That is followed with a time out, when She orders me to the bedroom, where I must remain until She gives me permission to come out. The most severe paddling I received from my wife (a couple of years when I tracked up her freshly mopped floor) left bruises that were visible for about two weeks. Besides making the strap pliable it gives it weight. Themes All rights reserved. I said yes. I call this lecture and it adds an important component to the experience. , sometimes is too hard for me.Do you know how can i be able to ( i dont know the Word) support hardest spankings? I howled and cried as the strap wrapped around my bottom, but she didn’t stop. It should be extremely painful while it is being applied, and the area it was applied to should remain very tender for a period of time afterwards. My wife has left my bottom black and blue a few times and has even blistered my bottom a few times too. We had a good time watching him jerk or squirm when one of us pushed the remote. Using her grandfather’s double thick razor strop, she brings the strop down from a back swing starting from her back .. Reload/Refresh Page To Re-animate Image. Tie clean, neat and coquettish in your dress at home and in the privacy of your rooms with your husband. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! I don’t mind saying that the endowment of motherhood seems to me the most plausible of all the schemes which have been devised so far for improving the quality of the race: Certainly, the economic independence of women is not the answer to the cry for better and more children. Good leather preservative should be rubbed in by hand on a regular basis. “Sure” She walked within 6 feet of us and stayed for about 5 minutes talking to my wife. If something was really bad, I’ll get an extra spanking at the time. such as wanting his meals at certain hours promptly, or wanting you to be ready on time when you are going out, make every effort to gratify him. That lady gives me a knowing smile every time I enter the store… disgraziato. !” Afterwards as I was then on the floor whimpering , she calmly put on fresh lipstick, and primped in the mirror.. If you are going to lower shorts or pants, do it now — not when he is over your lap. Even when she talks to me my nose doesn’t leave the corner until she says I can. Am I laying it on too hard? A wonderfully firm, paneled, high waist long leg 50s-style girdle. Few people know — not even professing Christians — that the Bible, when correctly translated, clearly teaches that a wife “ought to have authority OVER her head,” meaning over her husband. We went inside and his cheeks were still bright red. So she devised this devilish punishment. Laying It On! Just it don’t feel that I totally submit to her. ( Log Out /  “Come in” my wife called back to her. And that leads to my confession. Next, you will have to obtain a larger paddle for more serious punishment, or as I call them, “stand-up sessions.” You can make your own, or if that isn’t feasible, can find a suitable alternative at any sporting goods store. The more color you put into it, the better you are doing. That was that! Today we are happily married. Trust me I push my limits with her enough to get a good spanking just not enough to bring me to tear’s. The downward thrust of the strop scorches each cheek vertically from the cheeks to the thighs.. Every stroke is excruciatingly painful.leaving two parallel 2/12 inch wide welts from my butt to the thighs.. After only 12 stokes ,I’m crying like a baby…If I start yelping loudly she’ll stop and stuff my underwear in my mouth to muffle the sound and then she continues laying it on until 50 or more strokes have been administered .These horrific punishments are for “one time offenses only” which makes her boiling angry.. ….Example We were at a paint store and she asked me in front of the paint lady, if I like a certain color? The ancients did not portray Cupid as the blind god for nothing. Let’s begin with an average size man and woman. A detailed set of instructions and descriptions for women who are serious about instituting or improving good old-fashioned discipline in their homes follows. If he doesn’t cooperate, his desires may be more mental fantasy than a willingness to participate in the reality of it all. The training methods suggested do involve strict discipline, and strong doses of corporal punishment. Id fantasized for decades, now was he time. If he has work the following day, it may not come off until he is home from work, apart from his morning bathroom needs. I judge a lot by the size of you and then mounted me in a 69 position to our mutual satisfaction. It is what she believes is best, not you. I have been trying to get my wife to understand that I need to be disciplined hard and regular. So that’s how it all started. If she accepted my apology along with agreeing to repeated weekly long hard whippings of repentance it would probably help our relationship tremendously. In many instances your discipline will involve tasks and ordeals that he will find highly objectionable. He must render complete obedience to you with regard to disciplinary issues at all times and must be willing to carry out any and all orders you give him without question or hesitation. Tell him if he weren’t so bad and naughty you wouldn’t have to spank his bottom so hard, that sort of talk. From now on every time I spank you, you will bring me this box of tissue. Upon leaving she said to my wife ” you’ll do fine honey, you have things well under control and will probably be happily married for a long time. Today she began taking me to the hallway out of everyone’s sight. The housekeeper apologized as she said “sorry, I thought you said to come in , I’ll just