He wears l… Vector is first implied to have managed to steal the Pyramid of Giza under everyone's nose and replace it with a giant inflatable replica for an unspecified period of time (perhaps even years). Vector unpacking the cookies delivered by Gru's girls. Vector on his couch. Like Illumination Entertainment on FACEBOOK: http://bit.ly/IlluminationEntFB But after adopting three orphan girls as part of a massive heist to steal the Moon, he has to decide what is more important: being a hero in the criminal underworld, or being a dad to Margo, Edith and Agnes. Vector also seems to have an affiliation for aquatic life (both marine and freshwater animals), as he keeps an adult great white shark in a large aquarium in his fortress and uses advanced, aquatic-themed weapons such as the squid launcher and the piranha gun. 1 min 1 sec. VectorFlightSuit.jpg refers to a drawing of the character Vector from 2010 animated film Despicable Me in a wingsuit. He manages to survive thanks to his jumpsuit, which also functions as a spacesuit. In the original game design, Vector will still show up seldomly while running in Gru's Lab, much like with any other bosses in the game. http://www.youtube.com/Illumination. Try remembering this quote from Universal Studios' \"Despicable me\" : \"I go by the name of Vector. Vector tries to make a good first impression on Gru by showing him one of his new inventions. Unpredictably, Vector refuses to release the girls when Gru submits the shrunken moon. Like many rich families, his father thinks that giving in to all his child's desires more than makes up for his lack of support and true parental responsibilities. Have a hard time remembering what defines a vector? After this incident, Mr. Perkins shows Vector a picture that proves Gru has the shrink ray and reveals that the three girls are adopted by Gru. The lack of attention by the parent could help support Vector's psychopathic tendencies. Vector stores his new toy in his fortress vault. He also wears large black glasses. Vector activating his lair's defences against Gru. SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/IlluminationSub 2. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Vector, however, gets a surge of electricity for his effort and following that, as he glides to safety using his innovative flightsuit, he hits an electrical tower and falls to the ground after once again being electrocuted. Despicable Me - Clip: "Vector's Introduction" - Illumination About Despicable Me: With the Minions “help”, super-villain Gru has become one of the baddest (and baldest) criminal masterminds of all time. Vector (Jason Segel) introduces himself to Gru (Steve Carell), while attempting to get a villain loan. Vector (Jason Segel) introduces himself to Gru (Steve Carell), while attempting to get a villain loan. As such, he eagerly admits Agnes, Edith and Margo into his fortress when they arrived to sell them. Gru, now in his airship with Dr. Nefario, manages to force open the pod's door and get Edith and Agnes away from Vector and onto Gru's ship. Saved by Karyn Bondi. Furthermore, Vector's father is shown to be cold towards him whenever he shows incompetence: he angrily points out that Gru has reclaimed the shrink ray and scolds Vector for not even knowing about this. It may be in your Spam/Bulk/Junk folder. Vector is highly intelligent, but also overly confident and exceedingly arrogant, as shown when he boasts to Gru about some of his unorthodox inventions such as the piranha gun and the squid launcher. It's a … In his first real appearance in the film, he meets Gru at the Bank of Evil where he introduces himself and shows the latter his piranha gun, though he is embarrassed by an error with his contraption and then is bitten by a rogue piranha. In Minion Rush, Vector somehow ended up in Gru's Lab and appears as a boss there. Sep 27, 2015 - Vector (Jason Segel) introduces himself to Gru (Steve Carell) and tells him about his many ideas and inventions. NefarioMinions. It's a mathematical term, represented by an arrow with both direction and magnitude. The player is tasked by Gru to defeat him. Unlike Gru, Vector has no qualms about kidnapping children and taking them as hostages. It is even seen that he watches marine life documentaries on his television in his home. Connect with Illumination Entertainment Online: Trailer Addict has setup TA, Trailers Anonymous. Vector relocates his trophy at his fortress and repaints it in a successful attempt to camouflage it. The wealthy villain is famous for stealing the Great Pyramid of Giza, and becoming Gru's archenemy when he attempts to hijack his plans to steal the Moon. He soon gets angry with Gru when the latter freezes his head in annoyance after his father boasts about him. Managing to successfully evade Gru's futile attempts to shoot him down, Vector blasts Gru's plane with the shrink ray as payback for the incident at the bank, and makes a successful getaway. The moon then hits Vector and he drops Margo, who is rescued by Gru and his minions. Now you can claim ownership over your own SafeViews. Vector attempts to hijack Gru's rocket using the squid launcher to grapple onto the ship and threatening Gru with the piranha gun. When Vector realizes Gru is angry enough to break into Vector's House and somehow punch his pet shark after it tries to attack him a second time, he attempts to escape with Margo, Edith, and Agnes in his pod. He then allows Margo, Edith, and Agnes in his lair when they asked if he wanted to buy some cookies. Like Despicable Me on FACEBOOK: http://bit.ly/DespicableMeFB

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