Having failed to seal the beast the second time, they returned to Konoha.
Male Guy is about to do laps around Konoha until he can think of what to buy for Naruto and Hinata and invites Lee to join him. [18] As a chūnin, Lee learned to perform the Leaf Great Gale (木ノ葉大烈風, Konoha Daireppū). After a short skirmish, the enemy team decided to retreat as Team Guy was not the target they sought for.

Main article: Third Great Beast Arc Affiliation Afterwards, Lee and his team end up battling the enemies from their earlier encounter. Despite this, Lee's team pursued the Ame-nin into an old ruins. After recuperating, they all agreed to try the task again. Lee bisects Madara and severs his connection to the beast. Watching Guy at full power taking on Madara, Lee watched on proudly. Unable to push forward, Neji repelled the sand long enough for Tenten to summon a protective dome for them to wait out the storm. Rock Lee has his own spin-off series called Rock Lee's Springtime of Youth Full Power Ninja Chronicles by Kenji Taira, an assistant of Masashi Kishimoto. But, when she examined Lee, she informed him of the dire situation: his broken bones and torn muscles have healed, but fragments of bone had lodged in his spinal column, and removing them would involve an extensive operation that only she was capable of. Lee silently congratulated Naruto and then watched Gaara's fight with Sasuke, and marvelled at how quickly he had learned to emulate Lee's speed. While seemingly equal in raw speed and skill, Neji noted that Shira had a slight advantage with his more solid built, and by extension greater raw strength. Finally letting go of his painful past and apologising to the young man for what he had said, the old master was able to break the summoning contract and his soul returns to the afterlife. After his team settles in their position, they spot an enemy. On their way returning to the village, they noticed a large number of birds flying from the direction of the village and rushed to see what the issue was. Though Lee's anticipated moves were unpredictable to Kimimaro, he revealed his Kekkei Genkai, Shikotsumyaku, which, combined with Lee sobering up, easily took over the battle. Later, when the group went back to the Curry of Life shop, they found out that Karashi had made a new curry that looked so bad that even Naruto didn't want to eat it. When Madara attempted to drop the massive earthen debris on the ground, Gaara asked him to leave there quickly, but later they fell victim to the Infinite Tsukuyomi. Later, Lee approached Shira, noting from their earlier encounter, that he also endured much adversity, to which Shira stated true determination will ultimately succeed.
For this reason, Lee is only permitted to open any of the gates during the most dire situation or to protect something very dear to him. A The Ten-Tails transformed into its tree form, and many shinobi were attacked but Lee was able to escape. Main article: Fourth Shinobi World War: Confrontation. Karashi used the opportunity to take Ranmaru to revive Raiga. 3. Main article: Konoha Crush

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