My Bully is loyal, loving and gentle and kind. Purpl Lilac tri litters due this week . TO TAKE HER. Everything on earth has a shelf life . Does anyone know how much this breed cost? ", Mia the American Bully Pit puppy as a 12 week old puppy bred by Dazzling Bullies Kennels, Biggie the American Bully bred by Dazzling Bullies Kennels, "CH. Ace son 8 mths 120 lbs 25 inch head.

When in fact any breed can be dangerous if they are taught to be. Went right for a kill attack, the throat. It was a paragraph. If you are looking for, muscle and correctness this is your breeding. ALSO PLEASE CHECK OUT ACE'S PHOTO GALLERY PAGE . I paid $500 for my tricolor, she is gorgeous and very very loving!! My son went to see the owner once he had got his dog stitched up, The owner said he knew he was in the wrong and he would get his dog put down My son said just get it returned to the shelter you got it from. My neighbor had pit bulls when I was a kid, and we used to play with them all the time. What the hell…/ I am so sorry. It is hard where I live because people can NOT be trusted to NOT fight them.
The main reason for this is that many breeders did not breed tricolored dogs for several generations since they can be mistaken as mixed breeds and mixed breed Bullies are something breeders try to avoid producing. She is a very energetic 5-month-old Standard/Classic American Bully. and cooled for those hot georgia summer days.

The attack was from another bully breed? OUR XXL PITBULL GIRL GOOSE AND AURUORA GO IN THIS WEEK FOR ULTRASOUND . for the love of the Pitbull /American Bully breed, have a super thick massive xl xxl amazing bully dog that you can walk 5 miles, , chase a ball with out falling over himself and most of all be a part of your family. Your email address will not be published. You are really giving it back what it should have and that just naturally gives it a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. I FINALLY FOUND SOME PICS OF HIM AS A XL PUPPY. Check out my blog We are licenced and inspected by the Georgia Department of Agriculture.

Why bother thinking about something you have no control over. PLEASE CHECK OUT OUR PITBULL PUPPIES PAGE TO SEE UPDATED PICS. 8-10 PUPPIES OR MAYBE MORE THE VET SAID ALOT THEY WILL BE DUE MAY 6,2013. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to
If it could not be retrained then it would stay there. GO TO PUPS FOR SALE PAGE TO VIEW THE PUPPIES.

This unique breed is noted for displaying extreme tolerance with children and an overwhelming eagerness to please its family. I get that you want a pup or dog that looks beautiful but think of all the sad puppies and elderly and all in between pits sitting in shelters because of their reputation and bc they weren’t “pretty enough” to breed :), You crop the ears cause this is a show breed. WE ARE EXCITED ABOUT HOSTING A TRIPLE ABKC SHOW. Leftie stands at 16'' with a weight of 82.5 lbs. WEIGHING 95 LBS , HER AND SHORTY WILL PRODUCE SOME GREAT XL BULLY PUPS. CALL FOR MORE INFO.

I hope this person does not get another dog he seems totally irresponsible, anyone that can say it is not his fault the dog is aggressive it is the breed ! Topdogbullies  takes pride in our xl pitbulls and arebeautifulbully  kennel, With a state of the art beautiful dog barn.

Good-natured, amusing, extremely loyal and an affectionate family pet. There is one (1) blue tricolor boy still available. No resemblance of bend in front. Nose: all colors acceptable. Note: When someone refers to a 'blue-nose', or a 'red-nose' pit bull they are referring to the color of the dog.

It is this kind of behaviour that gets Bull breeds a bad name, other dogs it has attacked the owners say that it is typical of bull terriers. Call today to reserve your pitbull puppy. It is a natural instinct for a dog to have an order in their pack. The American Bully was created through years of selective breeding by combining the desired traits of the UKC American Pit Bull Terrier and the AKC American Staffordshire Terrier.

The American Bully is also sometimes called the Bullypit or American Bully Pit. Beware: some Bully breeders give their dogs steroids to produce a large muscular body.

The head of the American Bully is a medium length, deep through, broad skull, very pronounced cheek muscles, distinct stop, and high set ears.

OUR XL BEAUTY HOPE HAS BEEN BRED TO ACE , AND BUFFY WAS BRED TO SHORTY . BLUE TRI-COLOR POCKET BULLY PUPPY looking for his forever home. We have added only the best frenchies to our program so wether you want big bully or small bully we got you covered. Not bc another dog is in a shelter. Topdog has bought a 150 acre farm and building state of the art facility for our dogs and we  look forward to you visiting the new location . #americanbully #exoticbully #exoticbullies_of_ig #americanbullyofficial #bully #bullymagazine #miagiblood #tricolored #tricoloredbully #microexotic #luxury #luxurydog #dogsofinstagram #dogphotography #bulliful #theheavybonedfamilyblood #youarebulliful #puppy #puppies #puppydog #puppiesofinstagram #puppylove #hazeline #instadog #moodygrams #tonystark #marvel #worldstar #thebullyplanet #loccolotto, A post shared by Yannis Largent (@theheavybonedfamilyblood) on Jul 23, 2018 at 5:17am PDT. Be careful! I WILL BE POSTING PHOTOS, IN THE GALLERY SOON. Pick the dog you like bc you like it. VISITED THE KENNEL ON SUNDAY, TO TAKE PICS AND VIDEO OF THE KENNEL FOR A SPREAD THEY RUNNING ON KENNELS IN THEIR MAG.


Did the owner have a piece in this tragedy…? We  have been breeding dogs for over 20 years ,this amerian bully breed of dog we have had for over 10 years plus of  experience  . Not on my watch. You just made the decision harder with all the cute pictures. He is very loyal, protective, a good watch dog and a very good companion.

-A pup with an At gene who also inherits the Ay gene is buckskinned or red. Pictures taken at 13 mths old .

All Rights Reserved. I have a puppy but not sure exactly what to call his coloring lol he’s blue with tri colored bridle markings…anyone know? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

AMERICAN XL XXL BLUE PITBULLS/ XXL XL AMERICAN BULLYS MAKE GREAT FAMILY DOGS. They are very active indoors and will do alright without a yard provided they get enough exercise. Chest deep and broad.

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