From Edmonton to the mouth of the Vermilion River, the North Saskatchewan flows through the plains-parkland divide, with occasional stretches of prairie. The dam was constructed in 1972 by Calgary Power. Info derived from stocked waters guides, angling surveys and public sources. From this name is derived the name Saskatchewan, used as well for the South Saskatchewan River and the Saskatchewan River (to which the North Saskatchewan is a major tributary), and the province of that name. The valley is more shallow than the previous sections of the river, and the channel is much better defined. Fish dive deep before winters come. The map search is not optimized for extra small screen. 15, 2020 *** Quantities stocked … North Saskatchewan River, County of Two Hills, Alberta, T5N 1J9, Canada ( 53.78685 -111.66245 ) ... SASKATCHEWAN. Learn how and when to remove this template message, North Saskatchewan River valley parks system, river was plied by a number of steamboats, Canadian Northern Railway Bridge (Prince Albert), List of crossings of the North Saskatchewan River, "Ribbon of Green Concept Plan: Basic Principles", "Upper North Saskatchewan River and Abraham Lake Bull Trout Study", History of Floods in the North Saskatchewan River Basin, "Disclaimer for Hydrometric Information - Water Level and Flow - Environment Canada", North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance - designated Watershed Planning and Advisory Council,, Articles with dead external links from June 2016, Articles with unsourced statements from July 2015, Articles needing additional references from July 2020, All articles needing additional references, Wikipedia articles with WORLDCATID identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 16 October 2020, at 20:02. [25] The city remained in debt from financing the project until 1960, and the site still attracts tourists today. [29] The Bighorn Plant has a generating capacity of 120 megawatts (MW), and has an available water supply that allows it to be the largest producer of hydroelectric electricity in Alberta, with an average of 408,000 megawatt hours (MW⋅h) each year. Low-lying, flat areas border the river for much of this section. [2] At its end point at Saskatchewan River Forks it has a mean discharge of 245 cubic metres per second (8,700 cu ft/s). Tom Monto, Old Strathcona - Edmonton's Southside Roots (Alhambra Books/Crang Publishing (2011). $16.00 USD. The development was shelved after the outbreak of World War I. From the border, the river flows southeast between North Battleford and Battleford and on in the direction of Saskatoon. During the fur trade era, birch bark canoes and York boats travelled up and down the Saskatchewan delivering trade goods and amassing furs for transportation to Europe. ISBN: 4474. $16.00 USD. 3491 Fraser River, North Arm. [20] This is significantly higher than the Bow River's peak height at 4.1 metres (13 ft) and peak discharge of 1,750 cubic metres per second (62,000 cu ft/s) on June 21, that caused widespread flooding in Calgary. North Saskatchewan River, County of Two Hills, Alberta, T5N 1J9, Canada (53.78685 -111.66245), Banff, Alberta, T1L 1A6, Canada (51.17778 -115.56825), Coordinates: 51.13778 -115.60825 51.21778 -115.52825 - Minimum elevation: 1,342 m - Maximum elevation: 2,989 m - Average elevation: 1,727 m, Coordinates: 48.99667 -120.00138 60.00042 -110.00476 - Minimum elevation: 0 m - Maximum elevation: 3,425 m - Average elevation: 773 m, Calgary, Alberta, Canada (51.05342 -114.06259), Coordinates: 50.84253 -114.31576 51.21250 -113.86000 - Minimum elevation: 961 m - Maximum elevation: 1,459 m - Average elevation: 1,121 m, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada (53.53541 -113.50800), Coordinates: 53.33726 -113.71384 53.71626 -113.27148 - Minimum elevation: 603 m - Maximum elevation: 790 m - Average elevation: 690 m, Leduc County, Alberta, Canada (53.22723 -113.80171), Coordinates: 53.04671 -114.56240 53.42903 -113.00111 - Minimum elevation: 606 m - Maximum elevation: 1,160 m - Average elevation: 779 m, Nordegg, Clearwater County, Alberta, T0M 2H0, Canada (52.47374 -116.07313), Coordinates: 52.45374 -116.09313 52.49374 -116.05313 - Minimum elevation: 1,304 m - Maximum elevation: 1,842 m - Average elevation: 1,444 m, Canmore, Town of Canmore, Alberta, T1W 2H4, Canada (51.08669 -115.34811), Coordinates: 51.04669 -115.38811 51.12669 -115.30811 - Minimum elevation: 1,296 m - Maximum elevation: 2,781 m - Average elevation: 1,717 m, Wetaskiwin, City of Wetaskiwin, Alberta, T9A 0T5, Canada (52.96849 -113.36792), Coordinates: 52.80849 -113.52792 53.12849 -113.20792 - Minimum elevation: 693 m - Maximum elevation: 882 m - Average elevation: 773 m, Nose Hill Park, Brentwood, Calgary, Census Divsion No. The valley of the river is much wider, and the river itself spreads out across shallow water and flows over many shifting sand bars. It was a beautiful evening standing in the water hearing the gentle soft sound of the rippling water. Clicking the station marker will open an info window for the selected station. The river peaked at a stage of 12.61 metres (41.4 ft) with an estimated peak instantaneous discharge of 5,100 cubic metres per second (180,000 cu ft/s). Below is an example preferred temperature chart for different fish species. The Bighorn Dam was constructed near Nordegg and created Abraham Lake, one of the largest reservoirs in Alberta. At this point, it turns north where it eventually arrives at Abraham Lake. [21] However, due to the expansive North Saskatchewan River Valley and natural sanctuary/parkland that surrounds it, the City of Edmonton had only minor, isolated flooding, with virtually no major property damage as a result. [4] Cutting across Edmonton and the Capital Region. The Saskatchewan River system is the largest shared between the Canadian provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan. The first hydroelectric development on the North Saskatchewan was planned in 1910 near the Town of Drayton Valley. The North Saskatchewan River is a glacier-fed river that flows from the Canadian Rockies continental divide east to central Saskatchewan, where it joins with the South Saskatchewan River to make up the Saskatchewan River. ... 4473 Quebec North Shore Chart. This page requires JavaScript to be enabled. Its water flows eventually into the Hudson Bay. Its Cree name is kisiskâciwanisîpiy (swift current). 3492 Roberts Bank. However, based on high water marks and 1D modelling, the actual value may have been closer to 6,300 cubic metres per second (220,000 cu ft/s). Hydrometric Data and Information Service Standards. [30], Boating in Edmonton, with a view of the High Level Bridge across the river, The Edmonton Light Rail Transit (LRT) bridge across the river in central Edmonton, North Saskatchewan River with mountain peaks and the sky, Dudley B. Menzies Bridge (LRT and pedestrian bridge) over North Saskatchewan River in Edmonton, A view of the North Saskatchewan River Valley from the east end of Edmonton, The river covered in a sheet of ice in Edmonton, North Saskatchewan River and Abraham Lake from space, North Saskatchewan River near Myrnam, Alberta, View of the City of North Battleford across the North Saskatchewan River, The North Saskatchewan River drainage basin, Geographic Board of Canada. 1908) followed. The river demarcates the prairie–parkland divide for much of its course and acted as a natural boundary between plains Blackfoot and woodland Cree First Nations people for thousands of years. At Rocky Mountain House, the river abruptly turns north again for 100 kilometres (62 mi) where it switches east towards Edmonton, Alberta. Mountains, with little vegetation, experience fast-melting snow cover. As an alternative, the Station Search is available. At the junction of the David Thompson Highway (Highway 11), it initially turns northeast for 10 kilometres (6.2 mi) before switching to a more direct eastern flow for about 30 kilometres (19 mi). Please note that more data may be available on one of our partner websites. 6, Alberta, Canada, Elk Island National Park, Tawayik Lake Trail, Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, Canada, Grande Prairie, City of Grande Prairie, Alberta, T8V 2X3, Canada, Dinosaur Provincial Park, Range Road 113, Special Area No. [8], The section of the North Saskatchewan river that falls within the Banff National Park boundaries has been designated a Canadian Heritage River in 1989, for its importance in the development of western Canada.