Neptune can represent dreams, instincts, and psychic capabilities. You will be emotional about these matters and be protective of them. They are colourful and extravagantly idealistic. You may idealise communication and education, and you may dream of being an expert communicator or teacher. They may be a religious person who seeks to convert others, making peace not war, but war, in a religious way. You can appear a little eccentric to the other generations, and you may acquire associates who are cranky and artistic, perhaps musicians. Neptune in Aries questions long-held beliefs and ideals. In your search for religious ecstasy, you should guard against being deceived by drugs and alcohol. You are an idealist, sensitive and sufficiently passionate (fire) to carry out and implement your ideas and aspirations. She is also a planet of glamor and will rule over fashion. They are interested in anything new that will heal others, especially if it has mystical or non-physical applications. However, this is their their deep sensitivity and empathy with others showing through. Neptune Astrology Symbol - Characteristics, Planet Energy and More. Every astrological sign has a specific set of qualities – positive and negative. You tend to dream, dreams of freedom and independence, unconventional dreams (Aquarius), but you are not deterred. They are creative problem solvers, however. In Roman lore, Neptune is the god of the sea. Neptune (to refine) in Sagittarius (Free and Tolerant). By dissolving issues related to interpersonal problems, you can achieve amazing results. There may be a tendency to believe in a freeway, without using the critical facilities. Labyrinthos Academy is an online tarot school that aims to bring the ancient ritual of tarot for a modern practice. The glyph of the Neptune resembles the trident that the god Poseidon/Neptune is often shown holding. You refine matters to do with religion, service and selflessness in an impressionable and inspirational manner. Please confirm your acceptance letter in your inbox to start orientation. Those ruled under the planet Neptune are always sweet, forgiving and compassionate. Neptune represents things that aren’t quite as they appear, the elusive, and the unreal. She enjoys poems, music, and dance. If you do not know what your Neptune sign is, you can use our Neptune Sign Calculator which will tell you what your Neptune Sign is.It will also calculate all of your other planets as well. Neptune in Leo is creative and has a natural flair for entertainment, film, theatre and fashion. She will rule over all things dramatic like movies, theatre, and television. A negatively positioned Neptune in the natal chart can indicate a tendency to escape reality. You could be drawn to the interests associated with spirits, UFOs, vampires, and other uncertain and vague phenomenon. Neptune was the Roman god of the seas. They are conscientious with others and usually have successful relationships. That cross is a stabilizer among the potentially erratic energies Neptune can represent. It points to the sky which symbolizes spiritual receptivity. They have such magnetism that others are easily influenced by them. Below are some of the key traits of each sign of each zodiac sign. Their imagination can be fired with energy and urgency, creating an impressive person. If Neptune is not a personal planet, and if Libra is not prominent then it should not be a problem. This trait leads them to have lives that are quite fulfilling. The symbol for Neptune is the trident (long three-pronged fork or weapon) of Neptune, god of the sea. At its best, Neptune’s energy inspires marvellous art, music, theatre, dance, poetry, and film. A black and white list of zodiac sign characteristics formatted for printers. You refine instinctively and protectively matters to do with the home, or base, in its fullest sense. The symbol for Neptune is a You sometimes concentrate on isolated details and make them seem very profound when out of context. The cross at the lower end of the symbol is symbolic of matter, the root of things – the crux of nature. They seek alternatives to what they grew up with. However, Neptune is connected with instinct and spiritual understanding. She will be interested in hypnotic trances. Don’t just believe in things just because they are profound and mystic. Includes keywords, planetary rulers, symbols, elements and modalities. This symbolises the yearning of the soul to break free from the restrictions and limitations of matter/reality. She wants people to be more aware and to have new insights. You may be involved in forming (cardinal) new idealised relationships between others. With Neptune in Saturn-sign lead Capricorn, You refine, in a prudent and reserved manner, matters related to power, control, success and fame. You tend to be diplomatic and harmonious in a refined way concerning others. They also love children. Symbols for the classical planets, zodiac signs, aspects, lots, and the lunar nodes appear in the medieval Byzantine codices in which many ancient horoscopes were