In fact, there are reportedly more than 500 festivals a year on the island, and everything is a family affair involving multiple generations of relatives. The History and Culture of Puerto Ricans Essay 2006 Words | 9 Pages. Puerto Rico is a tropical mountainous island. Puerto Rico is a small island in the Caribbean that holds a vast, and rich culture. By continuing to use this site, you agree to the terms of our updated Privacy Policy. Music and Dancing in Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico is a multi-ethnic state where home is different ethnic to people and nationwide backgrounds, but the result of some Puerto Ricans does not luxury their population as an ethnicity, but as a nationality with numerous civilizations and nationwide backgrounds including the Puerto Rican people. Most of their similarities stem from a common Spanish heritage. When a family member is in trouble or needs help it is responsibility of the other family members to help them in any way that they can. When it comes to gender roles, Puerto Ricans are fairly traditional. Some people may argue that the heart of Puerto Rico is found on its people; while I debate that the heart of my beautiful island does not lie solemnly on its people, but on its cultural identity. The population has a mixture of mulattos, whites, and blacks as well (Boyle, 2013). However, Africans gave Puerto Rican Spanish defining … At one time it was common practice among the island’s most traditional families for young women to be accompanied by chaperones in the form of an aunt or older sister when they began dating, but that practice is quickly vanishing. It’s an apt description. However, as in the rest of the industrial world, women have made inroads into the formerly male world of business and sports, particularly in urban areas. We use cookies to enhance your visit to us. The development of Puerto Rican music is also a reflection of their history, both being complicated by several layers. Suddenly U.S. customs and practices were imposed. Puerto Rican culture is extremely interesting and worth reading about! Their history is unlike any other immigrants who migrated at the United States at any time. Hispanics or Latinos are defined as a people of Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, South or Central American, or other Spanish speaking culture. Puerto Rican migration to the United States and the culture clash experienced by migrants is another, Gender roles in Puerto Rican society has been viewed as very male dominate, leaving women in domestic roles. Most Puerto Ricans like to celebrate big and often. In the November 6, 2012 plebiscite held in Puerto Rico, 54% of the population said that do not like the current commonwealth status of the island (Alexandrino). By continuing we’ll assume you board with our cookie policy. The other half wants to become a U.S. state so they can have full privileges of citizenship, including the ability to vote for the U.S. president and have full representation in Congress. In contemporary debates of Puerto Rican identity, it is essential to examine the history of the island to determine the effects, The History and Culture of Puerto Ricans Essay. Vestiges of machismo still exist. It has a population of Puerto Rico is 3,474,182 (United States Consensus, 2015) and is 13,791 sq. That’s the beauty of who Melanie is, she is that one person that people love to see come and hate to see leave. According to the 2008 U.S. Census, America is home to over 4 million Puerto Ricans, 25 percent of them living in New York with an estimated 900,000 living in New York City (Kittler, Sucher, Nelms 263). The Hispanic "family unit" includes not only parents and children but also extended family” (Clutter and Nieto, n.d.). This tropical climate makes Puerto Rico a first choice in tourism and because of it Spanish influence it makes, Puerto Rico is a territory of the United States since 1898 and in order to change that status citizens of the territory must vote in a plebiscite, a special referendum. The Spanish also brought in slaves from Africa to work the island’s many coffee and sugar plantations, and they too produced offspring with the Taíno and Spanish colonists, producing what for years was called a population of mulattoes. 9-30-15 Puerto Rican is the populations and residents of Puerto Rico. Women’s roles in Puerto Rico have followed the same pattern as many other women’s roles in different countries all over the world. The name immediately brings to mind images of a beautiful lush tropical island of enchantment. Music is usually at the heart of most gatherings, and Puerto Ricans are passionate about their opinions and love few things more than to debate politics or sports for hours. and Terms of Use. Perhaps this is because Puerto Rico is a commonwealth of the United States. The culture of Puerto Rican life has been significantly shaped by its history. But, if I say I am American, I am asked about my origins. In a matter of a few months, Puerto Rico moved from being a Spanish possession to an American one, Every day , Puerto Rico is slowly adapting into the American way of life and is gradually losing what is left of their culture. ETHNICITY AND EMPOWERMENT IN THE MIGRATION EXPERIENCE Being near the equator Puerto Rico received throughout the year high energy from the sun. The culture of Puerto Rican life has been significantly shaped by its history. The name "Puerto Rico" usually does not conjure the image of Taino Indians or African slaves, yet these populations have great importance in laying the foundation for the notion of identity of Puerto Ricans. In discussing, Are you Puerto Rican or American? Towns were developed according to Spanish custom around central plazas and churches. The three main Hispanic groups in the United States are Cubans, Mexicans, and Puerto Ricans. It also observes multiple gods and combines elements of Catholicism. "Puerto Rico". These values concerning the importance of language are shared by the Puerto Rican historian José Luis González. Social, political, and economic conditions are all related to the musical expressions of Puerto Ricans (Glasser, 8). The United States gained control of the island of Puerto Rico as a result of the Spanish American war in 1898, claiming its intention to "free" the island from Spanish colonialism. The Spanish language was imposed upon the inhabitants of the island, the Tainos, in the sixteenth century, when the Spanish inhabited the island in 1502, after the Spanish conquerors claimed the island in the name of Spain in 1493. Puerto Rico, without a doubt has several unique characteristics that distinguish our culture from any other. The MALAS opening reception is considered cultural because its purpose was…, I did not know how to respond to this girl as I had no idea what White or Puerto Rican meant because I was only a four year old with a limited view on the world. The colonization of Spaniards left us not only with Pentecostal fundamentalism has developed in recent decades, and there is a small Jewish community on the island as well. The capital of Puerto Rico is San Juan. However, to avoid confusion, they typically drop their mothers’ family when they are in America (Puerto Rican Americans, 2009). In 2012, Congress took actions that could put the future of Puerto Rico’s political status to a popular vote on the island. However, they still have some... I’m not a pioneer in my family when it comes to the medical field. There are some levels of society that proudly claim to be of pure European blood, and darker-skinned populations are sometimes discriminated against. Much of this influence came in the form of the military, due to the many military bases that were established on the island. The majority of the population of. Puerto Rican migration to the United States and the culture clash experienced by migrants is another, Differences Between Island and Mainland Puerto Ricans Familismo, a cultural belief, that focuses on family values and family’s well being rather than on individual opportunities (Ayón and Aisenberg, 2010). Despite high poverty and unemployment rates, it seems nothing can put a damper on the lively, fun-loving Puerto Rican spirit. “Espiritismo and Santería are magico-religious and folk-healing practice used by some Puerto Ricans” (Purnell, 1998). The issue of Puerto Rico’s future political status has been an ongoing debate for more than 50 years, and it is as much a part of the island’s national identity as its Spanish language and customs. Its climate is tropical, rainy, and warm. Sidney W. Mintz describes the Caribbean as "a scattering of some fifty inhabited units spanning nearly 2, 500 miles of sea between Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula and the north coast of South America, constitute the oldest colonial sphere of Western European overseas expansion... these territories were dominated and navigated and explored, their aborigines had been thrust into the consciousness of European monarchs, philosophers, and scientists" (17). In 1511, Pope Julius II created a diocese in Caparra, the island’s first settlement. The U.S. dollar became the legal tender. Before studying other languages, I had admired such cultures because I felt that their knowledge and understanding of the world was much broader then my own because they could to communicate with more diverse groups of people. Melanie and Joshua are currently expecting twin boys, Puerto Rican Music as Representation of Their History and Culture

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