreed minimum. Members serve 5 year terms and may be reappointed. Any interference, coercion, or restraints against any employee in their … Was established under which a union could be punished if either its means or its ends were deemed illegal by the courts. The NLRB conducts the secret-ballot election. Frustration is the main catalyst for people to join a union. Members serve a 5 year term. The right to unionize 2. The American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees give 25% to political cause. Employer cant create an employee group and have them set wages,work hours, or terms. is an organization or a manager or supervisor acting on its behalf. Vary substantially in their real access to higher-level managers - in terms of the types of complaints or questions that can be taken up and also the degree to which employees must first contact lower-level supervisors and managers before higher-level managers will review a complaint. Members serve 5 year terms and may be reappointed. National Labor Relations Board The NLRB public website is currently down. Wagner Act (National Labor Relations Act). represent employees of a single employer and are not affiliated with a national union. Company and union observers may challenge voter eligibility but cannot prohibit anyone from voting. Defined unfair labor practices and established the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) to settle disputes between employers and employees. Under the Act, employees are guaranteed specific rights including: 1. Union negotiates on behalf of its members with management representatives to arrive at a contract defining: Carrying out agreement's terms and resolving conflicts over interpretation or violation of the agreement, Process for resolving union-management conflicts over interpretation or violation of a collective bargaining agreement. True/False: Protection from union misconduct was established by the Landrum-Griffin Act. You need 30% to be heard and more than 50% to petition for an election. The National Labor Relations Board is proud of its history of enforcing the National Labor Relations Act. The servicing model of union representation. When unemployment is high you can pay less for new hires, when it is low you have to pay more. Right to work states are states that employees represented by a union cannot be forced to join the union as a condition of continued employment. Fou…, a group of employees that a union is seeking to represent, The final step in most union grievance procedures in which a n…, A meeting with the grievance parties and an arbitrator where t…, management's development of new work structures geared toward…, 1. economic context... 2. technological context... 3. locus of power, influence bargaining process and outcomes (unemployment, econo…, influence bargaining process and outcomes (new technologies la…, Clause that states that even if workers do not join the union,…, Principle under which regulations on unfair labor practices th…, State that when a struck employer effectively uses the employe…, Umbrella term used to describe a number of problem-solving and…, Relationships between workers and their representatives (typic…, Workers at NY fulfillment center pushing to unionize, Claim po…, that it has an open-door policy and complaints do not represen…, Coal operating association- different owners made it an unbala…, Non union workers that come to work or take your job. There is a decline in union membership due to: What Supervisors Should/Should Not Do to Discourage Unions: TIPS. mus…, an org or manager acting for an org within the jurisdiction of…, an employment facility, plant or regional office, that contain…, the interdisciplinary field of study that concentrates on indi…, Individuals/groups responsible for promoting goals of employer…, Local/state/federal policial processes, government agencies, g…, the amount of power labor or management has in a particular si…, A mechanism by which organized groups of workers and their emp…, refers to individuals or groups who are responsible for promot…. Employer may not create a company sponsored union and bargain with it. When union organizers get a job at the targeted firm to gain closer contact with employees. Employer bargaining power in increased with their ability to take a strike. Reinforcing the local-control-local-concern idea, many employers improved wages and working conditions in unorganized plants. Communities organized open-shop committees to protect citizens from outside labor organizers. The NLRB responds to complaints of unions, employees, and employers. The US Court of Appeals enforces non-compliance to a NLRB ruling. False (Taft-Hartley Act allowed states to pass right-to-work laws if they choose.). Involves managers (representing ownership interests) and a lab…, Dispute over what the terms or conditions of employment or wor…, Disputes over interpretation or application of a contracts ter…, Can be placed in 2 general categories... 1- Rules governing compe…, the process whereby unions and managements negotiate and admin…, a permanent employee association that has as its primary goal…, the major labor union federation in the United States, with so…, agency of the U.S. Department of Labor that is concerned princ…, ongoing interchange between the union and the employer that id…, basis for the practice of labor relations within a unionized e…, creates a legal entity that can act as if it were a person, individuals and organizations can collectively hold a corp; ea…, A group of workers who join together to influence the nature o…, About collective workrelated protection, influence, and voice, Aggressive union-busting tactics; Progressive HRM tactics that…, When strikes happen, possible harm to society due to low work…, those individuals or groups responsible for promoting the goal…, employees and the unions that represent the employees, an organization established to represent the interest of emplo…, it arises when an employer locks out employees to avoid losses…, -compensation includes wages, benefits, vacations & holidays,…, -legally enforceable documents that specify the laws of the wo…, 1. interests (what they are really concerned about)... 2. options…, negotiators are situated in a complex environment that provide…, 1. competitive markets... 2.

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