The sons returned to Egypt once again. Al-Bukhaari (3549) and Muslim (2337) narrated that al-Bara’ said: The Messenger of Allah (blessings and peace of Allah be … His honesty won the heart of Al-Azeez, who placed Yusuf in charge of his household. Yusuf immediately recognized his brothers and provided for them, but kept his identity disguised. Brothers came home with a happy feeling. Prophet Joseph (A.S) reached the age of 16, his brothers insisted that he was now old enough to accompany them. The next day, Yusuf set off with his brothers. They beseeched their father to seek Allah’s forgiveness for them. Yusuf then spoke to them in their native language, “Do you know what you did with Yusuf and his brother when you were ignorant?”  It didn’t take long for the brothers to realise that this was indeed their long lost brother and began to tremble in fear. His father reluctantly agreed to let them take them with him. Some people do not accept that the Holy Prophet Muhammad (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) has been blessed by Allah Ta'ala with Ilm-e -Ghayb (Knowledge of the Unseen). Yusuf initially called them to Allah, then interpreted, The wife of Al-Azeez was trapped. During Yusuf’s time in jail, he was bestowed with the ability to interpret dreams. However, these people persisted in refusing to believe in him, for which reason they were destroyed with a terrible flood. The following chapters of this website will describe this trap that was set for Prophet Yusuf (as), what happened afterwards, and his exemplary behaviour in the face of … Hazrat Yousuf (AŞ), innocent, beautiful, and was obedient to his childhood. Civilization would come, and savagery come to an end. Traditional info site is very important our tradition information and you get too easily. However, Yaqub was concerned about his older sons’ possible reaction to this narration, for even though he treated them the same, they harboured jealousy towards Yusuf. Prophet Yousuf (AS) was extremely happy to see his younger brother and invited all of them to dine with him. The door opened and Al-Azeez entered. His father loved him dearly. Yusuf began struggling and pleaded with them to let go. He described how he by the grace of God for great power status was raised from a lowly servant. You must be logged in to post a comment Allah has shown us favour. Al-Azeez apologised for his wife’s indecency and swore Yusuf to secrecy. Together, they all set off to Egypt where Yusuf warmly welcomed them. Binyamin, who was youngest, was from the same mother as Yusuf, while the rest were older half-brothers. He also placed the money they had paid with their supplies as an incentive to return. He approached his father, crying and crying. God bestowed a great kingdom, incomparable wealth, a mighty army supported by jinns and birds, and superior knowledge upon him. Zulaikha Potifer and liked it so much and treated him as a son. Yusuf (Joseph) was the beloved son of Prophet Yaqub (Jacob), who also had 11 other sons. One day, when her husband was away from home, she closed the doors and invited Yusuf to her. The water drawer hauled up his bucket and was shocked to see the handsome boy clinging onto the rope. He took their solemn oath to safeguard him. That destruction was a sign and great glad tidings of the coming into the world of the Prophet Muhammad (saas). Prophet Yusuf alayhi salaam (peace be upon him) was extremely handsome. All Right Reserved. Yusuf, fearing Allah, replied, “[I seek] refuge in Allah. Allah says in Quran, ‘It is He who created you from one soul and formed from it its companion that might reside in safety with her’ [ Surah – Al Aar’af, Ayat – 189 (half)]. Throughout history God has called people to the true path through the prophets He has sent them. Hazrat Yousuf (AS) was described in the story of a Koran and Allah (Ahsan al-Qasas) ‘ The beautiful story between all the stories,’ as it is named. When we jump into the depth of facts, we realize that when we fall in love with someone truly, it is  a natural process already settled by Allah Almighty. He could have easily complained and ask “why do these things keep happening to me”. We know about him no evil.”. In the Bible he is referred to as Joseph son of Jacob. The great majority of them were descended from the same line. Indeed, it is He who is the Knowing, the Wise.” Thus, Allah reunited father and son. He was one of the youngest and possessed An undying love for us is a blessing given by Allah Almighty. Egypt was the most beautiful and proud girl Zulaikha. The life of Prophet Jesus is full of miracles acknowledged by God, from his birth to his ascension to the sight of God. This is revealed in a number of verses in the Qur'an: Many verses in the Qur'an speak of the Prophet Ibrahim (as), the Prophet Ya'qub (as) and the Prophet Yusuf (as). After that, the world would be illuminated by the light of the true faith revealed to him. Justice would come, and oppression be brought to an end. One of these holy individuals is Prophet Sulayman (peace be upon him). He had a tender heart and sympathetic. Prophet Ya’qub (A.S) always refused, saying that the boy was very young. He was so handsome that when he walked into the room, the ladies who were busy The prophet that is most frequently employed as an example in the Qur'an is the Prophet Musa (Moses) (as). They