The shoe incorporates a mostly grey suede upper with black accents and neon yellow hits on the sockliner and SB branding. The original iteration was made available with 1 of 100 special edition packaging, while the wider release featured the standard SB box. An abbreviation that is widely used in texting and chat, and on Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram and elsewhere on the internet, but what does SB mean in slang?

Like his previous color palettes, this rendition also features perforated paneling on the underlays. Enjoy. Nike SB teamed up with Black Sheep Skate Shop in 2014 to tribute the basketball nostalgia of the University of North Carolina. Featuring a black and charcoal nubuck construction up top, the shoe is accented with a tonal starry application that’s complemented with Solar Pink hues on the sockliner and a glow-in-the-dark Crystal Mint tone on the outsole to resemble the Aurora Borealis phenomenon. Bring in Boston boutique Concepts and suddenly a pair of shoes wasn’t just something to collect, skate, or wear on your feet. [44], A Nike SB film of Australian riders Boserio and Alex Campbell was released on April 4, 2014. One of the most anticipated quickstrike releases of 2011, the Tauntaun iteration of the SB Dunk High references the Stars Wars legacy with inspiration from the Empire Strikes Back film.

Borrowing 42 design elements from previous SB Doernbecher releases, this shoe came encase with scrubs from the Children’s Hospital, while the box was made from the wood of recycled skateboard decks.

Jeff Staple and Nike SB revisited a previously rejected sample, which has since become known as the Panda Pigeon. Additionally, the insoles feature a map of iconic skate spots throughout the city of London. With the White Dunk show coming to a close in New York City, Nike SB recruited Jeff Staple’s Pigeon Design entity to close out the final stop of the tour. Commonly mistaken as For Love OF Money, Futura wanted bring awareness to what was beginning within sneaker culture by presenting two questions. The “What The” SB Dunk Low is considered to be one of the most grailed SB offerings of all-time.

Slightly varying from the original, featuring a lion emblem that matched his Almost board sponsor graphic on the heel, the shoe also incorporates artwork designed by his brother on the tongue. The second volume of the two-part series features Oliveira, Daryl Angel, Donovon Piscopo, Theotis Beasley, Justin Brock, Shane O'Neill, and Ishod Wair. Air Mag colorways are anything but unfamiliar to the Nike range. The fiery tones are complemented by a patent leather construction, as well as the big island outline that’s embroidered on the heel. Released exclusively at Nike Hong Kong, Nike SB commissioned designer, Michael Lau to design a special rendition of the Dunk Low that united sport and culture.

This color palette borrows the tones from the Irish whiskey bottle, featuring a cream and green rendering on the suede and leather upper that’s accented by red hits that mirror the bottles cap and lettering on the label. "[35] The Nike Dunk SB Tiffany design was also adapted by Nick Tershay, as part of Diamond, his skateboard/streetwear company. Renowned artist, Todd Bratrud that’s well-known amongst the skateboarding community recounts his early visits with Nike SB at Nike’s Beaverton headquarters was more like visiting an actual skate shop than it was a corporate megaplex.

SB is used to refer to an unspecified or unknown person.

NOLA skate shop, Humidity teamed up with Nike SB in 2018 for the “Trumpet” iteration that celebrates the New Orleans jazz scene. The shoe features a scissor icon that’s embroidered on the lace flap to signify the idea of skaters cutting off the heel collars of their high-tops to make them more skateable.

SB. Following up his Walk of Fame Dunk Low collaboration the year prior, the Paparazzi offering tributes the media that notoriously snaps photos of assorted celebrities throughout Hollywood. Most of the updates, skilfully applied, did not interfere with the existing silhouette of the Nike Dunk. [12], In 2012, professional Sean Malto (riding for Girl) left Etnies for Nike SB, shortly after his 2011 street league skate boarding win. Each shoe applied the artwork differently than the other, so that no two pairs are alike, while multiple layers of the translucent layering give these sneaker’s their stained glass effect. Thomas Campbell was the multimedia director for Nike SB’s Chronicles Vol. Additionally, this shoe is stenciled with a shoebox icon on the heel with an ostrich paneling along the toe. The splotched design is complemented with a tag that reads, “cool charity,” implying that the proceeds from the release would benefit a charity of the artist’s choice. The shoe was cut into quarters and ended up selling for north of $30,000 to a local Beaverton resident, whose proceeds were donated to the Tim Brauch Foundation and Skaters for Portland Skate Parks. [24] Koston used the Eric Koston 2 design as a basis for a limited edition golf shoe, named the "Koston 2 IT", and a corresponding launch was held in London, UK at the 1948 Stadium store in Shoreditch. This particular rendition of the SB Dunk High references design details from the Thrashin movie cover. Me: … Its creator Doug Ellin is a sneakerhead in real life and one of his favorite silhouettes is the SB Dunk Low.

