The customer doesn't see that unless they have a problem and it has to be taken apart. A person would be better suited and happier with cheap bargain store furniture than anything Jackson furniture makes. Catnapper would do nothing for us. Thank God he did not get hurt. I received a Jackson, Jordan, Catnapper. Quit laying around and crying because this or any other furniture will not support your obese body. Just the two boards holding the material. Because I would of NEVER paid over $1000.00 dollars for a chair that has such horrible reviews!! Worst experience with furniture I've ever had. I hate to exercise my warranty options due to lead times of eight too twelve weeks for replacement parts. This is why American companies are losing. Frontier Communications - ripping off customers. What a major waste of money! The vinyl covering started peeling on the seat in one area the first year so we bought a pad to cover it. Catnapper / Jackson Furniture is garbage. My husband and I are elderly. It took almost 8. Husband and I were going to buy another catnapper recliner/rocker chair.We have not had any problems but we have not really used it very much. You guessed it - no one is going to honor it. complain to Fisher furniture store in Ironton and they gave me a number to Catnapper. It is just another example of american greed and on going deceit. They are marketed on several online sites. Comfor gel. What a scam. I will never purchase the Catnapper brand of anything. later the motor quit can't even get a hold of catnapper at [protected] and [protected]. (Im not a big lady). We have a Lane reclining loveseat and couch now, don't buy their crap either. Never put a baby on this couch. | Legal Stuff. I research thoughly ALL my big purchases. Alberto Torresini and Araya Cha are the brains of scams in Thailand. I even refused to give them to anyone. I have had the item LESS THAN 2 MONTHS! Contact Us We didn't receive anything until 6 months later, and went without furniture! There is nothing good about this company at all. Depends on how many times I get up and down. Do not buy anything from Living and dan't buy a catnapper product from any source. I have had the repairman check it and turn in his report to Davis Appliance Co. We bought a catnapper sofa and my concern is w/ if there are any children in the house husband accidently pushed the wrong buttons and had my leg under the foot rest...I thought wow, if this would be a small child, the outcome would be very sad :( :(.. G & Karen M. TN. We didn't have it for not even 2 months, and the arm rests and sides of the recliner and sofa, we're falling apart, and they sent a tech out 5 times, and need him to come out, yet once again to repair them! We purchased the 3-piece Catnapper sectional in October, 2013. Wow! Tech advised that it was poor workmanship on the manufacturer. Now, I guess I will wait another month. And the same with customer service and warranty. The warranty is for parts only--broken FRAME--will cost $250 to fix!! ITS JUNK!. Lucky you. It has everthing I was looking for. What about all the people that got taken. I didn’t want to believe a man could be so crooked over a... YEAH, WELL WAIT UNTI YOU GET FED UP WITH THEM. This furniture is very poorly made. The recliner has not been abused. Love seat is bent and twisted and shedding it's finish like a snake. I only wish I had checked for reviews on this Company before purchasing the sofa. Very frustrating! When reclined the seat and back cushions are separated by 5 inches and any thing can fall thru. Thanks for those who have posted and kept us from buying more junk. Well after waiting a few weeks for an answer, I called Davis Appliance to see what the status was. After talking to their (Catnappers) customer service reps, they advised that they do not honor their 1 year warranty! In only two months the padding in the seat and footrest had sunk and sagged down making the chair VERY UNCOMFORTABLE to sit in. I would be ashamed if I worked for this company, at least I have a conscience. We have to put pillows on each arm to keep the wood from digging into my husband's arms. We will never purchase Catnapper again. Knoxville Wholesale told us that this was a ( rare case ). Has had motors, and power boxes replaced. You are a jerk. Now two yrs. YOU BETTER WAIT INTILL THE END... vous avez pris mon argent il me le restituer c'est 229 DOLLARDS, Jackson Furniture - Catnapper Furniture - a piece of junk, Catnapper Furniture - poor quality and unacceptable customer service, Catnapper Recliner - power lift recliner chair, Jackson Furniture / Catnapper - Recliner sofa, Jackson Furniture Industries / Catnapper - concord collection sofa & loveseat w/ console, Jackson Catnapper - recliner with heat and massage, Jackson Furniture Industries / Catnapper - recliner, Jackson Furniture / Catnapper - remote no good, Jackson Furniture Industries / Catnapper - catnapper sofa and loveseat, File a complaint to Jackson Furniture Industries / Catnapper, Ladd Hill Labradoodles - poor customer service. No live people answer the phone now with no chair to recline in my legs have swollen. I was trying to avoid Ashley products because I've had bad experiences with them. Farmers Furniture manager and employees