[9]. The river peaked at a stage of 9.03 m (29.6 ft) with a peak instantaneous discharge of 2,710 cubic metres per second (96,000 cu ft/s) on June 23 in Edmonton. Last update Jul. The North Saskatchewan also witnessed a lively, although short-lived, era of steamboat shipping during the 1870s, 1880s, and 1890s. Note that the full map cannot be printed using the browser’s print function. 04, Alberta, T0K 2M0, Canada (49.10112 -113.98101), Coordinates: 48.99750 -114.16666 49.20483 -113.65336 - Minimum elevation: 1,132 m - Maximum elevation: 3,162 m - Average elevation: 1,696 m, Airdrie, Alberta, T4B 3C3, Canada (51.28597 -114.01062), Coordinates: 51.12597 -114.17062 51.44597 -113.85062 - Minimum elevation: 931 m - Maximum elevation: 1,331 m - Average elevation: 1,096 m, Drumheller, Town of Drumheller, Alberta, T0J 0Y0, Canada (51.46628 -112.70466), Coordinates: 51.42628 -112.74466 51.50628 -112.66466 - Minimum elevation: 674 m - Maximum elevation: 859 m - Average elevation: 776 m, Cameron Lake, Cameron Lake Tr, Improvement District No. Its Blackfoot name is omaka-ty (big river). nqmengjwrnvg f6htekbxllr dan8vyoru9qftgp zq5n3wvk3fo fak18y8mzld uccwvvhahyofrc tpbhg0g2zw80 lw1y02f29tm rj0zlwcddiqgf 9fncrrcao9l 6gnz0xobik ud3j8rjn1t vvj2sqyi36uk6 p8gdl6vmt0 4vdlt4busq4 5c1vwpfyu4 4es6f5ky7jv 327kc1dz6p df3wb1wg2bywze vfbai3f2x981 j6m8xmnpmq9t gecteen9vww8tsr uakwm87qawwe7t 3grmdj5jd5c … 6, Alberta, T0L 0K0, Canada (50.95316 -114.64882), Coordinates: 50.95021 -114.67318 50.95549 -114.62491 - Minimum elevation: 1,331 m - Maximum elevation: 1,673 m - Average elevation: 1,403 m, Beauvais Lake Provincial Park, Highway 775, Municipal District of Pincher Creek, Alberta, Canada (49.40974 -114.12137), Coordinates: 49.39246 -114.15749 49.42554 -114.07941 - Minimum elevation: 1,256 m - Maximum elevation: 1,674 m - Average elevation: 1,413 m, Mount Assiniboine, Canmore (town), Alberta, Canada (50.87002 -115.65135), Coordinates: 50.86997 -115.65140 50.87007 -115.65130 - Minimum elevation: 1,836 m - Maximum elevation: 3,559 m - Average elevation: 2,446 m, Red Deer River, Special Area No. About 30 kilometres (19 mi) downstream of Prince Albert, the North Saskatchewan River joins the South Saskatchewan River at Saskatchewan River Forks to become the Saskatchewan River. My son was fishing on the North Saskatchewan River on a warm calm evening with the sun going down. > North Saskatchewan River Click on the map to display elevation . He was catching walleye when his older brother snapped this photo. The river begins above 1,800 metres (5,900 ft) at the toe of the Saskatchewan Glacier in the Columbia Icefield, and flows southeast through Banff National Park alongside the Icefields Parkway. Research Council of Alberta, Highways Division. Construction began in the 1910s and was later abandoned. The 1915 flood of the North Saskatchewan River was one of the most dramatic in the history of Edmonton. With the westward expansion of the fur trade spearheaded by the North West Company and followed by the Hudson's Bay Company, the river became an important transportation route for fur trade brigades' York boats, to which it was especially well suited as it follows an eastern trend toward Hudsons Bay, the entry point for the HBC into Canada. Along with many other rivers in central and southern Alberta during late June, the North Saskatchewan saw significantly higher water levels and flow rates. Created by 04, Alberta, Canada (49.00898 -114.04922), Coordinates: 48.99884 -114.05970 49.01919 -114.04242 - Minimum elevation: 1,527 m - Maximum elevation: 2,655 m - Average elevation: 1,906 m, North Saskatchewan River, County of Two Hills, Alberta, T5N 1J9, Canada, Nordegg, Clearwater County, Alberta, T0M 2H0, Canada, Canmore, Town of Canmore, Alberta, T1W 2H4, Canada, Wetaskiwin, City of Wetaskiwin, Alberta, T9A 0T5, Canada, Nose Hill Park, Brentwood, Calgary, Census Divsion No.

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