Richard Mulder with a Heelflip Backside Tailslide in the Dunk Low “Gino.”.

Complete with icy outsoles, this shoe even features the same cord laces, as well as the Concord hit on the bottom. Nike SB’s East West pack celebrates the legacy of Notorious B.I.G and Tupac.

Can sb please tell me what time the New Year’s Eve party starts? Marnell's death occurred during the production of the second volume of the SB Chronicles video series and he had not yet released a signature model shoe with the brand. Paying homage to the Hornets’ basketball team colors in the 90s, the shoe also incorporates a silver accent on the swoosh that’s symbolic of a stinger, while the tongue implements a honey comb pattern to amplify the volume on the buzz.

The fear of "corporate" taking over in a world where everyone has a "stick-it-to-the-man" mentality was overwhelming in … Down to the wire before its release, it was cancelled due to legalities of trademark infringement.

Known for his military inspired graphics and patterns, Mark took his designs that were catching the attention of sneaker connoisseurs by giving him the opportunity to customize the Dunk Low. Danny Supa’s SB Dunk Low colorway is one of the most popular in-house offerings to release for the SB division. [26] Also in mid-June, Nike SB announced that Fucking Awesome Skateboards' Kevin Bradley[27] and Skate Mental skateboards' Trevor Colden[28] were the latest amateur additions to the team.
Featuring a hairy suede upper with varying shades of green and purple throughout for an obvious representation of the herbed plant, the shoe is also stamped with a graphic of a skunk on the insoles.

Featuring vibrant shades of blue, green, and orange, this shoe’s perforated and smooth leather construction also features a wavy print on the heel that mirror the look of water. Also responsible for the Cheech and Chong variation, Bratrud created an even more literal 420 interpretation with the Skunk Dunks back in 2010.

Its Un counterpart features varying shades of purple and navy on the suede accents, while the underlays and swoosh are contrasted with white and black leather paneling. Featuring a military inspired makeup, this shoe sports army green hues throughout the majority of the upper with orange contrasting on the sockliner, while ballistic nylon paneling lines the underlays. Richard Mulder was one of the original four Nike SB team members who also had one of their own signature colorways of the Dunk Low. Mountain previously rode for Adidas[6] and then joined Nike SB in 2007. There were also collaborations on the Blazer and the Zoom FC with Real Skateboards and Alien Workshop, while the SB family also got their own rendition of the Team Edition silhouette, which was designed by their very own Hunter Muraira.

When attempting to revive the ailing Nike SB department in the early 2000s, it was the Nike Dunk that the late Sandy Bodecker, then head of Nike SB, chose to zero in on. Paying tribute once again to nostalgic beers known around the world, the Guiness inspired offerings of the SB Dunk High and Low borrow design details from the dark beer and its beer bottle labeling with black and tan tones throughout. Relying heavily on the skater’s inspiration, the Denim iteration references design details from a signature jean that Reese had out at the time, which incorporated various wear and distress marks. ©2013-2020 Straatosphere. Despite not having an assessed value at over one billion dollars just yet (2002), Supreme would kickstart the momentum for the beginning of the Dunk lineage in the division’s first year in production that are considered by many collectors of today to be their all-time grails.

Complete with retro “AG” lettering on the heel, this shoe incorporates a pair of rope laces and speckled midsole for a retro appeal. In his case however, he drew inspiration from a suede workboot. Ironic to the very shoe’s name – “Unlucky,” this nike SB Dunk High’s color scheme was not initially sought after. Me: me.

Reminiscent of thrashed skate shoes that have been makeshift repaired with Shoe Goo and duct tape, this colorway of the Dunk High features an actual scanning of duct tape patterns on the underlays and heel.
Additionally, the Petoskey stone print emerges on the heel panel, as well as the insoles. Bay Area skate shop, Atlas pays homage to their appreciation for photography on the Picture Perfect SB Dunk Low collaboration.

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