The Johnny Depp-led film (which marked Burton's third collaboration with the actor) is a loose adaptation of the 1820 Washington Irving short story, "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow," which finds the town of Sleepy Hollow being terrorized by a headless horseman. "Goodbye Ichabod Crane and I curse you since the day you came to Sleepy Hollow." And it was thanks to her journal and her experiences that helped Team Witness get to where they are now. Following this horrific ideal, Ichabod, Katrina and Young Masbeth return home. Lieutenant at Westchester County Police Department (formerly)FBI AgentWitness Frank Irving's return creates conflicting feelings in Abbie. August Corbin was the former sheriff of Sleepy Hollow and Abbie's mentor and father figure. Initially, Frank didn't believe Abbie. Years later, Mary poisoned the first Lady Van Tassel while posing as a nurse, then seduced her widower, Baltus. Home Abbie is also shown to be well trained in Close Quarter Combat. Once they have arrived at the stables Abbie realizes that something seems a little suspicious. Crane pleaded that he should go with her, but she told him to stay strong and brave without her and end the war; however, her last words were that he should never give up hope and he would always be her man. Physical Appearance Despite her success, Abbie was still marked by her tumultuous past. At some point in his early life, he willingly sold his soul to Moloch, making him as one of his henchmen. This conversation, which takes place in a quaint diner, is cut short when the two are radioed by the police station to tame a few spooked horses at the Fox Creek Stables. There, she reunited with her mentor, August, and his son, Joe. Unfortunately, for him, his charm never seemed to work on Abbie, though. FBIWestchester County Police Department (formerly) Jenny, fearing she would actually go through with the threats, would often purposefully get arrested in order to keep herself as far away from Abbie as possible. Upon his return from the grave, Abbie is suspicious of him, fearing that he's still under Jeremy's control and is eventually proven correct. Ichabod must find the new Witness and part of her spirit would live on inside him/her. After spending what seemed like several months in the Catacombs, Abbie was visited by Crane's Astral Form who was able to discover that the Eye had the power to send her back to the real world. He once served as a translator for the Horseman of Death, then as the complete opposite as someone who breaks the law rather than someone who upholds them. She was only there as an unsuccessful warning to the patients; however, thanks to her journal and an incantation Jenny used, she was able to save Abbie from meeting a similar fate. After Crane made his signature bow, her spirit was at peace and she entered the great beyond. Much like Abbie's sister, she's known as a fine artifact hunter. She initially pushed back against the idea of the supernatural and her being a witness. Moloch †Pandora †Hidden One †Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse She said that she's proud of them, she knew that Abbie was the next Witness, and they must find a sacred weapon located in her journal passed down by Grace Dixon. She had not however worked up the courage to confront him. They met at the Archives where she explained where they were. Grace Abigail Mills Physical Description As teenager she went down a really dark path though it should be noted that she not once lashed out others. Abbie and Jenny's deceased mom, as well as a former Witness, had been suffering from spiritual torture since before Ezra, her ex-husband, left. Abbie meets her ancestor Grace Dixon and together, they succeed in returning her and Katrina to the future. She worries over him whenever he decides to take on a task alone and has saved his life more than once. Katrina van Tassel from The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving. Enemies: She was never in the mood for forgiveness, and she found out that he left as Lori was suffering from hallucinations. Jenny’s anger at her sister continued to fester over the years, spurred on by a demon named Ancitif that repeatedly took possession of her body. As the Horseman makes his exit, Abbie is able to catch a glimpse of him and, in that moment, is in disbelief. Even when their friendship is tested, Abbie and Ichabod have shown that they are willing to be honest with each other and work through any disagreements or hurt feelings, coming out stronger for it in the end. Affiliation: Several years later, during Season 2, Abbie, Jenny, and Hawley eventually found evidence at the psych ward that Lori wasn't responsible for all the suicides. Together they learn they are the Witnesses foretold in the book of Revelation to fight against the coming apocalypse. This is when the Headless Horseman makes his first appearance in modern day Sleepy Hollow. Abbie eventually gotten wiser of Andy's true intentions as Moloch's messenger, even though there were times when he claimed that he's the only one who could protect her. Ichabod says he does believe she was in love with him on the day they were in the West Woods. Eventually, Katrina joins forces with her son to awaken the magical blood within the residents of Sleepy Hollow using the Grand Grimoire. When Ichabod was escorted, he was never seen after that. He was once a respectable detective working in the Sleepy Hollow Sheriff Department, and Abbie used to work alongside him. Abbie's lost father. It was also Abbie's predicament as well, as he said they were living in two separate realities. He clung to his skepticism and logic, but after seeing the Headless Horseman first hand Frank begins to trust Abbie. Biographical Information Abbie discloses that a lot of personal stuff had come up in Ichabod's absence and she had ended up finding her father. After having a brief discussion, Abbie realizes that, Ichabod not only knows who the Headless Horseman is, but that he is responsible for cutting off his head. Retracing his steps, Ichabod reveals to Abbie the cave in which he was resurrected. During these fits of possession Jenny would make threats against Abbie’s life. Abbie's phone passcode is Ichabod's birthday: 0818. Back at the station, a man by the name of Ichabod Crane, has been arrested and held in confinement as a suspect for Sheriff Corbin’s murder. However, it is currently unclear if these experiences are due to her status as a witness or a benefit of her bloodline. "Pilot" Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Winter Soldier (Marvel Cinematic Universe), At the time of Ragnarok, he stood by his daughters'' side as he provided Jenny with weapons, witnessed the death of Joe, and warned Ichabod that Abbie's eternal soul lives on in someone from Washington, someone who was close to her bloodline. According to the Bible, the two were brought together for seven years of tribulation.[4]. When her mentor, August Corbin, was killed she was devastated by his death. Katrina Van Tassel is the dueteragonist of Tim Burton's Sleepy Hollow. His first night in his hotel room, she makes sure to place sticky notes all around his room explaining how to turn on the lights and make coffee. Abbie and Ichabod, the show's two main protagonists and biblically ordained Witnesses, must team up in order to fight the seven tribulations. Abbie is also incredibly patient and kind. When she first meets the angel Orion, she jokes with him and asks about dinosaurs. Leaves Sleepy Hollow with Ichabod Crane and Young Masbath and return to New York when the turn for the 19th century. She witnessed her father shoot one of the citizens and watches as her father is killed by the Headless Horseman. She has helped her family a lot via the journal she passed on for generations. He appears to her in a vision to give her one last piece of advice and he's often referenced by Abbie in the course of working cases since he invesitgated many of the otherworldly happenings in the town and logged them in his files. Appearances Irving only gives us one paragraph of description, and the only thing she does is dump Ichabod. Initially, she was inclined to believe he was crazy but when he started to relay accurate details of the Headless Horseman who killed her mentor, Sheriff August Corbin, she slowly began to believe his tale. When Mary was still a little girl, her father unexpectedly died, and the family's landlord, Sir Van Garrett, evicted them and sold their home to the Van Tassel family. Unwilling to divulge the more supernatural elements of partner's murderer without further proof she is forced to team up with Ichabod Crane, an unwilling fugitive from the past who claims to be a soldier in the Revolutionary War and the only person that can corroborate her story. Status: She lets him come to his own conclusions and guides him without patronizing.

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