That happened to me too with the Nyth during the 1.4.0 to 1.4.1 update. In macros, I can open a new macro and name it, but the rest of the buttons are greyed out and if I exit the screen, that (blank) macro is gone. Reason for this is that this rainbow-fucking-unicorn-wave pattern is the default one and it makes me mad. Is there any way to have a windows service to start up silently at start? since the last update. my profile would load out after restart/power on. I tried reinstalling the drive, restarting the PC, shutting down one of the instances and the other, took the USB out and in but with no luck. till then, everything was fine. now, it just puts a solid colour all over. I have a workaround for the sleep/screensaver problem (until Roccat gets off their *** and updates the drivers.) This is a subreddit dedicated to all things ROCCAT. For some reason Roccat software stopped starting with Windows and I have no idea how to make it do so. This is a subreddit dedicated to all things ROCCAT. Do you too have problems with lifting the mouse without clicking the buttons on the left side? suite logicielle et drivers complète . Set screensaver and sleep to 2/3 minutes to test, should work as if a piece of junk mouse wasn't connected. roccat swarm not working; roccat swarm mac; roccat swarm profiles; roccat swarm crashing; roccat swarm macro; roccat swarm monitor; roccat swarm not detecting mouse; roccat swarm connect; roccat swarm won't open; Similar Apps. Edit; I found it, thanks a lot man. Press J to jump to the feed. no modding. Simon Dedman - 2015-09-08 Hi Stefan, I was going to open a new post but this may be related. Yea I managed to fix it after uinstalling the app, restarting, installing it with a restart. Press J to jump to the feed. Spécificités techniques. disable HID compliant game controller (5TH ONE DOWN IN LIST), Then disable Virtual XInput Device (LAST ONE IN LIST). I try to reopen the program from the lower right icon at my windows-bar, but nothing happens even by double-clicking and right-clicking and choosing configuration. since the last update. Where do I find this lift distance you are talking about? seems like more devices have the same problem,, I have a workaround for the sleep/screensaver problem (until Roccat gets off their *** and updates the drivers.). I tried nearly everything but nothing helped. I just want keyboard (Vulcan 120 AIMO) to use my preset static color when I turn on my PC. 2) Delete everything in "C:\Program Files (x86)\ROCCAT" now, it just puts a solid colour all over. my profile would load out after restart/power on. Uninstall and reinstall Roccat Swarm making sure to download the latest version for the Roccat website. It's bad enough that it doesn't store the preset in the keyboard it self so that it uses that until Windows boots up. Unplug your device and launch Roccat Swarm. I got the same problem. ARM Cortex-M0+ 50MHz: Mémoire interne : 512 ko: Polling rate 1000 Hz: point d’activation 1.2mm pour touches macro: pilote LED, contrôle PWM de 256 crans: Éclairage sur six zones avec 12 LED RGB: encodeur de molette avec 20 crans : Câble USB tressé, longueur 1.8 m: Dimensions. That was literally painfully. hi just letting people know that as Roccat hasn't updated their drivers to work with windows 10 you can sill up install the drivers for your headset. But, in case it's still not working for you, do the following: please save your custom profiles and macros before you uninstall ROCCAT Swarm completely and delete all remaining files under, C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\ROCCATC:\Program Files (x86)\ROCCAT\ROCCAT Swarm\ and C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\ROCCAT\Swarm\, before downloading and installing this ROCCAT Swarm version with right click on the executable file and "Run as Administrator": I just got my Nyth in the mail and was very eager to start customizing it. General. Did you check Task Manager for multiple swarm services? I can't seem to find the option. Am I doing something wrong, or is this a bug? Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Windows 10 wont go to standby or sleep mode when i have my Plug your device back in and when prompted download the latest firmware/drivers for the device. I hade also some issues with Roccat Tyon. Edited setup.exe compatibility mode (set to Windows 7), Installed setup.exe from administrative powershell prompt, Excluded "c:\Program Files (x86)\ROCCAT\Tyon Mouse" from real time scan in Windows Defender. To solve them I did the following (same as UncleMcPeanut); Bass isn't working than... And swap center and soobwoofer option seems to be not working either. They told me 2+ months ago working win 10 drivers were in the testing phase and they would be released in 2 days. should be alright now. mailed them yesterday and they patched it. They told me 2+ months ago working win 10 drivers were in the testing phase and they would be released in 2 days. Now the Roccat Support found a new (funny) solution: "Deinstall the Skype Preview App and restart your computer.". There is also two instances of Swarm running, is this normal? till then, everything was fine. If Roccat Swarm isn’t working or fails to open, here are a selection of fixes: Restart your PC. Also, make sure to set the mouse lift distance to very low or you'll go crazy. apparently, after I create the profile, its not saving it, so every time u restart the pc, u have to do it all over again. apparently, after I create the profile, its not saving it, so every time u restart the pc, u have to do it all over again. I got the same problem. ROCCAT® SWARM. As soon as I start up Swarm it tells me to install the newest update, which I of-course do, but when it's at 90% all Swarm windows shut down. I seem to recall killing them and then re-running the configuration program. Or you could do what I did and sell it on ebay, buy a real mouse and never buy or recommend a Roccat product EVER again! To ease the pain I just released roccat-tools-2.3.0 which should get macros working for now. bump because i edited my original post with a better method. got no answer from Roccat. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Bad first impression, but the mouse itself feels quite nice. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. No issues since I worked through that problem. The mouse works, but I still haven't seen the Swarm-app in action aka. Roccat tyon white connected! Description: atHome Luxembourg, the no.1real estate portal for your Property search in Luxembourg and the Greater … This thread is locked. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. atHome Luxembourg - Homes for Sale. Uninstall. Hello, i just bought 3 Roccat Products 3 hours ago and all of them were not possible to customize because of the software was not working (not displaying is the exact word) After tried a lot of old version i finally make the software workling this way. It already kills me if you mean when pointer moves to the lower left when the mouse is being lifted =(.

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