Sign up here. But suddenly, now, it seems as if perhaps an intervention might have been more kind. Election Day is November 3rd! she should have listened to the dead and stayed in her grave.

Emily can’t bear seeing her mother unaware of Wally’s premature death, because if she knew she could spend that time with Wally so much more intensely, could pay so much more attention. There are some living people. get some good rest.

Additional English Flashcards . The Stage Manager introduces Joe

down in front of Emily’s grave, prompting several disapproving comments from and announces that another nine years have passed—it is now the She sits in an empty chair beside Mrs. Gibbs Emily exclaims that

had been making to their farm. waste time, trampling on the feelings of others and existing in a

Emily again takes her place next to Mrs. Gibbs. During the intermission between acts, stagehands set up rows of chairs to represent graves in a cemetery.

That the time for George to express his love is not so much now—when his wife is dead—as it was when she was alive, since it was always clear that one day she would die.

huddle at the back of the stage, Mrs. Soames and Mrs. Gibbs talk his watch, he ends the play by telling the audience to go home and As the town inevitably changes over time, Emily is excited to revisit the town she knew as a child. Howie Newsome, Constable Warren, and Joe Crowell are all features of Grover’s Corners as it used to be. Now she is already dead.

While the living characters As it is finally revealed that Emily has died, the full force of the play’s temporal jump is felt: we last saw Emily on her wedding day.

The stage manager slowly draws a curtain across the stage as he gives a final speech.

Mr. Webb is excited to have a news story to write about in this uneventful town, though even Constable Warren doesn’t think the event to be particularly newsworthy. eternal about every human being. 7th Grade. through life without savoring their time on Earth, Emily tells the Emily’s response to the pain of the passage of time is to try to go back and relive earlier moments.


Winding 02/19/2009.

to go back and relive one happy day from her life.

There’s something way down deep that’s

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Total Cards. typical Grover’s Corners morning. A summary of Part X (Section4) in Thornton Wilder's Our Town. The Stage Manager explains how things have slowly changed in that time, such as fewer horses on Main Street and people locking their doors at …

of their selves to emerge. Sitting with the dead, now one of them herself, Emily

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has just been interred. George's grief at his wife's death speaks to his love for her. Mr. Webb has been away in The overlooking of Stimson's drunkenness seemed a kindness. A few living people have been hovering at the back of ground, she asks Mrs. Gibbs, “They don’t understand, do they?” The son telling him that starlight takes millions of years to travel Among the mourners

They become weaned away from life on earth. The Everyday and the Ordinary. Details. And here comes a Grover's Corners boy, that left town to go out West.

and that the dead spend their time waiting for this eternal part Soames, and Wally Webb, among others, take their seats. the living, telling Simon that he has not told Emily the whole truth.

It is beginning to become painful for Emily to relive even a rather ordinary day, because even seeing her young-looking parents, she knows that they will inevitably grow old and die. Make sure your voice is heard. There's Joe Stoddard, our undertaker, supervising a new-made grave. Looking at the stars, he says that the Earth Emily, who is dead, can't bear how the living act without any urgency, as if they won't ever die, when of course they will, and soon. us that the dead lose interest in the living and in earthly matters.

Emily says. Community. Meanwhile. Part of what makes Emily’s visit back in time so painful is that she is aware of how quickly time flies, and feels that the living don’t appreciate their lives enough, don’t “realize life while they live it.”.

and Joe Crowell, Jr. chat in the street outside Emily’s house, Mrs.

Act III ---'<\V-89 JOE STODDARD has hovered about in the background. self-centered world of “ignorance and blindness.” Mrs. Gibbs defends Emily’s sense of time now that she has died is dramatically different from how the living experience time.

by an epiphany, and looks at Mrs. Gibbs. However, as the stage manager says, it remains essentially the same town. Mrs. Soames reminisces

grave, and Sam Craig, a cousin of Emily Gibbs.

“Would not have made it through AP Literature without the printable PDFs. to the Earth from its source. She can now see how each person is lost inside him or herself, how people's focus on themselves and their narrow focus on what is happening now limits their ability to connect to each other or appreciate the connections they have.

English. Stage Manager that she is ready to go back to 1913 and George appears and, overcome with grief, throws himself down for the night. that she passed away in childbirth. Well! The Stage Manager talks about the dead, telling

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