Saigon is a bit more buzzing whereas Hanoi feels more sleepy. r/travel is a community about exploring the world. “Okay, but you want to take care of the manager for selecting girl. You're also well placed to jump down into the Mekong Delta if you so wish (I recommend a visit to Can Tho). If you have any more questions about Vietnam feel free to PM me!

She hands me a bottle of water and friendly points to the sauna. r/hanoi: This subreddit is dedicated to Hanoi, the beautiful capital city of Vietnam. Both places obviously still retain smaller speciality shops for locals. I’ll get into the bath. In the past I had enjoyed some decent massages there, but I didn't know the girl who worked on me this time. To clarify, if you are looking for a Nuru massage in Vietnam, or more specifically, a Nuru massage in Saigon, then you’re in the wrong place. A great place to look for Vietnamese girlfriend, but also to have fun in the numerous red light districts. She’s asking how much I’ll tip her.

Specific doesn't mean lengthy - brevity is key! An overview of the best places and ways to get laid in Vietnam, Typical Costs Watch the full video review & more as part of my Vietnam Guide! You will fall into a deep sleep while watching this video. They also work well in other countries.

You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at, Science Says These 3 Facial Expressions = Flirting, Ahem, Here's How to Take the Best Butt Selfie Ever, Astrology Can Explain Why Your Ex Is The Worst, Cute Lil Nicknames to Call the Man in Your Life. Massage in this area is code for handjob. Post related things & feel free to ask the community any questions you may have. He said he wanted to hire me, but I asked for some time to think it over. Pho Bo (beef noodle soup) is superior in Hanoi as well. Hanoi, you have a lovely dinner, you walk around the lake in the mist, then you go to bed. Afterward, my face was bright red when she charged me $12 for "extra" time, but I happily paid it. This service is common, but also illegal. Saigon's modern architecture, high-rises, many wide open roads are dominant although you will find older architecture if you're interested. Enjoy Vietnam and the girls!

Xin chào! This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. Does that mean extra blowjob? Saigon feels more international/Western in terms of shopping opportunities. Don’t skip any sections! He said he wanted to hire me, but I … That way you show confidence and as a result, they lower their asking price. In other words, Ho Chi Minh it’s an easy playground to meet girls for a nightstand or for a casual relationship. The temples we visited and Hoan Kiem lake were absolutely beautiful. That’s the reason why before my travel, I focus to find a local girlfriend first and only later book flight and accommodation.

The attractions tended to be right on the street too near the hotels and stuff so you could just walk in.

Proximity - Saigon is the hub for visiting the Cu Chi Tunnels. Hot Toc – Hair Salon: 400k for a massage and BJ. She did a good job with massaging, but it wasn’t the right pace (although I told her several times). Nice, juicy ass and good tits. :). Having said that, don’t think Hanoi is a boring place to visit if you are into nightlife and hookers. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Anyway, I tell him I’ll pay a tip at reception after all is done … just to get rid of him. Don’t be conscious to offend or lose her, there is always another girl behind the corner. I didn't really do that much shopping in Vietnam so can't really comment.

I liked Hanoi better but you can easily do both. Very crowded and chaotic! She’s kneeing down. Callers will knock the pamphlets out of the girls' hands; the girls will kick over the bikes of a rival. I had a fixed number in my mind before I came here. After 15 intense minutes, I was in heaven! Post related things & feel free to ask the community any questions you may have. Thanks to smartphones, the internet, apps and hookups sites, it’s never been easier to get laid in Vietnam. Karaoke bars employ young hostesses – usually students – to provide company to their guest…. Couldn't really comment on differences in attire as it wasn't something I particularly noticed.

You don’t have to pay for girls if you want to get laid in Vietnam, there are plenty of girls eager to meet you and to be your girlfriend. No. It reflects on how the girls dress and act. This time, I picked the “VIP Package” for 440,000 VND. Most escort agencies offer terrible services. I was just in Vietnam for three weeks in May, and visited both cities. I resist, but the hard on is pretty visible, lol! I like that! I’ve got lots of recommendations on where to eat and everything (the hotel’s food is really bad). You can ask for the menu and pick the service you need. You can recognize these places having a pink light by the door and cute girls sitting out in front…. There are even places for women. I tell her 300k or nothing and eventually she accepts.

Can you help a brother out?

Expect to be approached by girls on their motorbike asking if you would like to have sex.

You’d be better off going to Thailand for that. Can you imagine having a beautiful, young and horny Vietnamese girlfriend? Vietnam happy ending massages are great and the place I went to was called. Intro to Sex Tourism in Vietnam “Yeah, big tits, small body!“, I confirm enthusiastically. He wasn’t aggressive or anything, but I found his request a bit out of place. Expect locals to wear Western clothes. There are so many Vietnamese girls online looking for sexual adventures or a foreign boyfriend, that doesn’t make sense to pay a prostitute for companionship and intimacy. You must miss it. KTVs: KTV’s girls’ prices range from 500k for a short time to 1 million for all night. Pick the girl you like, bargain the price for a BJ and massage – the standard rate is 400k Dong – but on the weekend the price increases as the place get busier. It’s a boost to one self-esteem. There is also a lot of French influence in the capital. If you would like to have sex with the girls, the rates range from 500k for a short time to 1 million for all night.
I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Vietnam. Hanoi was cool, Saigon hectic. Or was it more likely your personal experience just based off chance?

I was actually sad when I didn't see her there the next time! There's a parlor very near my room, and full-on fights over clients aren't at all uncommon. Your post may get removed for violating them. They might look like “health centers” but in reality, the only thing they take care of is your manhood and wallet. And what, every single man who goes for a massage in Vietnam including the police? Not only are you improving your health … you also get to experience a hot Vietnamese girl! Instead, use apps to recruit civilian girls that need some money on the side. Saigon has the War Remnants museum though, which was the most jarring thing I saw in my travels. very easy to get transport to anywhere else in country. Your pictures, questions, stories, or any good content is welcome. Hanoi was very cold (less than 10C) and raining. You don't need to take as many taxis here and everything was generally much cheaper in Hanoi. Post related things & feel free to ask the community any …

It is uncommon to get her all night, but if that is your thing expect to pay 700k. (Unlike the soapy massages in Bangkok where they call it soapy massage but just wash you for 2 minutes & that’s it.).

The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. I could talk for hours about the food in Hanoi. Hah, plenty of these places around, you haven't been looking hard enough. Kem Xoi (sticky rice with coconut ice cream and roast coconut) for afters is perfect for those hotter days.

Most travelers who visit Vietnam end up in the red-light districts only because they don’t know any better.
'Cause I want to give it to you..." I really did but I could barely nod my head as I lifted my hips toward him. “Hello!“, as we first glance at each other. Hot girls, and they said its a massage… If you google 'Saigon/Hanoi' 'local food' or 'street food', you'll get a comprehensive overview of what's available. This Vietnam sex travel guide will tell you how much things cost, how to stay safe, the best places to find girls and everything in between! Hey Everyone, I’m not sure this is the right place to drop this kinda question but as I haven’t found anything conclusive online, I’m kinda desperate. I wanted to report him, but he did give me extra service. Saigon - certainly more modern than Hanoi.

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