The super full moon camping experience at Little Rabbit Key, now with Sunspots. A tale of two surfskis 20 years apart (Stellar SES vs Findeisen Shearwater). Most rain happens around late summer to early fall, so travel in the winter if you want the most out of your trip. Since being automated in 1960 the lighthouse has gone through periods of neglect, as have actually all of the Keys reef lights. . We want to acknowledge and thank the past, present, and future generations of all Native Nations and Indigenous Peoples whose ancestral lands we travel, explore, and play on. It can get crowded at times so do a drive by before you Our favorite beach to go to while visiting Marathon. It’s very rare for me to feel even an inkling of seasickness in a kayak, but it’s important to recognize it coming on and then act very quickly! Victoria, Canada 140 contributions 14 helpful votes. Kayakfari in Prague on the Vltava River – Gothic paddling but my kayak is Baroque! Local Business. In any case, it was a nice day and both guys were eager to paddle and so was I. Last I saw them they were chilling and swimming, when I went to see where they were – they were gone without a trace. Sombrero Reef is one of the most popular dive sites in the Keys. Chickees and Keys in Florida Bay – Kayaking, Camping and Nice Dreams! All reviews beautiful beach amazing waterfall parking lot amazing spot west beach beach area day trip campers rocks km trail beauty ocean trees bears whales. Thanks for modern technology and navigation tools, today we look at the reefs as a recreational playground to explore. There is a hidden water just steps off the beach. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Richard in his vintage Ocean Kayak Scrambler. Dark ART of Halloween paddling – Kaya Kay’s excellent adventure on Whiskey Creek! Back then parts of the reef were exposed at low tide, and there was a small island there. Kayakers launch from a sandy spot near a small dock, and snorkelers convene near the rocky shelf by the beachfront. No skeleton, nor person, nor kayak was harmed in the making of this work. Morgan was very patient but I panicked about 3 feet below the surface. The bait freezer ensures that you have the bait you need at the ready while the fish cleaning station makes it easy to complete the capture-clean-grill cycle. Salt, heat, exhaust fumes and a non-moving but heaving boat equals sea sickness! Ghost kayaking and camping in the style of Papa Emeritus II. ASK US ABOUT – sunset cruises, private charters, weddings. Kon Tiki ~ Marathon Vacation Rental. Trail down to beach is about 1 km and there is walk in camping on the beach. The closest launch spot to Sombrero Reef Lighthouse is also happens to be the nicest at Sombrero Beach in Marathon. . Even sightseers enjoy our trips as many species can be seen from the boat. Jena explained that she "still can't believe that she lives in the keys" and "still gets so excited and giddy to go to the reef! Ok, into the blue water paddling we go. Moon with Saturn and Apollo 11 – 50th anniversary – July 16 2019. Spirit coozies, t-shirts, tank tops, hats and more are available at check in. In 2019 however it is clear that the Sombrero Reef Lighthouse is in need of serious restoration and maintenance. If you think it will take you longer than two, you should probably reconsider doing this type of paddling because it won’t be fun anymore. Lo and behold, when I pulled up, there were two really skinny guys there in SOT Ocean Kayaks. ART of Primary Colors – the RGB on my CRT! A Lower Keys Roundabout: Marvin Key and Snipe Point! sombrero reef snorkeling tours | Several of these disks are no longer weight bearing onto the reef and thus the Sombrero lighthouse is no longer as steady as it was 160 years ago! If you’re up for exploring rocks, waterfalls, and a cave or two, opt for the left fork and take a much-deserved long walk on the beach (~20 minutes) to a small stream. Paddling the 2019 Winterfest Boat Parade – seeing the Light(s)! Nice quiet little beach. Ten miles of open water adventure paddling off Marathon in Florida's Middle Keys. Arrival of the Sombrero at THE Sombrero! On West Sister Rock I ran into Richard and Willis who it turns out were also eager to paddle out to the Sombrero Reef Lighthouse! So I had 6 litres of water in a bladder (1.5 gallons), an extra 1 litre bottle, food and snacks, extra clothing, line, small drybag with phone/keys/wallet and another drybag with some camera gear. This is what it looks like when a careless boater carves through the shallow sea grass beds with a propeller! Divers are not allowed to touch anything underwater, especially not the coral! . Easy to social distance there, but lots of people were camping with their families. Schools of fish under the Sombrero Reef Lighthouse. Given the great ecological significance of the Keys reefs as the only living barrier reefs in North America, it should come as no surprise that Sombrero Reef is a protected area. The beach is clean. Kayaking the Biscayne Bay triangle: Cape Florida – Fowey Rocks – Soldier Key! But the timing was actually good, because right at that moment I looked astern to see a tourist snorkeling boat pulling up – and all the mooring buoys were taken. Expand your Miami vacation to include Key West during this day trip. I am a wing and stick (Greenland Paddle) guy – I almost never use a Euro blade! Kayaking a Parade of Lights (Seminole Winterfest Boat Parade). I’d say there were close to 50 boats! We also have daily sunset celebration trips and if weather permits we will snorkel. Why go? It lets me do all the photography I want, do the trip the way I want, etc. RESERVATION POLICY – Please call our reservations line at 305-289-0614 to book your trip. The wave action really tends to amplify under the lighthouse even on a fairly calm summer day however. Tagged coral undergoing research at Sombrero Reef. Only later did I find out that I had been paddling with ghosts! The island to the west, called West Sister Rock is where I was heading as it lies about half a mile from the beach and is in line to the lighthouse. Paddling the 2015 Seminole Hard Rock Winterfest Holiday Boat Parade through Ft Lauderdale, Paddling the Miami River Canal – Part I: Engineered Freshwater. Vacation Rentals near Sombrero Beach; Vacation Rentals near Seven Mile Bridge; ... East Sister Rock Island is 1/4 of a mile off the Atlantic Shores off the City of Marathon in the Florida Keys.

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