The majority of the book is about the four original members of the band and their rise and fall from fame –well, for a few years, anyway. Indeed, the book’s intro brings us backstage minutes before a 2013 concert, where the KISS singer talks his way through the makeup application process that—for forty-years—has transformed him into the familiar, can-do superstar behind some of rock’s greatest hits. The backroom shenanigans ultimately lead to the band’s split with their once-benevolent manager and his increasingly disco-centric label. Throughout the book, he reminds his readers that he’s a loner and people misunderstand him. “Is the book tough on some people?” ponders the author. A mere 20-minute walk from the city line, the area seems calm and distant. She has been painting and teaching out of her Yonkers studio for the last 30 years. Downward spiral into a chemically dependent depression. “Friends & Neighbors” - a group show @ Urban Studio Unbound / Warburton GalerieOn view thru November 14thPlease visit to plan your visit! Before long, the hard-charging band won the attention of TV promoter Bill Aucoin (Flipside), who inked a deal with Neil Bogart’s fledgling Casablanca record label. The guitarist dishes on his turbulent boyhood, overbearing mother, and secretive father, and opens up about troubled sister, Julia, whose mental illness lead to substance abuse and teenage pregnancy. The resulting double-disc, KISS: Alive, propelled the band into the stratosphere. But it’s nearly impossible to ignore that his grit, determination, luck, and talent were key ingredients to his (and the band’s) success. Aucoin was the one who told the band to appear with their makeup at gigs and other public events. However, you don’t fire original bandmates twice, keep new members (i.e., Eric Carr) in a state of insecurity, another one at your beck and call (i.e. But it’s in Stanley’s telling of his own story (with an assist from journalist / translator Tim Mohr) that readers get a true sense of the triumphs and trappings of rock celebrity—or what fellow rockers Rush once described as the “glittering prizes and endless compromises” of stardom. “Yeah, but it’s also tough on me. The guitarist dishes on his turbulent boyhood, overbearing mother, and secretive father, and opens up about troubled sister, Julia, whose mental illness lead to substance abuse and teenage pregnancy. Learns from mistakes. Teased throughout his childhood in Manhattan (and Queens), New York for his Jewish heritage and ear-warping microtia, the man born Stanley Harvey Eisen slipped into the persona and willingly basked in the security it afforded. The guitarist and drummer get up to their old tricks (and a few new ones), however, frustrating Stanley and Simmons even as the money poured in. But as the old saying goes, you can’t make an omelet without breaking some eggs, and Stanley has certainly gotten a reputation of breaking more than a few eggs. Unlike recent autobiographies by fellow KISS alum Ace Frehley (No Regrets) and Peter Criss (Makeup to Breakup: My Life in and Out of KISS), Stanley’s tome is devoid all those now-cliché celebrity struggles with substance abuse and revolving-door rehab stints. This all circles back to Stanley Eisen’s loveless upbringing. To that end, Stanley’s Face the Music: A Life Exposed stands as the KISS bio to beat. The formula worked, and the result was a band that skyrocketed to the top with albums and shows that gave audiences a great value for their dollar — until the band started to implode toward the end of the 1970s. The singer describes the KISS characters as superheroes (like Batman)—any one of whom (himself included) could be replaced by surrogates in the name of show business—and explains his (and Gene’s) reasons for wanting to protect not only KISS the band, but KISS the brand. Ted Asregadoo has a last name that's proven to be difficult to pronounce for almost everyone on the Popdose staff, some telemarketers, and even his close friends.

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