Picking a program to do an away may be one of the hardest things to do. If you do use this strategy and you match, just know that you won’t know if you got into ortho or your back-up until you open the envelope. Can be difficult to get at certain programs depending on how you're scheduled, but try to get one.

Make sure you know your anatomy, work tirelessly, are always enthusiastic, and try to get to know the residents and attendings. Remember this- once you are at the interview it’s a level playing field! Again, knowing the right people and rotating at specific programs can trump this in many cases. With Hayao Miyazaki, Chika Sakamoto.

Is there dedicated research time? Almost all will agree this is the highest yield strategy for Step 1 scores. If you only get 3 or 4 interviews, don’t be discouraged. Definitely don’t do this for every program – just the ones you think you really want to be at. Fuki sets out on a journey to look for a new house. If you messed up Step 1, take Step 2 early before submitting your ERAS application. Once you make a list, talk to Drs. This seems trivial, but you would be amazed how often away rotators lack these qualities and it shows. ERAS only allows 4 LORs. Basic science research is valued at some places more than others (i.e. Expect to write thank you notes to the program director and chairman of every place you interview. If you know doctors at other programs you may be interested in, or if family members know people, this can go a long way in helping to get an interview, and maybe even strong consideration for a spot as long as you have a decent application. You can do your other required Maryland Sub-I in November or in the spring after January.

Plan to do your Ortho Sub-I at Maryland before an away. The following information is based on observations and anecdotes from attendings, residents, and other students on the interview trail. Female applicants may want to keep some points in mind. If you want to open a geographic region you are interested in (West Coast, South), you should get a letter from a rotation you did in that region. Work as hard as you can to make the resident’s lives easier and make them look good. Getting this right might take a little practice.

However, be prepared to answer in an interview where you see yourself in 10 years. You will need dates (month/year) for everything. On ERAS, it says that we have to use a SLOR form when applying to ortho. Impress the residents! Often they have input to the committee regarding who they liked on interview day, so don’t turn off your charm around them. There are 17 muscles that attach to the scapula, name them. Have questions about the program ready even if you have to ask the same one over and over again! AOA) can also help overlook a bad score. Do the best you can in the classroom. Are there opportunities for volunteer or mission work? It’s OK to have fun, but remember that you are being judged. The current residents have tremendous input into resident selection. Several programs require supplemental information like national background check (Case Western - quick and inexpensive website is, Now that the residency application is standardized, it is very easy to apply to many programs, and this is typically what happens.

The podcast is also great for walking/driving to the hospital. Research within orthopaedics is preferable, but trauma, plastic surgery, vascular surgery, or bone radiology are good as well. Tie 4 knots in warm cheese as fast as you can. Orthopaedic Surgery is a very competitive field in medicine; however this should not discourage anyone from pursuing it if you are passionate about it. Many places will offer interviews to more people than they have spots and it’s a phone or email race, so check your email several times daily from late Oct-Jan.

A letter from any of these individuals will go a long way, not only at that institution but at many others. The Letter of Recommendation Portal (LORP) enables LoR Authors and/or their designees to upload letters of recommendation (LoRs) to ERAS for distribution to training programs, at …
I'm at the acting county hospital in what is probably the largest city without an EM residency program.

Start reviewing First Aid early and throughout the year. Make sure you include everything, especially any honors before medical school!

Most programs offer 40-100 interviews for 2-12 spots (avg. It's a level 2, but should be a level 1 by the end of the year. Even though I didn't do a lot of research in medical school, it is something I am very interested in during my training, what opportunities do I have here at this program? Make sure you send your USMLE transcript! If residents rotate at other hospitals you can ask them about their experiences there (i.e. 4-6 spots).

If there is a program you are particularly interested, you can add a sentence or two at the end that makes it specific to that program. Check, re-check, have friends/family check. Don’t be late! This document is most useful to get information about interviews such as when programs send out interview invites and which programs have already sent out interview invites, when the interviews are typically held, etc.

Even if they aren’t a big name, a great letter from someone you worked closely with can go a long way. Especially with this resource, you will find that biases and misinformation are abundant. Remember that everything you learn in second year is laying the groundwork for later doing well on Step 1, clinical rotations, and shelf exams! Common advice is to pick the places that you could live, and apply to the programs in that location.

People also LOVE hearing when you have worked with their colleagues- it’s an instant connection! Talk to students who rotated where you are interested - if they are at Maryland or elsewhere. iii. Find out who the big names are at that program and see if you can work with them. Bring any LOR, Chapters, Publications, or any other relevant items that may add to your application.

Always assign the maximum. 6-year mandatory: Brown (6th year is a trauma fellow-ship where you act as a junior attending). There are TWO parts to this.

Try to think of something besides these three themes or at least put a personal spin on it!

It can take up to 2 weeks to get forms filled out by Student Health so plan accordingly. . Ethics! Eventually you will rank your programs, and I assure you that much of your decision will be based on how you meshed with the people at the program. JavaScript is disabled. There are always special circumstances and outliers, but those that have been updating this guide believe that it is a fairly thorough and accurate guide to applying for a residency in Orthopaedic Surgery. What is the most amazing thing that has ever happened to you? 1st Choice – communication with programs after interviewing is discouraged and should be approached with caution. I have 2 away rotations scheduled, but the earliest i could possibly get a SLOR is late October. Why? They often have many connections and will candidly discuss programs and make phone calls for you. Going back to a program after you interviewed used to be common.

Tell me about your most interesting patient? If cost is no object, then applying to all the programs in the country may fractionally increase your chances of matching. The 3 most common themes in personal statements are: you had an injury growing up and your orthopaedist inspired you, you played sports growing up, you loved anatomy. Bookish accountant?

Tell me or explain to me what you did during your research. Good letters go a long way to getting you an interview, and a consideration for a position. Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS). For some programs this is very important and others it doesn’t matter. i can't decide whether or not to ask the clerkship director to write an SLOR or not. Sumerian demi-god? Ease of scheduling depends on the program. Plan on taking either December or January for vacation or research, you will be interviewing so much a Sub-I or elective is very difficult. JavaScript is disabled. Also, it has noticeably longer horns than Zuul, the Gatekeeper, who is believed tobe female. Some programs do not start reviewing applications until all requirements including LORs are uploaded. Most competitive applicants apply to 40-50 programs. Bend this wire into the shape of a pentagon. How do you see the new healthcare laws affecting orthopaedics? At the very least, schedule meetings with Dr. Pollak and Dr. Henn EARLY to get to know them and talk about your application. Place your sponsorship banner here for $250.00 per Month! You may need some boosters so start this early. On ERAS, it says that we have to use a SLOR form when applying to ortho. (2015-174 NRMP Match Data). Consider inquiring if female residents have had children while in the program.
What other programs are you interested in? Also it is very important to know that many programs offer interviews on the same day, so just because you get an interview does NOT mean that you will be able to go to all of them. Don’t expect it to be easy; it’ll be a new place with unfamiliar faces and you’ll be taking lots of call away from your normal support group.

Not every program tells you that you’re on the waitlist, so you can get offers very last minute if other people cancel.

This is a big interview topic. If it doesn’t work out that way, many have had their away rotation first and done well, Upside: you’ll look more competent on your home rotation. Sometime in Jan/Feb/March, plan a meeting with Pollak and Henn to introduce yourself. Attend these if at all possible. NYU, OHSA).

Recommendations for early July, August, September, October. (Know this cold, including numerical results!). Be ready with your most recent resume and personal statement when they ask. Make sure there are absolutely no spelling errors on your application.

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