envied Yusuf because they felt he was special and they were not. Zulaika seized the moment to announce that this was the man for whom she was blamed. A very reluctant Yaqub said, “Indeed, it saddens me that you should take him and I fear that a wolf would eat him while you are unaware.” But the brothers insisted that they would take extreme care of him and that they Yusuf would enjoy himself. He (peace be upon him) on the face of the Prophet Ya’qub (peace be upon him) put the shirt of the Prophet Joseph. Caravan was discovered, and the cup was found in the bag of Binyameen. Hazrat Yousuf (A.S) said, I am Yusuf and this is my brother. Meanwhile, a caravan of traders passing well to draw some water stopped. Her obsession heightened to a degree where she was desperate to fulfil her desire. People might think that those we do not know Islam (Namehram) forbids us to have relations with. The king thus summoned the women relating to Yusuf’s incident. He continued to deny his mistress’s claim saying, “It was she who sought to seduce me.”. He did not believe his story and could do nothing but remain patient and to reunite him with his beloved son wait for Allah. She then warned Yusuf that if he denied her again he would be imprisoned, to which Yusuf replied, “My Lord, prison is more to my liking than that to which they invite me.” That night Zulaika convinced her husband that the only way to safeguard her honor and his prestige was to imprison Yusuf. Other women began ridiculing her character. When they reached Egypt, Yusuf drew Binyamin aside and whispered into his ear, “Indeed, I am your brother, so do not despair over what they used to do [to me].”. The women looked up at him. Two of Yusuf’s cell mates, mesmerized by his piety, sought him to have their dreams explained. Ashmed, she ran to him and cried, “What is the recompense of the one who intended evil for your wife but that he be imprisoned or a painful punishment?” Yusuf was baffled. Sura 14 bears the name 'Ibrahim,' and Sura 12 "Yusuf.". The brothers returned home and said, “O our father, measure has been denied to us, so send with us our brother [that] we will be given measure. One dreamt that he was serving the king wine and the other was carrying bread on his head which two birds were eating up. Hazrat Yousuf (A.S), son of Hazrat Yaqub A.S is the most good-looking and gorgeous Prophet of Allah. We will explore the events he has lived through as it is described. Released from prison, Yusuf stood before the King to thank him for his generosity. As soon as they were away from home enough, how the Prophet Joseph (A.S) about the settlement began to plot. Prophet Yousuf (AS) was the son of Prophet Ya’qub (AS). Here, he was auctioned and sold as a slave to the highest bidder who happened to be the treasurer, Al-Azeez. Prophet Yusuf (AS) was the son of Prophet Ya\'qub (AS). The aim of all these holy individuals has been one and the same: to call people to believe in God and to serve only Him. Nevertheless, the story of Zulaika’s pursuit spread. At all times in history God has sent messengers to warn their own societies. Grazing their goats when they ask their father, Joseph (A.S) to be carried out with them. Yusuf, however, refused to leave prison until his innocence was proved. The caravan people immediately shackled Yusuf and took him along to Egypt. Soon after he revealed his identity to his brothers. Then, they came across a dry well. The brothers informed the storekeeper of their house back in Canaan and their father and brother back home. They removed Prophet Yousuf (A.S) shirt, and threw him in the well. Zulaika chased after him in desperation and grabbed his shirt from the back which caused his shirt to rip. Then will come after that seven difficult [years] which will consume what you advanced [saved] for them, except a little from which you will store. He narrated to him, “You will plant for seven years consecutively; and what you harvest leave in its spikes, except a little from which you will eat. Then there approached the years of famine, that also reached the household of Yaqub in Canaan. He sent her female slave to accept the invitation of Zulaikha request.Hazrat Yusuf A.S when met with her, she asked to have physical relations with her. Prophet Yousuf (AS) was the brother of the location, when they were stopped and accused of stealing. This article explores the life of Prophet Yusuf (as), the purpose of such prophetic stories, their relevance and the lessons we can derive as individuals and as an ummah collectively. She confessed to the King. There she served them fruit along with knives. He denied that any of them had been convicted of theft, the Prophet Joseph (AS) can be held as a slave. He took pity on them. Ignoring the pleas of his younger brother, they heartlessly left him to die of hunger. And they came back weeping to their father at night fall and said, O’ our father! Yusuf informed them to bring their younger brother along next time, or they shall receive no further provisions. The following day, Yusuf filled his brothers’ bags with grain. Binyamin, who was youngest, was from the same mother as Yusuf, while the rest were older half-brothers. Surely who fears Allah and endures, is rewarded for surely Allah does not waste the reward of those who do good.’ [12:90].

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