And you describe the appearance in 2017 of somebody on social media named Angie Dixon (ph). We now know that it was one of these Russians sitting in St. Petersburg. B. Onomatopoeia It's about hijacking the network's own algorithms. Make America great again. What someone posts on social media is forever there, you can always find it anywhere. SINGER: To give real-world examples of this, there have already been creations of speeches that Barack Obama never gave, or there's other ones where you can layer real and fake imagery together where, for example, it can be your facial expressions, but you're controlling an online image of everything from - and the example's Arnold Schwarzenegger to George W. Bush. SINGER: The challenge with this is that the information about it came out in little dribs and drabs and the result is that the scale of it is not appreciated by most people - just how big in number but in extent the campaign was. 2) In describing the wedding night between the knight and the old crone, what kind of tone does the Wife of Bath use? It's used in job evaluations. Give us your sense of the scale and impact of this effort. Social media was created to help people maintain connections, network, and obtain information. We'll continue our conversation after a short break. And you get this strange outcome where her fake messages get greater traction than the messages debunking her fakeness. Their job is to monitor and infiltrate political conversations on WeChat and other Chinese platforms and basically seed positive things about the Chinese government. One is that it gives them a new way of monitoring their population and what they're thinking and what they're saying. Introduction. TOPIC: Social Media Essay – Effect of Social Media on Individuals & Society (1500 words) Social Media Essay. But then you have also bots. Essay on Internet. So for example, on one side, you had a crowdsource hunt using images from Washington Nationals' baseball games to try and figure out who sat next to Kavanaugh to unpack this strange story of his $200,000 in baseball ticket debt. by calling the group facilitator. They're doing it in the election right now. P.W. For a start, go out of your way to delete the offending status and hope nobody has taken a screenshot of it.Secondly, don't just pretend it never happened. create a schedule I'm Terry Gross. What do we know about her? account for possible distractions, How can project participants best double-check their roles? And that contributed to the contagion of fear that swept through Mosul and led to something like 30,000 defenders retreating and leaving much of their equipment for ISIS to claim, which then fueled another propaganda victory, as suddenly they could broadcast using all this cast off American equipment. Anything you post on your personal and business social media feeds should be carefully considered. And as the operation commenced, as Israel would strike particular targets, it would put out information about what had been done, about the weapons caches that had been recovered. What are the details about the topic of night walk, What is theme of the poem '' Darkness in the Desert ''? Learn Handout 3A, 3B, 3C Let's get back to the interview FRESH AIR's Dave Davies recorded with P.W. Remember that you may very well have to accept the consequences of your actions. One of the new rules of the game when everything is online is that it's out in the open. Is it hundreds of thousands, tens of millions? And, of course, they played a huge impact in the American 2016 election. BROOKING: You know, repeatedly these social media platforms, like Twitter, get rid of these accounts, but they have ways to automatically regenerate. DAVE DAVIES, BYLINE: Well, P.W. That's where this all came from. DAVIES: So if someone calls you out online, you are going to respond, and it may not - it may be online, but it may also be on the street. So for example, if you buy diapers, your score goes up because you're a good parent. And what's interesting is that when reports then circulate online that Angie is a fake, she then attacks the people going after her - basically to say that they're part of this conspiracy theory. And during his hearing, he says no, no, no. It was wireless communication. They were hip to the importance of this. DAVIES: Right. You can specify conditions of storing and accessing cookies in your browser, remember sometimes when you think you know , 90 percent of the time it can be the right answer, yea i had an answer but i just wanted to make sure it was right, Should there be real world consequences for what someone posts on social media? Essay on Technology. DAVIES: Let's talk about social media in political campaigns. For example, if you have had a bad day you should stay away from social media. DAVIES: Right. Yes, there should be real world media. assign roles You get this phenomena where more Americans are afraid of terrorism at that point than they were in the weeks after 9/11. Well, now we finally have the answer. And how do we know that Angie is a fake? If you have an army of people organized to retweet it and magnify its effect, that's all the more important. And so you get this strange but yet kind of wonderfully appropriate outcome. Those are real humans behind the account who are posing as something they're not. So just to be sure we understand this. And so it shows the power of social media and how it can sort of rewrite the narrative, and then in turn that