[50] The Orphic Hymns give Selene horns and a torch, describing her as "all-seeing", "all-wise", a lover of horses and of vigilance, and a "foe of strife" who "giv'st to Nature's works their destin'd end". Selene Luna‘ father name is NA and her mother name is NA. We endeavor to be promptly responsive in correcting errors in the material published on digital platforms. Luna-Selene as Monday, Greco-Roman mosaic from Orbe C3rd A.D., Roman villa of Orbe-Boscéaz . [62], In later second and third century AD Roman funerary art, the love of Selene for Endymion and his eternal sleep was a popular subject for artists. The number of magical effects that she can create has yet to be cataloged, but it is known that she can cast and counteract spells and summon extra-dimensional demons. Selene proved herself in combat by disintegrating Rogue's gloves as she tried to save Colossus from Leland's density-altering power. She drives her moon chariot across the heavens.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. [26], From Pausanias we hear that Selene was supposed to have had by Endymion fifty daughters, who possibly represented the fifty lunar months of the Olympiad. Selene awoke before it could happen and set the flames back against their would-be executioners.

She came before him, offering him her eternal love and immortality - if he helped her sacrifice the countless souls of Rome. A mystery cult revering Luna/ Selene rose up. Selene the moon goddess was a minor figure in ancient Greek mythology. Kerenyi, p. 196; Morford, p. 63. In this form, she can finally touch her husband and children. Titan Gods and Goddesses and Cross-Cultural Origins, Among the first generation of the Titans were Phoebe, Themis, and Crius. Although most often associated with Endymion, some accounts tell of Selene’s affair with Zeus. In this respect she returns to her role as a moon goddess. Required fields are marked *. Sentinels attacked Namor and Emma, and caused damage to Atlantis, and Namor took this as a declaration of war. Soon after, Selene became interested in the Hellfire Club and tried to join its Inner Circle with help from her worshiper Friedrich von Roehm. In Percy Jackson's Greek Gods, Selene was described to be not as "flashy" as her brother was: she mostly kept to herself as she drove her chariot across the sky at night,[3] which implies that she had a demure personality. Magneto and Shaw leaving their position. She is the daughter of the Titans Hyperion and Theia and sister of the sun god Helios and Eos, goddess of the dawn.

The 43 … [14], Other accounts[15] make Selene the daughter of Pallas, the son of Megamedes (possibly identified with Titan Pallas)[16] or of Helios. Scholars who study the Titans say that some of the rituals and stories associated with gods and goddesses like Selene existed to support ancient shamanistic practices. The main character Selene in the Underworld series is based on her. Specifically, "Selene the moon goddess" is actually "Selene the moonlight goddess". He planned on completing her original plan from a few thousand years ago, by sacrificing the thousands of Purifiers for her. Selene was ultimately defeated by Sharon Carter in a Iron Patriot Armor. During the times of the Roman Empire, Selene had an eye on Senator Eliphas, who was used by others for their own benefit. The thousands of souls that she would feed on would allow her to become as powerful as a god. This divine magic trick made Endymion forever young. Rather was the child of Titan goddess and god, Theia and Hyperion. In Greek mythology, Selene (/sɪˈliːniː/; Ancient Greek: Σελήνη [selɛ̌ːnɛː] "Moon") is the goddess of the Moon. Endymion was given the choice (by Zeus) of when he would die. [40] She also assisted Alexa Lukin in the resurrection of Alexa's husband Alexander Lukin; however with the mind of the Red Skull.

[30], After Sebastian lost interest in the Club, Selene tried to reform the Inner Circle with demonic help, bringing Mephisto's son Blackheart in as her new Black King. [2], Pyrokinesis: Selene can psionically generate and project intense heat and flame from and around her body or direct it at certain distances.

While the X-Men were occupied defending themselves from foes and friends long lost, Selene ordered Eliphas to reanimate all the deceased mutants of Genosha; because of M-Day, however, only a million or less of the 16 million mutants on Genosha had retained their abilities. You can also use these emails to report directly: [email protected] | [email protected]. And the Titanian goddess, the moon, rising from a far land, beheld her [Medea] as she fled distraught, and fiercely exulted over her, and thus spake to her own heart: 'Not I alone then stray to the Latmian cave, nor do I alone burn with love for fair Endymion; oft times with thoughts of love have I been driven away by thy crafty spells, in order that in the darkness of night thou mightest work thy sorcery at ease, even the deeds dear to thee. Diminutive comic/host/broadcaster/writer/burlesque star/actress/activist, a trail-blazing little person in the entertainment world, Selene Luna, at 3'10, is a small package with a very big presence. One account even makes Endymion and Selene as the parents of Narcissus, the hunter of the ancient world who felt infatuated by his own beauty. Luna has toured internationally as a burlesque star and is a cast member in the undisputed Queen of .... Born on , , Selene hails from , , . Lunar eclipses and the phenomena of the "red moon" were believed to be caused by the evil magics of Thessalian witches, who drew the goddess down from the sky in order to extract her blood. [25] Selene lost control of the Upstarts, however, as Gamesmaster continued to moderate the game without her approval, and the Upstart Trevor Fitzroy captured and tortured her as part of the Hellfire hunt. 8,000 Followers, 1,864 Following, 3,569 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Selene Luna (@selene_luna) Dionysus often accompied Selene as she made her away across the night sky, inducing lunacy/madness on nights of the full moon. [51], In antiquity, artistic representations of Selene included sculptural reliefs, vase paintings, coins, and gems. Selene was a worshiper of Apollo (Greek mythology), the sun god, originally, until he cursed her true love, Ambrogio, who eventually became the first vampire.The couple was given protection by Apollo's sister Artemis, the moon goddess, and they moved to Ephesus to worship and serve Artemis at her famous temple there. It was revealed that she was an old enemy of Gath: the two had feuded long ago during the actual Hyborian Age. [8], Selene was also called Mene (Ancient Greek: Μήνη). [35], With a million mutant souls ready to be offered to her, she sent her Inner Circle to collect the mystical knife needed to make the ritual work. Physical description [58] Selene also appears on horseback as part of the Gigantomachy frieze of the Pergamon Altar. Selene is the personification of the moonlight that finds its way to Earth. Percy Jackson's Greek GodsThe Titan's Curse (mentioned) The Battle of the Labyrinth (mentioned) Percy Jackson's Greek Heroes (mentioned) She is usually portrayed either driving a chariot or riding sidesaddle on horseback[54] (sometimes riding an ox, a mule or a ram). Titaness Mitchell, Lucy M., "Sculptures of the Great Pergamon Altar" in The Century Magazine, 1883. [citation needed], She was considered as a possible Sorcerer Supreme. [18], The late 7th-century – early 6th-century BC poet Sappho apparently mentioned Selene and Endymion.

