[54] The most common decay mode of the isotopes lighter than 16O is β+ decay[56][57][58] to yield nitrogen, and the most common mode for the isotopes heavier than 18O is beta decay to yield fluorine.[54].

The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Multiply. The intense reactivity of ozone is sometimes explained by suggesting that one of the three oxygen atoms is in an “atomic” state; on reacting, this atom is dissociated from the O3 molecule, leaving molecular oxygen. Oxygen bars are establishments found in the United States since the late 1990s that offer higher than normal O2 exposure for a minimal fee. Dissolved oxygen is essential for the respiration of fish and other marine life. Water-soluble silicates in the form of Na4SiO4, Na2SiO3, and Na2Si2O5 are used as detergents and adhesives. [16] Such tankers are used to refill bulk liquid oxygen storage containers, which stand outside hospitals and other institutions that need large volumes of pure oxygen gas. In nature, free oxygen is produced by the light-driven splitting of water during oxygenic photosynthesis. O2 would get me marked down and i need to insert it correctly. errors or omissions in the Database.

The rest of the Earth's crust is also made of oxygen compounds, in particular various complex silicates (in silicate minerals).

There is some evidence for a very unstable tetratomic species, O4. such sites. The surface of most metals, such as aluminium and titanium, are oxidized in the presence of air and become coated with a thin film of oxide that passivates the metal and slows further corrosion. [118] Compounds containing oxygen in other oxidation states are very uncommon: −1/2 (superoxides), −1/3 (ozonides), 0 (elemental, hypofluorous acid), +1/2 (dioxygenyl), +1 (dioxygen difluoride), and +2 (oxygen difluoride).

Planetary geologists have measured the relative quantities of oxygen isotopes in samples from the Earth, the Moon, Mars, and meteorites, but were long unable to obtain reference values for the isotope ratios in the Sun, believed to be the same as those of the primordial solar nebula. Cellular respiration using O2 enables aerobic organisms to produce much more ATP than anaerobic organisms. Marine organisms then incorporate more oxygen-18 into their skeletons and shells than they would in a warmer climate. [120] These hydrogen bonds between water molecules hold them approximately 15% closer than what would be expected in a simple liquid with just van der Waals forces. The measurement implies that an unknown process depleted oxygen-16 from the Sun's disk of protoplanetary material prior to the coalescence of dust grains that formed the Earth.[67]. [93] Carbon monoxide poisoning, gas gangrene, and decompression sickness (the 'bends') are sometimes addressed with this therapy.
[109], Other recreational uses that do not involve breathing include pyrotechnic applications, such as George Goble's five-second ignition of barbecue grills.

[119], Water (H2O) is an oxide of hydrogen and the most familiar oxygen compound.

In rocks, it is combined with metals and nonmetals in the form of oxides that are acidic (such as those of sulfur, carbon, aluminum, and phosphorus) or basic (such as those of calcium, magnesium, and iron) and as saltlike compounds that may be regarded as formed from the acidic and basic oxides, as sulfates, carbonates, silicates, aluminates, and phosphates. The treatment of sewage by oxygen holds promise for more efficient treatment of liquid effluents than other chemical processes. [68] This approach exploits the fact that in those bands it is possible to discriminate the vegetation's reflectance from its fluorescence, which is much weaker.

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