The Meydan One Mall project did not include a breakout projection. The number of models will typically increase as the project progresses. To determine the benefits of upgrading hardware, estimate initial costs vs. time savings.

Furthermore, because all the drawings and views are in this model, it is very easy to do callouts to details or other views, unlike the approach locating drawings alongside the elements they portray. Revit Materials Test Project.

Annotations made using the “view reference” annotation type can be made to look like sections, callouts, etc. The model takes a long time to open because of the large number of links that must be loaded, and it takes a long time to sync because there are many people in that file.

One approach is to create a single file containing all the drawings for the project. Project.rvt (19 MB) Standalone.exe (63 MB) Web Standalone.

I never doubted that you would accomplish great things! It will limit the number of elements that are affected.
Phases of the Design Process

Is the project team located in a single office, or spread across different continents? New models should only be created when performance issues that impact time spent cannot be improved through other methods.

Brian is a Senior Architect and Project Manager with experience designing projects from small-scale renovations to very large-scale retail developments.

Download this file for use with rst_advanced_sample_project.rvt.

More, Join over 300,000 people and get the latest news and our very best content. I would say that the doors turned out the be most complicated part of the project. It is critical for decision makers to consider model break down when deciding what parts of the project each office staff will develop. Become a Revit Power-User fast! Too often, management makes important decisions hastily, and the consequences become apparent only after the team is committed to the strategy. The matrix includes: It is important to think about where the drawing sheets will be located.

This 2-part article discusses challenges and offers tips for successfully scaling up in Revit to complete a project that is larger than you have ever done before. There are generally two different strategies for breaking apart models when you exclude accommodating different offices. However you decide to organize your models, communication is key to allowing them to function as planned. Explore sample Revit projects and working models. Good luck. In Part 2, we explore how to maintain those systems during the design process.

We did use a ‘door type schedule’ and not an ‘instance based door schedule’. There is nothing more frustrating than opening several models before finding the drawing sheet needed. Then open the project in Revit. What is the protocol for exchanging models with consultants? Within each discipline, either break down the models spatially—where those elements are located in the project—or by category of the components. Do not break out a model close to a deadline, in case of unforeseen consequences. C. Splitting by geography or component types Everyone from drafters to principals holds an opinion on when and how to break apart models. Firms have various workarounds for referring to views in other models. The primary approach AE7 used was to create a series of views that contained reference annotations in the “referring to” model annotations and use the “link view” function to make them visible in the final view. Keep stairs and elevator drawings in the vertical transportation model and keep partition plans and door schedules with the walls and doors. Explore sample Revit projects and working models. site model, then copy / monitor to other models, thanks.

Many people on a project team will have an opinion on how to break down a Revit model. Software installation, registration & licensing. Your email address will not be published. This will allow for drawing numbers to update automatically. By registering for a trial, you agree to receive promotional emails. Yes, it did create challenges having over 5,000 doors spread across several models. It’s still not easy for me to manage large projects.

Always update the entire team, including consultants, when breaking out a new model to avoid questions as to why part of the model disappeared.

Where to host central files, and how will this affect workflow in different project phases and potentially between offices? This project is significantly larger than any project AE7 has ever done, and revealed many valuable lessons. This allows for easier management of families because they only live in one model.

What is the estimate for staffing needs during each phase of the project? If a team is split between different offices, the team may want to break out office-specific models dedicated to particular elements of the project. Good.

We ended up having the structural model own the grids/levels, and then all models monitored them from there.

With that in mind, how models are broken down is crucial, if not the most important consideration in extra-large projects, and therefore should be carefully considered. A positive to this approach is that it allows printing all the drawings from a single file. In Architecture model we use all the components walls, doors, floors, ceiling in same file and exterior overall shell /facade as separate file. a list of worksets and links within each file. Taken from OpenFootage under CC 4.0 license. That was a fairly clean break to manage. for one particular large project (leeza SOHO) in the past, we put all levels / grids in separate model i.e.

A downfall of this approach is that families such as wall types and ceiling types, as well as view templates, must be managed across multiple models. My son at work!I am beyond words seeing his accomplishments.Keep up the great work.I knew you would be someone special one day and now I see it.From your very proud Dad! I am so proud of you!!!!!??❤. We mostly model Architecture, Structure and MEPF and use different files for each discipline and separate file floor wise to reduce the file size. I often say F words to Autodesk whenever I have trouble with large models.

Here are some factors to consider before splitting a model. These approaches work well until details move between sheets or change numbers. There are plenty of online articles that explain hardware requirements for using Revit. The first option is to split the building in half, quarters, or by floors: East and West, North and South, Level 0 to 10 and 10 to 20, and so on. Project.rvt (10 MB) Standalone.exe (109 MB) Web Standalone. Looking forward to your Part II follow-up. It may help to split up the model to prevent damage in case something gets deleted or corrupted in the process. The answers to these questions will influence how to break down project models. The Meydan One Mall models were split by keeping categories of objects in the same file.
Connect, consult with, and hire trusted industry experts on the Autodesk Services Marketplace. Unfortunately, sections, elevations, and callout bubbles are not visible in linked views, though references are. To download a project file, click its file name. However, Revit does not let you do callouts, sections, or elevations tags for views in different models. It is common for multiple offices to work on an extra-large project together. Misinformed decisions become magnified on extra-large projects. This list is important for finding elements like escalators or stairs. Begin modeling in 3D with accuracy and precision.

Automatically update floor plans, … Hardware upgrades are expensive up front, but the extra few hundred dollars for additional RAM or a faster processor are insignificant over the life of the project.

That worked fine, but it was another model to manage. Keep up the great work! From hardware to model organization to drawing management, Brian shares the lessons he learned as the BIM Manager on the Medyan One Mall project, an extra-large retail complex currently under construction in Dubai. In this first part of a two-part series (read part 2 here), guest author Brian Kish highlights five key steps for designing extra-large projects in Revit. This file would contain no model elements at all, just sheets and annotations. Instead, workflow issues that arose during drawing production were addressed through brainstorming and testing various solutions. A selection of Revit materials and their counterparts in Enscape. Autodesk is a leader in 3D design, engineering and entertainment software. etc. Certain families require a host, which required creating these as “face-based” families if the host lived in a different model.

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