Battle of Hogwarts. The name comes from the River Kelvin in Scotland. 80 Geeky And Nerdy Names for Girl and Boy Babies. These names are so uncool, they’ve become cool again, and, simply put, are names only a hipster mom would choose.

Pick this and your kid is on the road to be a winner right from the word go. According to, “[Trillian] is the name of a fictional character from the science fiction series Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by British writer Douglas Adams. The character's given names Tricia McMillian are combined to form Trillian.”, Winston is a name of English origin that means. You have entered an incorrect email address! Thetia is a kingdom in Magic: The Gathering, Thrace is a heroine and sorceress in Greek mythology. Herminia Cinna is a scholar and author in Elder Scrolls: Oblivion. Syrio Forel is a swordsman who trains Arya in Game of Thrones. It means “he will rejoice.”, Jace: There’s Jace Bellaren from Magic: the Gathering. One of her patents couldn’t even be used for decades and decades after it was created because she was such a genius that the rest of the world was complete unable to catch up to her. It is also of Hindi and Spanish origin, and a variation of Leya which means Lion. Ada was the first computer programmer who worked on Charles Babbage’s Analytical Engine and was daughter to Lord Byron. Petit. Meaning: “great tide” in Welsh. It jumped from the 1238th rank in 2013 to 957th in 2013.

Kent: Kal-el would be a difficult name for anyone, and Clark is pretty popular these days.

Carl: Many famous scientists bore this name: Carl Sagan, Carl Linneaus, Carl Gauss. Alyx comes from a video game character and is a good variation of the more common Alex. And don’t forget Ernie Macmillan from Harry Potter. Later on, a spacecraft sent to Jupiter was named Galileo in honor of him. Ernest: There’s American author Ernest Hemingway, and it was used by Oscar Wilde in his comedy The Importance of Being Earnest. This Dutch name means moorish.

Fleur Delacour was a popular character in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Or did you find the name that you are planning to use?

The name Anakin has been increasing in popularity over the year. It’s a safe bet that the majority of parents who have chosen this name for their tots have also gifted their babes mustache binkies and cloth diapers. " Hana" is one of them. “Like Greta, Gretchen...has become an American quasi-classic...She was at her high point in the 1970s, making it into the top 200...the name is currently enjoying a dash of modern glamour via actress Gretchen Mol.”, Grimm is a name of Anglo-Saxon origin that means. Tauriel was one of those “Hobbit” characters that did not appear in the book, but was added in the movie. Its origin is unknown but it may be a variant of Taylor, which as you may have guessed, means “tailor.”.

The name comes from “Jace Bellarine of Magin: the Gathering”, the famous card name. It is also the Italian variant for the name Gemma which means “precious stone”.

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