Update 3, at launch, will include the rewards listed below, but we will be adding more as we continue development on Satisfactory. Water, Crude Oil, Heavy Oil Residue, Fuel, Turbofuel, Liquid Biofuel, Alumina Solution, Sulfuric Acid, Including normal and stackable poles for pipes and different building modes, Build modes can be cycled through while building by pressing or holding R, Adjusted Oil Extractor, Fuel Generator, Oil Refinery to handle fluids, Coal Generator and Nuclear Power Plant now require Water to run. Where in Factorio, throughput concerns mostly related to being able to make sure your 10 other factories were getting enough material, in Satisfactory, you’re building 1-5 lanes of each input just to feed one factory that really doesn’t produce much. ALUMINA SOLUTION Yes. They are all high quality and FICSIT-approved. With the new content added to Tiers 1 and 2, and with the addition of Water and Pipes to the Coal Generator, the player must rely on Biomass Generators for longer. Each research topic is now represented as a research tree that you can advance through by finding or producing the right items and paying the costs. Some of the MAM research is still integral to late-game progression, just like before. First, to remind players why automation is good. Scarcity of water is usually not the problem, it’s more about how you get it where you need it. (You can also request new language activation) Processing different resources in the refinery might now create byproducts you’ll have to manage and use to produce other resources. Besides that, we made some changes to address the current meta (the ‘most optimised playstyle’), because copper was getting sad, and our screws were starting to question the meaning of their existence. “The Plastic requirement on Super Computers went from 3 decimal numbers to just 1?! It is always challenging to get the difficulty of a game right for both experienced and new players. FLUIDS & TRAINS Fluids are also getting their own freight platform, so you can transport them between factories in large fluid tanks instead of setting up long distance pipelines. This was done to support the flow of factory expansion better. OIL PUMP The oil pump, just like before, can be placed on the oil resources in the world. But with the addition of so many steps we ran into the problem where these setups might become disproportionately big, so we rebalanced the ratios between the old and new parts to retain a similar amount of total buildings as before, for a similar final output. Instead of unlocking complete milestones with a bunch of new content, we split it all up into smaller packages, with lower costs and waiting times. Please help the aluminum branch, it takes so many aluminum ingots right now !! Oh, and please… Remember the last orientation of the way something was rotated, or “flipped”, if you can’t correctly “guess” the right similar orientation. Often, basic parts (parts mostly produced in Smelters and Constructors) would be too similar in their ratios to other basic parts. Aluminium Ingots are smelted from Aluminum Scrap and are only used to make Alclad Aluminum Sheets. This can considerably improve factory performance, depending on the CPU, Disk space optimisations (the Experimental version should take up considerably less space than before), Cleaned out & removed unnecessary foliage variants, Cached savefiles more often, to reduce the amount of disk access to remove hitches when using a mechanical HDD, Fixed so that StaticMeshes placed in the world now can have a lower res shadow and nice lod transition at the same time, Optimised collision shapes on Conveyor Belts which reduces the amount of uObjects and allows for larger factories before the limit is reached, Fixed performance issues when trying to place Conveyor Belts longer than the allowed limit, Added the ability to skip Onboarding from the new game menu and start with Tier 1, Buildings can now snap directly to other building clearances.

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