It’s cute. Not going to lie, it does sound & look something that would lock the heck down your foot. Your email address will not be published. The break-in process was fairly quick & unpainful too. Theoretically, yes, but I couldn’t feel any tangible difference comparing both of the versions once hitting the court. Nothing was taken or added in this category. The full-Mesh upper feels pretty nice and should be super durable. The one-bootie upper fit my feet perfectly but it's pretty hard to put on. All of the main support components featured on the LeBron 17 can be found on the Lows as well. The Nike LeBron 17 Low is set to debut in a TuneSquad colorway. It’s quite a unique one to say the least. But are all of those changes worth it? The forefoot still remains heavily packed with impact protection. 8 Shops from $92.97 $170 Save 45 % 8.4. They’ll be available at Nike. I’m also interested in it. Knitposite is not longer used and is replaced with synthetic leathers and mesh. And it does just that, but in the same fashion as the regular version itself. For lateral support you do have leather panels on top and two outriggers down below. I felt a little pinching pain on the lateral side of the forefoot. Nonetheless, this main mesh bootie with synthetic leather side panels is something you wouldn’t call “a budget tear” setup at any rate. So even though you sit quite high off the ground, busting of the footbed was not a concern. Dust was never a problem since the dust collection was rather minimal, therefore wiping is something that can be neglected to still have that beastly performance. NIKE LeBron 17 Low REVIEW – Better Once Again? The traction was really good and the cushioning was pretty damn nice. WearTesters is reader-supported. The build quality is still there, matching the price point, exactly how a signature sneaker should be. NIKE KOBE AD MID REVIEW – Same Name, Different Performance, Jordan Why Not Zero.2 REVIEW – More Speed and Mobility, Best Basketball Shoes For Wide Feet (2017), Nike PG 4 REVIEW – You Won’t Recognize Them. Changing things up a bit from the mid top Nike LeBron 17, the lows takes things down a notch on all fronts. Performance of the Nike Lebron 17: The Lebron 17 is one of the most expensive basketball shoes on the market, does it justify it's $200 retail price? This is probably the hardest shoe to put on I've ever tested. Whereas for wide footers I recommend going half a size up or even a whole size if you have a really wide foot. $170 is a steep price but I don't think you will be disappointed if you pick up the Lebron 17 Low. The new generation knit setup on the original LeBron 17had to be one of the best feeling & performing uppers in the entire existence. Required fields are marked *. The Nike LeBron 17 fits true to size and is very reminiscent of one of my favorite LeBron models to-date — the Nike LeBron 8. You stop on a dime on lateral cuts and linear movements and the rubber picks up almost no dust. However, that supreme one-to-one fit and overall ability to accommodate your foot in no time were definitely missed in the lows. The LeBron 17 Low with its $30 lower price tag will not take away any of the main features found in the original version. The super-soft cushioning is pretty high-off-the-ground and feels a little unstable in the heel. Overall, the Lebon 17 Low is a solid performer but can't quite reach the performance of the high version. Your email address will not be published. A $40 decrease in price will get you the most changes in the entire history of the LeBron low iterations. Nightwing2303 loves kicks and performance. Learn more. Nonetheless, this main mesh bootie with synthetic leather side panels is something you wouldn’t call “a budget tear” setup at any rate. The traction pattern remains largely unchanged but has additional ridges on the rubber which give you a little bit of added grip. Yet, for that you will sacrifice a bit of responsiveness, which made the front end play a tad slower. The build quality is still there, matching the price point, exactly how a signature sneaker should be. Let’s get it! When it comes to sizing, I would say that the construction is somewhat narrower compared to the original version. The traction was pretty good on clean courts and you will need to wipe only occasionally on dusty courts. The Lebron 17 Low departs significantly from the design of the original Lebron 17. That’s just my opinion. adidas Pro Bounce Madness 2019 REVIEW – So Darn Close! Taking away the spot from Zoom Air, React is something I didn’t mind to get in exchange. The traction was already beastly. The new generation knit setup on the original LeBron 17 had to be one of the best feeling & performing uppers in the entire existence. Many guys want to see the performance review of NIKE LeBron 17. In other words, the Max Air craziness stayed untouched in the 17 Low. Due to the appearance of React foam, the platform went from being articulated to completely flat in the low version. Following the same situation found in the cushion department, the traction pattern only receives pattern changes in the forefoot. Though, worth mentioning, that this lacing system forces you to adjust the laces individually, which makes the lacing process double the time. This is the Nike LeBron 17 Low performance review. Well, it tried to…. A few small changes like updated cushion setup or different material choices, although, make the difference in the specification sheet, the performance outcome was kept somewhat identical. The upper material was changed from Battleknit to a pretty firm and not super premium-feeling Mesh. Get the "SneakerGeek" app and always stay up-to-date with new shoe releases. Overall, the Lebron 17 Low is a solid performer but probably not worth $170, especially considering the cheap upper materials. KnitPosite out. Not only is the collar heigh lower, but the materials have been overhauled completely. Other than that, the fit is really tight and your feet are very well-contained. That having said, it’s more of a gimmick than performance booster. It’s that true React experience, similar to what we can found in running shoes, which is exciting news for our cushion lovers.

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