If you’re not sure who to pair Minamoto with, check out our freshly updated Ranked Commander Pairing list here . However, this combo is not too much tanky so you want to move a lot while using it in the openfield. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Osman Talent Tree is bad for field fights so you will usually use him as a secondary commander. _g1.classList.remove('lazyload'); This skill is enough to make him one of the best Epic commanders in the game so far. That’s exactly what I’m sayin! Pairing Kusunoki with a commander, as a secondary commander, having the following skills will totally improve his troop's combat ability. Step 2 (44 Points) – As you will spend all the points now in the Skills tree, there’s no clear path or route to follow with this build. Lilith gives very little so you need to squeeze it. Single. If possible, use Richard or Charles as your secondary commander. Step 1 (30 Points) – you want to get down the Peacekeeping tree to get Trophy Hunter. Ultimate Kusunoki Talent Tree Build Guide: The Aoe Nuking Archer Commander in "Rise of Kingdoms" List of Skills. try { Does this not constitute false advertisement? Above all that, he also has an ability that heals his troop. Anybody that does not have the direct skill damage on their primary skill won’t get this perk. Spend it on gem days to get to vip12. You will be more effective on the battlefield, dealing more damage. Since Guan Yu is a very powerful nuker, Richard I should be the secondary Commander. Minamoto Yoshitsune Role. Just seen one of RoKs commercials that was like some top-down twin stick pvp boss shooter..... I’m like.... how many fucking genres can they go go through? And if your kingdom grows old, you'll be able to use those F2P gems to get YSG or Richard. He does 600 damage in total. Step 2 (46 Points) – now it’s time to go to the Cavalry tree and get Rallying Cry at the very top there. This shit is ridiculous and causes me to avoid almost every single mobile game. Phòng thủ. Richard I’s troops will gain bonus damage reduction and counter-attack damage. Construction is a key part of any civilization’s development. Keep Sun Tzu at 1⭐until you max out his first skill. Epic (Frederick William), 1878-1920 Frederick William Hasluck archéologue et historien, libraire du livre ancien. Charles Martel will further improve the defense of Richard I’s Garrison build because his set of skills is mainly improving the infantry’s health and defense. Step 3 (1 Point) – at the very end you can get the last points into the Peacekeeping tree for March Speed that is more beneficial than spending the last points just “somewhere” in the other trees. He is a legendary Commander who is specialized in the infantry. Play Rise of Kingdoms on PC to fully enjoy the game! First off, this build will ramp up Kusunoki’s nuking ability by unlocking talents that improve skill damage dealt and rage restoration. You can see that most of the points are invested in improving infantry’s health, defense, march speed, and attack damage. Don’t worry though because this Kusunoki Talent Tree Build Guide will definitely help you build AOE Nuking machine that you can use even in PvP. Your email address will not be published. Charles Martel (CM) là một trong hai vị tướng phòng thủ bá đạo nhất trong Rise of Kingdoms (cùng với Richard). Regenerating Rage quickly is a must for all nuker, or skill damaged commanders like Sun Tzu, Minamoto, YSG, etc. AFK Arena pulls the same thing. The Boss Hoss Kusunoki Talent Tree and Guide. I played rise od kingdoms AND its utter garbage. Or mobility if hit and run specced. Vince develops software for work. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. If you use Minamoto to hunt down barbarians you really want to use this build: The idea behind this build is to get not only the most out of those dirty barbarians, it also focus on getting faster there. So take it slow. Kusunoki Commander Info Page in "Rise of Kingdoms". iOS Gaming News, Discussion and Recommendations. Uninstalled immediately. He’s got the additional damage factor, healing factors, extra troops and possible to be obtained by free to play players eventually. I remember once a game was being advertised and the whole ad was footage from a completely different game, namely Banished. _g1.setAttribute('src', _g1.getAttribute('data-src') ); var _g1; Rise of Kingdoms is an RTS (real-time strategy) mobile game.Players around the world play together in one of the many available kingdoms.

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