have been wonderful on trying to get things done. We bought our Catnapper 3 years ago. The leather is so thin--thinner than a piece of tablet paper if that is even possible. I ordered the sofa On Feb 10th of this year and promised a 3 week delivery. The "leather" headrest got holes in it and start peeling apart. You guessed it - no one is going to honor it. Power recline. I am ready to contact an attorney to get our money back as well as punitive damages... this is ridiculous!!! Finally reached someone on their phone tree that was rude and offered no help or answers. I called both Living In Comfort and the manufacturer (Jackson Furniture). I wish I had found this site before I bought my Catnapper dual recliner sofa. They have gone out of their way to help me. When it is made out of imported junk parts by don't give a sh## people. I guess I'll be returning to the store and cancelling this transaction. Thanks for posting this. Everytime we called, we got the run around! @kelleyj82 I saw the "Hanes, leather power reclining sofa set on the retailers website. do not buy catnapper furniture. I am supossed to have a blanket 3 year warranty on most of the sofa and a life time on other parts. He told us, it was poorly made, and was put together with just large staples, no wood glue or wood screws. The repairman told me he could fix the couch better than it was but it would be up to Catnapper to decide whether to fix or replace. Grrrrr, Went to a local high end furniture retailer. This is the sofa that you buy for your mother-in-law. I found the left seat cushion, and the frame were out of alignment. This CATNAPPER IS A PEICE OF JUNK and is terrible quality and a huge waste of money. Good luck getting ahold of them also! What a scam. Our couch and loveseat is about 3 years old. The arms are held together with two narrow pieces of particle board! No manufacturer should take this long to deliver a product. Leather is not from any animal I've ever seen.Unless I'm mistaken, cows are not built out of cheap plastic coated fabric that peels within the first month. I bought A Catniper Recliner From Furniture Caddy , Kannapolis , N. C. This chair is useless only had it 3 months and have had them here to look at it 3 times the foot rest is not right does not come up to where it is supposed to be and  when you sit down you go to the right  side because the chair is broken  it is falling apart and they say nothing is wrong with it , I just had knee replacement surgery and my P.T won't even let me  sit in it , It is still under warranty , I need Help getting A New chair. Catnapper service is the worst I have ever seen in a company. I am supossed to have a blanket 3 year warranty on most of the sofa and a life time on other parts. It is common for a retailer to change the model name of a furniture set when it is put online or in the showroom. Upon arrival, when it was placed in my home I inspected it for damaged . Jackson Catnapper Furniture Reviews: Last Updated: February 25th 2020: Jackson Catnapper Furniture is an American made furniture company that prides itself in using mostly only American hands to build their products.They believe that they are one of the only furniture companies that to this day, refuses to outsource the majority of their factories overseas because they value the … Do not purchase items from them. Thanks everyone who posted. It lasted all of 1 round of the vibrator (20 minutes) working. I tell everyone I know not to ever buy catnapper. We'd decided to get the set next week, but we haven't told that to the dealer. Conns does not back up the product either. Its a 15 degree that unfolds into two disconnected pieces that have a sharp piece of wood hidden in the gap. Both are junk. Especially since it was a manufacturer error. Recent Catnapper Furniture questions, problems & answers. I am supossed to have a blanket 3 year warranty on most of the sofa and a life time on other parts. My husband purchased me a Catnapper Enterprise for Christmas...within 2 months the material shredded loose on the top of the cushion. Knoxville Wholesale Furniture was contacted just after the one year warranty expired . It is all junk and if your buying junk, my as well be buying cheap junk instead of high dollar junk. Certainly not ethical, Bought a catnapper from Feceras within one yr the brain went wrong and also the left back of the chair fell apart. That cheap furniture was a bargain. And we were told that catnapper factory in TN, went on strike, and they had to have it made over seas then shipped from Denver, Colorado to our residence in Ohio! The fabric is crap and is dry rotting and going in to holes on the side where I sit. This company is a bunch of criminals! Called them 2 times a concern and was never called back as the message states, E-mailed them 2 times and never received a response. I bought it from promised four time to come fix the hole or replace the section but they never did. Sounds like bait n switch. I realize it is a reasonably priced piece of furniture, but I still expect better. Don't buy Catnapper--you'll regret it. Had a Catnapper lift chair less then a year and while my husband was reclined in it, it broke in half.

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