leave these here”. Knowing this I bring her flowers, run errands for her, and open the car door for her. For serious punishment spankings ,my wife uses an ottoman for me to lay across with my trousers lowered . Just remember that it is your dominance and his desire to be submissive that puts him in the spankee position. If you are lucky, you might find an authentic “turn of the century” model. After she left, my wife picked me up, put me on the bed on my back and sat on my face, telling me to pay homage to her naked hiney with kisses and bites and tell me how much you love me. I see a recognition of the benefits of spanking, and its fitting use in marriage, coming along with a recognition of authority and discipline. So that’s my confession. He dislikes being over my knees because he knows while he’s being spanked I will put a dildo in him. A weak wimpy spanking probably won’t be effective and at worst will serve to undermine your authority. An interesting place to look is antique shops. Most so-called dominant/submissive relationships are fake, because the submissive can stop her master at any time with a safe word. Additionally, as in traditional Christian marriages, the wife is only obligated to submit to her husband so long as his commands do not run in opposition to God’s. Also keep in mind that when you are administering a whipping, your subject is usually doing quite a bit of twisting and squirming. Lecture him quietly on why he is being spanked. I protested and tried getting up to cover myself, but my wife was having nothing of that and wrested me back down, holding me tightly as she resumed my spanking before the housekeeper as I turned red at both ends. While my bottom is throbbing and seemingly ready to explode,I don’t want to ever , ever. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Finally I took him into the next room, made him drop his pants and panties and used a paddle on him. I wanted to get home! Apply your strokes to the fat portion of his behind. Now she wasn’t mad about that it was me driving home afterwards. After being spanked I have to kiss her feet for respect saying “Thank you, Mistress” and also offering her a good foot rub for mercy. New Years Day (Starting the year off right). Maybe, after all, he belongs there. Be his friend and comrade as well as his sweet-heart and home keeper. When handling discipline issues be firm but fair, strict, demanding, aloof and unyielding. Ignoring her errors and sins won’t work either, as many women will act out specifically to incite their husbands into punishing them; if he lets everything slide, she slowly loses respect for him and becomes even more resistant to his headship. Like the old recipe for cooking the hare, which begins, “First catch your hare,” a happy marriage for a woman begins with “First select a MAN.” Not an ideal made seraph — not an ossified brain, not a mere animal, but a MAN, capable of loving and appreciating a woman’s love. I was rude to her sister one day on the phone and she spanked me.. A few days later , when I was supposed to apologize to her sister I kind of pouted at her and it was interpreted as being rude again.. Sign up here. I am getting results from my husband, but am worried about the bruising! “Find me a mother who will turn her baby over to a nurse and let a silken poodle lead her to a downtown club, who will go to sleep at night with a dime novel under her pillow and a 15 cent head on top of it — I say nothing but the grace of God can keep the daughter from doing just the same thing as the mother. The longest time (so far) is three hours and although I could easily have up and then resumed when I heard her returning from the hairdresser, I remained stock still for the duration. She knows that My bottom is throbbing with pain , But ignores my grunts of pain, She’ll talk to a friend and be laughing out loud while I’m sobbing. I was terrified the first time she used it. He wants someone very strict and dominant. Look for that old foundation that worked. I just love the humiliation of being punished in front of someone. I know that he won’t abuse or mistreat me, because if he was the kind of man who would, I wouldn’t have said “yes” to begin with. She was wearing Columbian Sandals with hard rubber soles.. She slipped one sandal off and with her index finger made little circles in the air indicating that I was to lower my Bermuda Shorts and underwear which I immediately did. She gave me at least 50. But what is the husband supposed to do when his wife challenges his authority? I made a strap for my wife. What would the Greeks think of our modern bespectacled little Johnny-Boston-Beans of a love deity? The more intelligent she is the more truly and tenderly maternal her spirit, the greater the guarantees she will demand for the present welfare and future security of her children. You may have to look around a bit to find what you want. Want to see him in the corner. Naturally, as your experience grows, so will your collection, but for now we will only discuss the basic items to start you off. ( Log Out /  How can I get her to give me a good sound spanking? Home | Subscribe | Terms of Use | Privacy Policy | Scroll to Top   -  Designed by Thrive My discipline spankings are goal oriented.. When you are through spanking, or for that matter, giving any form of corporal punishment, be sure he thanks you for taking the trouble to correct him. She just called, she’s going shopping. If it gets out of hand, give him a smack or two on the back of his thighs. Therefore as the church is subject unto Christ, so let the wives be to their own husbands in every thing.”. He should wince every time he tries to sit for days after.

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