Perot also believed that McCain hid evidence of live POWs left behind in Vietnam, whom Perot attempted to rescue. Katherine is married to Eric Reeves. After attending junior college, Ross Perot enrolled in the U.S. Just before the 1979 Iranian Revolution, the government of Iran imprisoned two EDS employees in a contract dispute. He also drew much-needed attention to the plight of prisoners of war and veterans from the Vietnam and Gulf Wars. Ultimately, Ross Perot received 18.9% of the popular vote, making him the most successful third-party candidate since Theodore Roosevelt in 1912. “I’ve been accused of looking in the rearview mirror,” he said during one debate. With the insurgent candidacies of Republican Pat Buchanan and Democrat Jerry Brown winding down, Perot was the natural beneficiary of populist resentment toward establishment politicians. America has lost one of its most legendary — and controversial — political giants. Whether we were deluded back then, when it was fashionable to care about balanced budgets, or are deluded now, when it’s fashionable to be unconcerned about them, deficits no longer take center stage when it comes to people’s concerns. Among Perot’s most prominent platforms was his opposition to the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), which during the 1992 race had yet to be ratified. Perot's behavior during the debate was a source of mirth thereafter, including his repeated pleas to "let me finish" in his southern drawl. In 1984, Perot's Perot Foundation bought a very early copy of Magna Carta, one of only a few to leave the United Kingdom. The freshest-and most essential-updates from Washington, Wall Street, and Silicon Valley. He explained that he didn't want the House of Representatives to decide the election if the electoral voter were split without a majority for any candidate. Despite his earlier opposition to NAFTA, Perot remained largely silent about expanded use of guest-worker visas in the United States, with Buchanan supporters attributing this silence to his corporate reliance on foreign workers. He served in the military and, years later, when rich, chartered jets with food supplies to South Asia in an effort to cajole the Viet Cong into better treatment of American prisoners of war. You can read more about Ross Perot Jr. here. In 1984, General Motors bought the controlling interest in EDS for $2.5 billion. When the team he hired couldn't find a direct way to free the prisoners, they waited for a revolutionary mob to storm the prison and free all 10,000 inmates, including the Americans. He supported changing the process of buying textbooks by making e-books available and by allowing schools to purchase books at the local level instead of going through the state. Perot had already told people that the Viet Cong had attempted to hire Black Panthers to kill him in the 1960s, an allegation few found plausible. Henry Ross Perot isn't a name you hear too often these days, but the 78-year-old Texas businessman is still kicking: He still makes an annual appearance on … [13] Perot, who had only ever owned one pair of shoes at a time, was shocked to find that he was issued multiple pairs of shoes in the navy, which he would later point to as "possibly my first example of government waste". To some extent it’s unfair because Perot the human being was more admirable. He unsuccessfully urged Senators to vote against the war resolution, and began to consider a presidential run. “Eagles don’t flock,” he liked to say. Trade and war were two of Trump’s major heresies when he took on the establishment of Republicans and Democrats. He also reportedly required volunteers to sign loyalty oaths. He stayed independent-minded. [1], Ross Perot was born Henry Ray Perot in Texarkana, Texas, the son of Lula May (née Ray) and Gabriel Ross Perot,[2] a commodity broker specializing in cotton contracts. Ross Perot’s oldest child, Ross Perot Jr, is now 60 years old and the chairman of the Perot Group. Perot was late in making formal policy proposals, but most of what he did call for was intended to reduce the deficit, such as a fuel tax increase and cutbacks to Social Security. by Luis Miguel Perot and his wife Margot (née Birmingham), a graduate of Goucher College, had five children (Ross Jr., Nancy, Suzanne, Carolyn, and Katherine)[8] and 19 grandchildren. Later, Perot stated his real reason was the receipt of threats that members of the Bush campaign were planning to publish digitally altered photographs to harm the wedding of Perot's daughter. Katherine Perot Reeves was the baby of the family and is now 48. Weicker’s endorsement was “a good thing” because voters would do the opposite of what Weicker wanted, Bush said at the time. “I do whine,” Trump said in 2015, after being accused of whining, “because I want to win and I’m not happy about not winning and I am a whiner and I keep whining and whining until I win.”. The rich did, of course, because that's who owns most of the capital assets. He went on to become a top salesman for IBM before founding Electronic Data Systems, in which General Motors bought a controlling interest for $2.4 billion in 1984.

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