A subreddit dedicated to mods, screenshots, videos, tactics, news and anything else related to Bethesda's 2006 open world RPG - The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. You could also do both ya know. I forgot to mention the weight, don't like the extra weight either... You hit a lot stronger with blunt yeah...But the speed...You move like u have 1000 years man!! If you think about it, somebody who's good at chopping wood with an axe is able to do so quickly not because the axe blade is sharp, but because the axe head is heavy, driving the blade further in. Felt like the true MVP as I ran in balls to the wall with an axe or a mace. And, in my opinion at least, only a few were worth taking. So to me, it just comes down to whatever seems best for that specific character, which has more to do with their personality than anything else. Some will say that blades are better because there are more unique blades than unique blunts. Most of the weapons in this game, and Elder Scrolls games are blade. But Oblivion is historically accurate--most medieval waraxes and battleaxes did more blunt force trauma injury than they did slicing injury. Maces are a bit lighter but a bit slower - they're best for characters who need to reduce encumbrance and who can get by with a slower weapon (battlemages, for instance). Every other warrior race has skill points distributed thinly, with +5 to blade, blunt, mercantile etc. Blade. Blunt has more raw power but as mentioned it comes with a cost. However, there must be some advantage to blunt weapons. If you like good looking weapons, go with swords. What do you mean by raw power? Slicing through flesh or breaking some bones. I wonder why axes are blunts, yet they attack with a chopping blade, rather than clubbing their opponents like war hammers. Well a good war axe is a combo of both. Blade. Taking into account speed and reach might result in a different answer though. That's true, but I consider it irrelevant, since I can make something that's as good as or better than any unique weapon with an ordinary weapon, a filled grand soul gem and an enchanting altar. War axes trade off more weight for more damage, so they're best for characters who are willing to carry heavier weapons in exchange for putting more hurt on enemies. one interesting point which came up in a "what's the best weapon" discussion a while ago is, so according to you best weapons are deggars. But use whatever you prefer, minmaxing makes the game boring. Course Morrowind had way too many weapon classes anyway. War hammers are pretty good, but they're situational - they have good reach and do lots of damage, but they're very slow and very heavy, so they require a fair bit of both character strength and player skill to use them effectively. I like Blunt personally. What you like the most. I've looked through several guides and walkthroughs, and haven't found anything laying these out. Blunt base damage is … I like Blunt personally. Your damage with blade will be larger because your character is likely designed to be good with a blade and starts with higher skill points. I am not much for slow, powerful weapons. Discuss the uesp.net site and Elder Scrolls topics. Are you a blade person or an axe person? In A matter of raw power and opinion,what is the better type of weapon Blunt or Blade? NOOBS! So again, they pretty well balance out. War axes have the same reach as short swords and actually do more damage, but they also weigh a bit more and are a bit slower. Even though the … Which do you prefer and why? Blunt weapons are usually slower but deal more damage and have a higher chance of staggering an opponent. The only tier in which I think it makes any notable difference is two-handed weapons, and that's just because battle axes are relatively poor - they have less reach and are slower than claymores, but don't do any additional damage to make up for that. Little late, but I have always been a blunt guy. Blade is more common so you'll likely find better ones and most cool artifacts are blades. Short swords are quick and light but don't do a whole lot of damage - they're best for characters who are quick and light but don't do a whole lot of damage. You could also do both ya know. I like blunt weapons because the axes are cool and stuff. IT'S A TRICK QUESTION THE OP OBVIOUSLY INTENDS FOR YOU TO SAY HAND TO HAND, Why not both? The highest damaging non-enchanted weapons in the game are Blades. !....You go really slow...So...Blunt:A lot of damange but slowBlade:Averange damange but fast (not really fast but again fast ), Community Forum Software by IP.BoardLicensed to: Nexus Mods.

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