So my ex who I’ve barely spoken to for 2 years, has in the last year began contacting me once in a while, being all friendly, and I’ve kept things short or not replied at all (either because I’ve been in a relationship or been busy).. We were in a long-distance relationship and never met up, but had really intense chemistry even with just text/voice/cam.. I start to think he wants us back and get emotional because I feel if you are happy with the other you won’t pay so much attention to me. Finally I unblocked her after two weeks just to accept the reality that she is gone from my life, but she is not showing much interest as she used to do before, but still she messages me everyday. I strongly suggest you permanently detach yourself from him and find someone who won’t cheat on you and treat you that way. “Resuming communication could also be a way of testing the waters. I have since then pulled back and have not contacted nor conversed with the ex and resumed no contact. I’m happy you’re taking the steps to move on. When you have an ex that keeps texting you despite the fact that he or she broke up with you, it means that they’re unsure about whether or not their feelings for you should be ignored, the relationship’s potential to make them happy, or whether or not they should think seriously about being in … She was my first love and I’m still struggling with this (1 week ago). Masculine energy wants to be free, and it sets up the logistics and conditions for “things” to happen. Need help? And that’s it. I was in a good relationship with my GF for three years but we could not marry due to different cultures and nationality. Any advice? Broke up.with my ex girlfriend 7 months ago. Why Is My Ex Trying To Get A Reaction Out Of Me? I noticed she was with somebody else again. Both times for other guys. help me please. Just recently ive got my head right and i told her this amd she also knows how i feel amd want her. If the girl likes you, she will always value your opinion and your ear. He would happily keep me in the triangle if I agree and he would happily sleep with me too. She used to reach out quite often bud I couldn´t emotionally handle that. I took her for granted to be honest. It’s hard to deal with someone who can’t seem to stop contacting you. However, she keeps contacting you. she was experiencing it. In that case, respond to your ex’s texts in a friendly way, Rodman said. Your stomach drops, your heart starts beating faster, your palms get sweaty. The ex reached out to me via a friend that was on that trip with me. Kept me hanging for years, gave very little while I gave so so much. We had a crush on each other like 2 years ago, talking daily. But masculine energy doesn’t want to be caged up in a committed relationship, with just any woman. So show your ex that you don’t need him or her and your chances of reconciliation will increase tremendously. No, the woman has to be special… he usually dates her for several months before he realizes he really “clicks” with her. She wanted to make sure that she is ok with her ex while during that telling me she loves me! Yesterday was the day she wanted to fuck with my mental. So me and my ex ended things around 6 months ago, she found someone new but still called me all of a sudden 6 months later how she can’t move on from me and it’s not letting her be with someone new. Here’s to a future for both of us! Any other advice on this would be greatly appreciated and thanks so much for your awesome blogs. Now she has new Bf same nationality and culture she looks happy with him but we still chatting and she is saying she loves me and can’t imagine her life without me but actually he is her priority now and her whole time with him. I’m in the same position. Shes been seeing someone now for 5 months. How To Get Over Being Cheated On And Stay Together? Then a week later got a call from an unknown number and it was her?…. What should I do? So think twice if you’re okay with your ex hoovering around. Sometimes, it’s a rush of excitement. They are slightly insecure and fear their partner will run back to an ex. Suddenly she started new relationship with same of her culture and nationality and accordingly she changed on me . Do you think it’s the last time I’ll hear from him, also what do I make of this situation? This is especially true if the dumpee is in the early stages of no contact, fighting desperately to recover from the breakup. I pray you find peace and comfort moving forward in your life. It seems like such a short time, but I honestly was head over heels in love. So next time she contacts me I’m contacting the police. If your ex seems to be checking up on you every now and then while your ex is with someone else, then your ex is likely using you. I feel quilty for the break up and I´m not ready to tell her to leave me alone. I still have a hope that we could work things out. Any guy can bring his best personality when a cute girl is laughing at his jokes, and giving him approval 100% of the time. She is still contacting me and saying she loves me she and only had him for her future since we could not marry but the reality I feel she is happy with him and he is her priority now he has all her time and attention. Keep me on the line as a backup? I bring up ideas she turns them down live a savage. Click Here to Sign Up to Get This Free eBook By Email, Instantly, When Your Ex Girlfriend Still Wants to Be Friends After She Dumps You, When Your Ex Girlfriend Reaches Out After a Long Time of No Contact, 8 Sneaky Relationship Mistakes That Make Your Girlfriend Leave You, “Ex Girlfriend Acting Cold Towards Me” – 5 Strong Behaviors to Get Her Love Back, No Contact With Ex Girlfriend to Get Her Back – 3 Steps, How to Deal With a Hot and Cold Ex Girlfriend. I can’t continue to let her get to me. Every-time she texts me all the emotions run through me again. He always initiates the contact and when I don’t contact him back he gets upset. It’s helped me find some strength and peace. I found out he’s been seeing someone from the start of the year and its completely thrown me. Hi Bro The best thing for you to do is to advise your ex that you’d like some space and ask him or her not to contact you anymore. Let the woman be the one to bring up “getting together”. One day he called me to tell me he was moving to Thailand for a few months,” Glantz, author and host of the “ You’re Not Getting Any Younger ” podcast, told HuffPost. I was furious but I calmly told him I am no longer going to play mind games and be used and abused.

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