incident is leveraged into playing out with impact on our own politics as part of the changes in the 2016 election. Well, trolls are basically, you know, people online who are trying to provoke some kind of emotional response - usually to make you angry. Their new book is called "LikeWar: The Weaponization Of Social Media.". Related Information: Essay on Social Media Addiction. SINGER: So you're able to detect the origin of accounts. There's a reason why companies have comprehensive social media policies. Almost a quarter of the world’s population is on Facebook or any other form of social media. You could even accidentally admit to something and that could lead to you receiving a huge fine, or even jail time. What we can say is the scale of that was immense and that the Russians believe it worked because they're coming back for more. SINGER: If you were watching your social media feed during the Kavanaugh hearings, in many ways it felt like a war going back and forth. It's going to move into areas like customer service. We are still trying to come to grips as a society on how to handle elements of social media. How? Turn on as many privacy settings as you like, but things can and do leak, with 936 million users on Facebook. at can you infer about her own values and beliefs about gender roles? SINGER: The same way that you can enlist in Taylor Swift's army of Swifties (ph), you can enlist in the Israeli Defense Forces online army. …. What did they do? This is a gradually escalating process with a couple different companies that are doing this piecemeal. For instance, when the Israeli army moved into Gaza in 2012, the operation was supported by a viral marketing campaign. P W SINGER: So you had this new technology that connected everything from tanks to airplanes to the broader population. This was the German invasion of France. Copyright © 2018 NPR. They spoke with FRESH AIR's Dave Davies, who is also WHYY's senior reporter. As more and more people are using social media, this area has become a common ground for employees to post information about their jobs, their personal lives, their views and other aspects of their lives that do not pertain to their work. DAVIES: You write that the social media platforms are private companies. There's been a lot of attention paid to the Russian efforts to interfere with the 2016 elections. If you post it online, the whole world is watching - at least, in their perception - and it sticks up there until something is done about it. SINGER: So originally the Israeli military is not ready for this whole space. But like everything else, it's also going to be weaponized. They may not forgive you, but at least you made the effort. Most people have said something stupid that has caused them embarrassment. It has tanks. Explain. Singer and Emerson Brooking are the authors of "LikeWar: The Weaponization Of Social Media." And so just like everything else in this space, it's going to be used for good, for jokes, for laughs. And actually, again, it was one of these Russians behind it. We have this question of, what happens when leaders of nations are interacting in the same way, when they're having these beefs in front of the world? After a break, John Powers will review the new film "22 July" based on the story of a terrorist attack on a summer camp in Norway in 2011. You say that the Internet is the most consequential communications development since the invention of the written word, and that it really got supercharged when everything could be done on smartphones. Even people that have little desire to see the thoughts and opinions of hundreds of … The cause may not be the same, but the tactics are. That score then is used to give you rewards in society, everything from free charges of your smartphone at coffee shops, to negative side. Should there be real life consequences for what someone posts on social media? SINGER: So Angie Dixon presents herself to the world as a Christian American who's mad about the direction that our country has taken, and she wants her country back. And they used that to propel their propaganda, images of what they were doing to the towns as they went through them. With the growing popularity of the internet, the effects of social media cannot be denied. Also with us, P.W. It makes them trend, so people even outside those networks begin to see them. SINGER: Yes, a vast majority of them were. One of the accounts that was posing as a young American woman, she was actually quoted in everything from Washington Post to New York Times to USA Today and the like as if she was a real young American woman. Turn them up to the maximum so only the people you are actually connected with can view your newsfeed. Social media is a mine field for your personal reputation. They have created apps that allow you and I to download them and serve the cause and, you know, gain badges and the like. Customers are more interested in the inner workings of the companies they buy from than ever before. DAVIES: This is FRESH AIR, and we're speaking with Emerson Brooking. Companies tend to use it in order to schedule social media posts in advance, but it also allows you some time to think about your status updates prior to them going public. You look at the Israeli incursions into the Gaza Strip and its battles with Hamas, and you write that the Israeli military efforts were accompanied by a viral online marketing campaign.

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