Let it not be with anyone else but me, let it attend to all my desires, buy what I will spend as I please, let it never make me suffer from being without the money, let it be when I sleep and wake up always that money, wealth and fortune are in my house, and purse, in my pocket, in my company, or wherever I am. Father, stretch out your hand and assist me in the many debts and bills that I have to pay. But I know that if you clean my sins through the blood of your Son, Jesus Christ. Many are unable to live a fulfilled life because the devil and his agents are fighting their stars. His answer might just be one you didn't want to hear, as summed up by this tweet, delivered from above by the Almighty's secretary, who grew up in New Jersey: " 'Why didn't you answer my prayer this morning about winning the lottery?' Father may you bless me with what it takes to live a debt-free life. When the SEPTA 48 stepped forward to collect a $172.7 million Powerball jackpot, longtime employee Larry Green talked about his wife, who died a year and a day before the winning drawing in April 2012. However, we must not only call on Him in difficult moments. I know that you have answered and set my entire family free. Lord may you teach me how to properly manage this financial blessing which you have already given me. Father, you always hear and answer me. Pour upon me the gift of wealth that I may see your glory and proclaim your existence wherever I go. King of Heaven and Earth, you best know the financial difficulties that I am facing when it comes to doing your work. There are so many people who are struggling on a daily basis when it comes to finances. Everything you do I trust is for my ultimate good. But today, I stand with the authority that you have given me in the name of Jesus Christ and command all these curses to be broken. if you need immediate solution. You have the last word which can close the door of every unpleasant or negative situation in life. May with this prayer, from the top of my head to the soles of my feet, may I be enveloped by a stream of wealth and fortune, may luck and abundance comes with opportunities to get my company more sales and attract many clients. As you continuously unfold our writing, you’ll certainly pick up the best miracle prayer for money. – Gina. Father, I stand in your presence praying for a money miracle. Next post: a money prayer. And for sure there is no one like you. It is with pleasure that I accept to work for my creator. Lead a quiet life without further trampling, be honorable, and happy, and you will be rewarded. Father, you always hear and answer me. I make this miracle prayer for money in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. It is our Christian right to call unto our heavenly father each time that we are in difficulties or trouble.

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