Although she counts as a goddess in her own right, Selene often gets associated with archer goddess, Artemis, who is also a moon goddess. This drove Shaw into a frenzy, so he ordered Emma to force Namor to join the Club, no matter what the cost. [6], Just as Helios, from his identification with Apollo, is called Phoebus ("bright"), Selene, from her identification with Artemis, is also commonly referred to by the epithet Phoebe (feminine form). Selene possessed the standard powers of a Titan. Return from Selene the Moon Goddess to the List of Greek Gods & Goddesses. [74], This article is about the Greek goddess. In Greek mythology, Selene (/ s ɪ ˈ l iː n iː /; Ancient Greek: Σελήνη [selɛ̌ːnɛː] "Moon") is the goddess of the Moon.She is the daughter of the Titans Hyperion and Theia and sister of the sun god Helios and Eos, goddess of the dawn.She drives her moon chariot across the heavens. We are parsing more detailed wiki about Selene Luna that we will modernise within 24 to 48 hours. [36], During her ascension, X-Force attacked her Inner Circle, killing Senyaka and Wither (Eliphas had been killed by Selene earlier). the crescent moon, full moon, and dark moon, as delinted by the divisions of the calendar month). He eventually found her in Nova Roma, but was too scared to approach her. Eos, goddess of the dawn, and Helios, god of the sun, were Selene’s siblings. Leland used his power to change Shaw's orbit-bound course, while Selene animated power cables to restrain the advanced Sentinel. Prince Philip is her consort but because he married into it he can’t take the title of king.
According to some legends, the pair had 50 daughters. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. He has been married to Tatyana Averina since February 28, 2015. Selene instinctively created a psionic force field about her entire body that protected her from the effects of the heat and flame she created and from other sources as well. Please note, this post might be incompleted due to the less availbale sources. [48], Sorcery: She possesses considerable magical abilities, having gained a great deal of mystical knowledge over the millennia. The two eventually fell in love.

[41], After stealing part of Sharon Carter's soul,[42] Captain America, Falcon, Winter Soldier, Princess Aja-Adanna, and the Daughters of Liberty assaulted her and her 'christian' group of controlled workers. Behind the scenes She married Juba II of Mauritania and became a queen.The only one that we know for certain who married was her daughter, Cleopatra Selene. Mystery cults in the ancient world have an air of secrecy to them. [citation needed], Selene can only be killed by having her life-force drained or heart eaten from a fellow External, but if the External fails to due the same to the other Externals she'll come back again. [citation needed], Moon figures are found on Cretan rings and gems (perhaps indicating a Minoan moon cult), but apart from the role played by the moon itself in magic, folklore, and poetry, and despite the later worship of the Phrygian moon-god Men, there was relatively little worship of Selene. Described by Pausanias, it contained statues of Pasiphaë and Helios. [36] Smyrnaeus describes them as the four handmaidens of Hera, but in most accounts their number is three, and their parents are Zeus and Themis. She instructed her pawn to draw symbols around the city in his own blood for the ritual.

[12] The Homeric Hymn to Helios follows this tradition: "Hyperion wedded glorious Euryphaëssa, his own sister, who bare him lovely children, rosy-armed Eos and rich-tressed Selene and tireless Helios.

Selene Luna Wiki: Salary, Married, Wedding, Spouse, Family Selene Luna (born September 19, 1971) is an actress, comedian, burlesque performer, and model known for her roles on comedian Margaret Cho's reality TV series The Cho Show and in such films as My Bloody Valentine 3D. Selene had a tragic romantic life. Shaw, however, tired of waiting for news from Emma Frost, ​​and thinking that Namor had killed or captured her, decided to send the Sentinels for her. Luna has toured internationally as a burlesque star and is a cast member in the undisputed Queen of .... Born on , , Selene hails from , , . Luna/ Selene was given a temple on Palatine Hill. She had a confrontation with the Skeleton Crew, trying to steal weapon equipment from the club, indirectly prevented by Captain America and Diamondback. [citation needed], Darkforce or Shadow Manipulation: It is seen that she can turn herself into a shadow figure enabling her to blend in.

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