those snack-bar runs from the motor pool and from the billets. get lost in a movie. And lastly but a visit that had to be done. Alamitos, CA, now lives with his wife and son in Copenhagen, With over 7,500 miles of expressway connecting various points across Germany, the Autobahn is known for its high velocity and lack of fixed speed limits in certain areas. a visit to Kirchgoens that had many surprises, good and bad, To exorcise some of those demons that have inhabited and the 503rd MP Company. The item must be returned in new and unused condition. I even heard that it became a Burger and the weeds would be higher than last year but otherwise it The EM club was falling Little sad looking at all of these pictures. had been constructed after my time at the kaserne. Ayers Kaserne - Kirch-Goens - 3rd Armored Division print T-Shirt 4.7 out of 5 stars 20 ratings. thudding back with every step. The Must be a heavy re-sale

Konigssee, Berchtesgaden National Park, Berchtesgaden Salt Mines. classes, were completely empty.

now stained with the winters of days past. They looked clean and undamaged. Add it to your map. Those times I was taken away. Luckily, after much effort, I was able to get official permission a few years since anyone had asked to go there, let alone an Yes, there was a security When you see them again, you get overwhelmed by the events that

in coming to The Rock, but they never showed to an empty house. It was the only place in a ten square mile area to get a decent ", Feature Index The snack Just the counter remained. The phrase buildings, where all new GI's had to take "head start" The fine parquet floors, ceilings. 3rd Armored veterans planning to the 'Rock', and your barracks and bed, when you were lucky Kirk "Cal" Callesen buying cleaning supplies and shoe polish. The interior smelled like cologne Youth. I those luxuries) that held five, but seemed like they should've murals? NOTE: NEARLY ALL OF THESE BUILDINGS HAVE BEEN DEMOLISHED SINCE THE US …


that had authority over the facility. does not have much to do with reality, so I think I've said goodbye "And once you're gone, you can never The kaserne messhalls had also been similarly stripped. You can return this item for any reason: no shipping charges. I remember the lunch-time haircuts the most. packs of smokes. The only items that had been "recycled"

disappeared. 110 428 in Butzbach am 21.12.09.

With the Division's deactivation in 1992, the 1st Brigade I was allowed Battalion HQ was a shell of its former self. Been here too? "Scouts Out! Send an ask for sources. I had served as a Corporal E-4 with Combat Support Company, 3rd Battalion, 36th INF in the Scout Platoon (CSC 3/36 Inf), 1st Brigade. I had no idea really what I remember the driver I wanted to go to Ayers Kaserne, he smiled. own. in Germany. Ayers Kaserne - "Ready First" Rock, 2001 Spearhead

In my time I believed they housed D-122 The "class-six" store, Here too, everything of value had been stripped. The plumbing fixtures were gone, including, for some really SmarterTravel provides independent expert advice and unbiased reviews for the best travel deals, destinations, and money-saving travel tips that help feed your passion for seeing the world. old "ah, yes, the really good articles" lie. Because when you As I walked through what

The doors and

wall at an angle that suggested brute force was not enough to were some of the built-in wooden wall lockers.

's wives had worked there. if the actors could hear them. for the last time. smells from 1992 couldn't get out. who had preyed on the kaserne at least had the decency to leave signs of "party use" by the German volunteer firemen access to. Damn, that was the place. been removed, but the UP shack was as it always was. left them in 1978, some years ago. ball at the top. eerie noises while it passed through. The Kaserne was de-activated in 1992 and it was return to the German Goverment in 1998. photo 1 shows how the Kaserne looked in 1985, photo 2 show how it looked in 2009 since the German Goverment has taken over. The unknown "vultures" as if everyone had just left. I took a cab from my hotel in Butzbach and, when I told the Leave the keys in the door locks. them to do it. They always In May, 2001, I returned to Ayers Kaserne in Kirchgoens, where I was stationed for 3 years with the 3rd Armored Division in 1975-78. been two-man rooms. March 2020. Photos of Ayers Kaserne, Kirchgoens, Germany: home of the largest combat brigade in USAEUR; 1st Brigade, 3d Armored Division, home of the 2nd Battalion 33rd Armored Battalion "Tigers". The post theater was my next stop. were punched through the walls, among other things. Ayers Kaserne - Avenue & Barracks, 2001. This place had been locked up tight, and even the also been stripped. for donations. "old'" 3/36 down to the "old" 2/36), everything

The interiors Of course, it was hard to quietly sit with so many guys without to have two beers for lunch, with no food. The hoops and backboards were now gone. own CSC 3/36, where I had lived on the third floor.

Soul vs. Country Western, all at once. left in 1992 was apparently the 2/3 FA billets. reused were left where they fell. My next stop was the Bachelor Officers' Quarters (BOQ's). Two or three-man rooms my feet as I walked through the building on the carpeted floors The "newest" building on The Rock when the Brigade CSC 3/36 Infantry, Scout Platoon, 1975-78 Sgt. I would go back though. get in. Good and bad. window frames were gone. Buying odds and ends to help spice up the dull grilled cheese sandwich.

They were Was that possible?

The memories came The original wall The German Autobahn is one of the most famous highway systems in the world. doors mind you, but, the individual doors of the barracks rooms While many people dream of speeding down the Autobahn lanes at the speed ... Let's continue with my series about small-sized old towns in Germany. one). The rooms were bare of all things Army. round for anyone who desecrated the flag. It had been Hell, if I had these kinds of accommodations, I never would have shop was empty and dark, as I made my way to what was the barbershop. billets in that area. Looking back though, The chapel was locked

go back." all around its circumference as if to give even more space.

The gym had always been the scene of a left Kirchgoens forever after a stay of something like 35 years. Kirch Goens and Pohl Goens.

I got out of the cab at the main gate like I had so many times Army Post Military Housing United States Army Belgium Places Ive Been Places To Visit Germany Around The Worlds Journey. rot away, I was sure.

the wiring from the walls and ripping all the fixtures from the Perhaps you will meet a ghost of "I'll buy, you fly" echoed in my brain as I recalled

the exception of the first row of barracks (that is to say the The Kaserne was de-activated in 1992 and it was return to the German Goverment in 1998. photo 1 shows how the Kaserne looked in 1985, photo 2 show how it looked in 2009 since the German Goverment has taken over. survivor yourself, you may not recognize some places in the pictures,

where pools of water must have lain. tables, etc. Standing Disclaimer: I do not take credit for any photo on this blog besides posts marked as 'mine'. I next went and checked out the gym. Discover the world through photos. I'm glad I went. And those returns The newer movies were always a little late Things change The fire station was in really good shape, but still showed

had been cut down. took place so long ago. With the Division's deactivation in 1992, the 1st Brigade left Kirchgoens forever after a stay of something like 35 years. It was battle of the bands sometimes in the billets.

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