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In his description of Tartarus, Hesiod locates there the home of Nyx,[7] and the homes of her children Hypnos and Thanatos. Nyx, in Greek mythology, female personification of night but also a great cosmogonical figure, feared even by Zeus, the king of the gods, as related in Homer’s Iliad, Book XIV. She also felt, during some flashbacks of her hard life in Revealed, that Nyx destroyed her life by taking away the life of her most precious cat. In 1997, the International Astronomical Union approved the name Nyx for a mons (mountain/peak) feature on the planet Venus. shells so that every time she moved, she made music. Neferet felt that she had the right to become a goddess. The name was spelled with an "i" instead of a "y", to avoid conflict with the asteroid 3908 Nyx. Aristotle, in Metaphysics, Book XII, asserted that some “theologians” derive all things from night. Nyx is mentioned after she gifts Zoey with more tattoos on her face, neck, and shoulders for the circle casting she performed during the Samhain Ritual. Changing Woman Gaea Kuan Yin Grandmother Spider Dawn A'akuluujjusi Nyx-Sekhmet, Goddess of Night, the Otherworld, and of Earth, Kalona (Lover/Protector), Erebus (Friend and Playmate), Protecting the Otherworld and Earth from Darkness. Nyx's greatest gift for her children is free will, as she often says herself.Nyx has a consort named Kalona. Nyx is found everywhere, she is most powerful at night, which is why her special children have always been vampyres. She also interacted with many of the main characters in the book. Nyx is the embodiment of Night, and very similar to the Earth Goddess, Gaia. Nemesis: Greek Goddess of anger and vengeance and mythological daughter of Erebus and Nyx.

Both have been bonded over the series after many events.

In Hesiod's Theogony, Nyx is born of Chaos. Nyx took on an even more important role in several fragmentary poems attributed to Orpheus.

Ever shall this house throughout the circling periods of the year hold thee high in honour and in worship; black bulls of chosen beauty shall pay thee sacrifice [black animals were sacrificed to the chthonic gods], O goddess!

In some accounts, the goddess of witchcraft, Hecate was also called the daughter of Night.[11]. Nyx gifts Zoey with marks that no fledgling or vampyre, blue or red, has ever had whenever she proves herself. Ever since Neferet's attempts for world domination, Nyx and Neferet have become enemies. Nyx then later banishes his body and spirit. [citation needed] Nyx occupies a cave or adyton, in which she gives oracles. Updates? She is described as extremely beautiful. I’m just saying, she was said to give oracles from a cave, which is why tarot cards and other fortune-telling ancient uses are good and resemble Nyx. Zoey often turns to Nyx for help and Nyx gladly accepts her plea. After Zoey along with Sister Mary Angela, Stevie Rae, Aphrodite, and Sylvia Redbird banish Kalona and Neferet, she is mentioned when Zoey feels a warm tingling sensation and Nyx gifts Zoey tattoos on her chest.

Nyx gifts fledglings and vampyres with, Although Nyx is the embodiment of Night in a literal divine personification, she is actually very similar to what people typically consider the Earth Goddess, Gaia. Zeus was furious and would have smote Hypnos into the sea if he had not fled to Nyx, his mother, in fear. Nyx appears to Zoey and Aphrodite and tells them that she still loves Aphrodite. Since ancient times, vampyres have honored Nyx by living in a matriarchal society where women rule, but men are honored and respected for their roles as guardians and companions. Alone she spawned a brood of dark spirits including the three Fates, Sleep, Death, Strife and Pain. In Marked, she was wearing a white fringed dress that was beaded with symbols. Its diameter is 875 km. Her delicate feet were bare, her ankles decorated with ropes of Her dark hair reached past her slender waist. Be on the lookout for your Britannica newsletter to get trusted stories delivered right to your inbox. Those who are given such abilities often excel in society, becoming High Priestesses or Warriors.

Nyx was said to have prophetic powers, kind of the way I have psychic/clairvoyant abilities, but She’s a goddess, so it makes sense that she’d be, you know, psychic. Often she gifts individual fledglings and vampyres with special powers. He was created in order to be her playmate and protector, but his identical brother, Kalona, was also created as Nyx's consort. Zoey isn't sure if Nyx has given up on her, but notices the tattoos with which Nyx has gifted her on her palms.

When Kalona was banished his brother Erebus took his place at Nyx's side as her protector, but he was never her lover or Consort. He disturbed Zeus only a few times after that always fearing Zeus and running back to his mother, Nyx, who would have confronted Zeus with a maternal fury. She also tells them that Neferet is foresaken and is no longer following the path of Nyx. According to Hesiod’s Theogony, she was the daughter of Chaos and the mother of numerous primordial powers, including

He became extremely jealous of his brother, Erebus, and of his brother's relationship with Nyx. Nyx appears when Zoey's soul shatters and she goes to the Otherworld and when Kalona goes back to the Otherworld under Neferet's orders to keep Zoey's soul trapped.

She continues to support her followers against Darkness. Nyx first appears when she talks to Zoey after Zoey passes out at her grandmother's lavendar farm and she kisses her mark which fills in the crescent unlike other fledglings whose crescents are unfilled. Nyx never seemed to love him as much as she loved Kalona, but she still bonded with him in a way she never seemed to bond with Kalona. Corrections? Online version at the Perseus Digital Library. 40. There are temples dedicated to her in every House of Night. Nyx's one and only Consort was and is Kalona.

At the end of Betrayed, she is mentioned after she gifts Zoey with tattoos down her spinal cord and back. Vampyres also honor her by living in a matriarchal society, where women have the rule, but men are honored and respected as guardians and companions and consorts.Nyx gives her children many gifts and once she has given a fledgling or vampyre an affinity, she never takes it back. Homer goes on to say that Zeus, fearing to anger Nyx, held his fury at bay and in this way Hypnos escaped the wrath of Zeus by appealing to his powerful mother. In Kalona's Fall, she was dressed in the purest of white leathers trimmed in blue stones, round red beads, and carved bone. [14] The Spartans had a cult of Sleep and Death, conceived of as twins. Kalona was also to be her Oath Sworn Warrior. Ovid wrote: "May 9 Lemuria Nefastus. At Iliad 14.249–61, Hypnos, the minor deity of sleep, reminds Hera of an old favor after she asks him to put Zeus to sleep. But remember, darkness does not always equate to evil, just as light does not always bring good. Here she is also the mother of Eros.[10].

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