preserved. Neptune is a planet concerned with stimulation and dreams. You may dream about matters related to fashion, music and peace. When Neptune lives in Jupiter sign Sagittarius, you improve knowledge and philosophy (discussion and belief) in an open and tolerant manner. She will make a fantasy that is charming on the outside and fascinating on the inside. You may be able to do this because of your powerful imagination (water, Neptune) where you can create new experiences. Neptune is a planet that is very fluid. It is not possible for you to copy the content of this website, If you'd like to use any content from this website, please contact us. Page Updated: June 23, 2020 Join our mailing list to receive the latest news, articles and updates from our team about the new website and new features coming soon. It will symbolize the life cycle, from birth to life to death. They can get so off track that they can think they are fighting against tyranny when they are, in fact, the tyrant themselves. The planet is mysterious and will not show her mysteries easily. If you’re wrapped in your imagination, it is likely that you manage to put even crazy ideas to practical and profitable use, making money out of them in the process. In the Indian tradition, Neptune is associated with rain, as well as dreams, illusions, and uncertainty. Here is increased emotional intensity, but strongly and powerfully. Neptune (to refine) in Cancer (Instinctive and Protective). They could be actively into religion, seeking to convert others in their personal crusade, though not believing in a traditional religion per se. You may be able to refine this differences by dissolving the deep hidden issues into universal oneness. The planet Neptune will control sleep and dreaming. Neptune (to refine) in Taurus (Enduring and Possessive). She will want people to use her energy to improve their lives. She rules the oceans of the Earth. You could be drawn to religious or cultish organisations and share your deeply held beliefs or searching for deep secrets, such as those related to life and death. You’re often deceived in these areas because you are so passionate about your ideas and by your dreams. She is about deception and distraction and being open in a psychic way. Leo Neptune is generous, friendly and warm-hearted. Neptune will take 165 years to complete its orbit of the zodiac. Neptune can indicate new horizons, spiritual healing and service to others or becoming lost in a foggy world of fantasy and dreams. Astrology 42 is full of free articles, evergreen content, features, interpretations, recommendations and tools for anyone interested in learning Astrology online. There are difficulties between dreamlike idealism and imagination and being a detail person (Neptune detriment). The Neptune Symbol and its Meanings The Neptune symbol is about the only thing straight-forward about the subject of Neptune. Neptune (to refine) in Capricorn (Prudent and Reserved). You may have an unrealistic view of serving your fellow humans, and be very sensitive to their problems in these areas. The symbol for dwarf planet Pluto is a monogram made up of P and L in Pluto (and also the initials of Percival Lowell, who predicted its discovery). The crescent, representing receptivity, is pointing upwards, indicating spiritual receptivity, and is placed above the cross of matter. The planet is about being kind and having grace. When the matter at hand is personal property, it might be harder to see clearly what you want. She can represent both feeling and the darker side. It is how we see new horizons, how we look at our own spiritual healing and how we service others in fantasy and dreams. She rules over Pisces and the Twelfth House. Sign up now to begin your initiation ritual. People influenced by Neptune are risk takers, and their willingness to take chances that others won't mean that sometimes they also find unexpected success. They see the glory of physical courage and warfare and are willing to fight over something they consider sacred and do not see the line between spirituality and war. You can refine these damaging tendencies and turn them into means of helping others and into ways of transcendence. The drawback is their dreamy nature can sometimes lead them to have ambitious and unrealistic goals. When you meet someone who is seems to be utterly innocent and naïve, it might be that Neptune plays a prominent role in their natal chart. You tend to refine matters in a versatile and variable way, particularly in areas concerning communication, education, childcare, etc. Those ruled by Neptune are filled with so much innocence and childlike faith that they find opportunities even in the worst of situations. You may be so lofty that you fail to see the reality in the noble worker, the noble healer and the beautiful effects of proper nutrition. Neptune represents the unconscious urge to dissolve the boundaries of your ego-centeredness to ‘lose yourself’ in other realms of being. She spends about 14 years with each sign.

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