This scent trail will lure a yellowfin tuna in from deep and entice them to come to the surface. You will find that being organized and prepared for any situation is a deadly combination for catching fish. While the adults migrate, the juvenile redfish will hatch and stay in backwater estuaries till they grow quickly in size and mature. All clues on the water or water’s surface should be keyed into by an angler as they hunt their target species as it greatly ties into an angler’s success. This rod is great for detailed casting but also has the backbone to get fish out of cover. Having that 3 power, medium light rod is going to come in handy and you will be glad that you are over equipped than under-equipped. Go to lures to have in this arsenal would be an assortment of jigs in different colors and sizes as well as big plugs and a variety of soft plastics. Do not be afraid to cast your bait tight into cover or trees as you never know what monster could be hiding. The quickest way to being successful on the water is being prepared. Shrimp pushed onto a hook, pieces of crab or even just a worm on the bottom are great baits for redfish. Another vital piece of equipment is your bottom reader. Rob also wrote a great book on Tarpon fishing, Tarpon on Fly. If you come in too hard or spook the fish on the outskirts, those fish will end up spooking all of them. One of these best times to target redfish is during their spawn till when they migrate off-shore. Just make sure to check into Bahamian customs before fishing the Bahamian waters. Either a 7 wt to  8 wt fly rod is recommended but some fly fisherman do go up or down a weight depending on the size of snook they are after. Putting together an arsenal of fishing gear is about being ready for any situation that arises on the water. Their size can range from a few pounds to an average of around 50- to 75-lbs. After locating the feeding birds, you roughly know you are in the right area. Season 4 Episode 8. The finesse approach with light jigs is best suited for the TFO 2 power rod with a lighter tip comes in handy. A bottom reader gives an angler an idea of just what is underneath. Bringing a variety of different weights and sizes ensures you have the rod to get the job done. Colors that seem to excel in catching snook are white or bubblegum colored. Often lurking shallow in newly flooded structure or grasses, snook, redfish, or tarpon will push shallow to ambush baitfish that also moved up. Where a blackfin tuna will mark as tiny dots very close together, a yellowfin tuna will mark as a zig-zag, or a small “s” shape on the bottom. Any style of fishing from muddy bass ponds, to high mountain lakes, to salt flats each, have their own unique tools to catch fish. A slam when it comes to fishing is when you catch a certain number of species in an area. To identify what power a rod is, and other characteristics such as height, and action, look above the rod’s handle. However, when you do finally land a tarpon in the Everglades, it is more than worth the effort. Though right after a hurricane is not advised to go fishing, the weeks and months after one can be phenomenal as the storm brings in new nutrients and typically a good shot to complete a Florida slam— a secret experienced anglers know. The Backcountry Slam is the challenge to catch a tarpon, redfish and a snook in one day. Likewise, if you were fishing during an area of high tides, the fish will be more spread out. While the majority of the drum species are not typically seen as gamefish, the Red Drum, aka the redfish, has become infamous for anglers for its bulldog type fight and unique tail spot. And consequently—very fun to catch! When a hurricane comes through the Everglades, it can give a system a fresh start. A strong north wind will blow water out and change water levels more drastically than tide does at times. Virtually endless waters hidden away from outside fishing pressure can produce size and number for tarpon, snook, and redfish, as well as other unique catches, as this area is home to over 300 species of fish. Or are the fish tucked tight into cover and not moving until something falls on their nose? In this podcast, we sit down with Rob Fordyce from the tv show The SeaHunter. One of the best things to do when starting your day looking for tuna is to troll. Now that you understand what a fishing rod’s power is and how to pick the right power rod for an application, you are certain to know which rod to buy and to find success on the water. Much of the gear, especially rods you own, can overlap and be used for different species. Season 4 Episode 7. A heavy rod can handle the weight of a tarpon, or large snook bending the rod during a fight, just as it can handle throwing large lures. He is the only guide to have won all four major Fly Tarpon Tournaments in the span of their 50 year history. Any fray in the line can end up costing you a fish, so make sure to bring many different sizes to repair old leaders or tie lighter or heavier ones based on the conditions you are fishing. Andy described how he does NOT throw AT the fish. Rob also wrote a great book on Tarpon fishing, Tarpon on Fly. Each rod has its own unique characteristics that apply to an application. Something to keep in mind, however, is how far you are fishing from the coast. Click an episode to watch online. There are a vast array of techniques an angler can use for tuna, but the key to having a successful day is to have a variety of baits and a variety of techniques in which to chum with those baits. #004 Scott Burgess: Sight Fishing and Starting From Scratch, #006 Jimmy Long: Homosassa Hospitality And How To Make The Most Out Of Mentors. While you are trolling under the birds, look for busts and try to figure out what species these birds are on. If you are throwing a light weight jig on a heavy power rod, the rod will not load up to launch that lure and you will find it difficult to cast at all. … Power is simply the amount of resistance the blank of a rod gives into flexing as you throw a bait. Knowing what kind of cover you will be fishing in is equally important. A lighter tip allows you to feel the action with your bait and detect even the lightest bite from a hesitant fish. It is a common saying that almost every angler has heard, “Match the Hatch”, but it rings true time and time again. Rob built his fishing skills like so many others — in the Florida Keys. Covering ground is sometimes necessary to finding snook and the opportunity for both a small or trophy snook is there. Hook a small baitfish, cast it out, and allow it to remain close to the bottom. The first step to catching any fish, including tarpon, snook, and redfish, is knowing how to read the water. A previously underrated fish species, the redfish is a copper-red colored drum species with an alluring tail spot, often thought to be a diversion from predators. A good radar can read up to 15 miles out, helping you locate fish.

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