Spearfish Creek is the second largest stream in the Black Hills and supplies some of the most diverse and best fishing in the Hills. Both stretches offer great fishing for brook trout. The same riffle-run-pool setup is still prevalent in Spearfish Creek, but it’s more subtle and the fast water hides a lot of it from the untrained eye. I’ve said that there’s a fish behind every rock in the canyon, and I don’t think that’s an exaggeration. You WILL likely lose some flies. What are your biggest regrets from 2019? If you’re trying to fish thirty feet away from you, your line and fly are going to get torn downstream very quickly due to all of the fast, conflicting currents. Wild brown trout are found here. Inspirational, captivating, funny and genuine. A “Fishing Goal List” for 2020 will have more teeth than a lackadaisical resolution announcement on your facebook page. They will move a bit to find deeper water, but they will comfortably eat all winter. The canyon is fishing spectacularly well right now, so get out there and put these techniques to use! Yates pond lies a few hundred yards downstream and Hanna pond a mile up. Lunch was barbeque pork, beans, & cole slaw from Dickey's Barbeque. All Right Reserved © Spearfish Canyon Resort 2020, Spearfish Canyon Lodge Facebook Link Opens in New Tab, Spearfish Canyon Lodge Instagram Link Opens in New Tab. We can't wait to hear from you. In Spearfish Canyon, near the confluence with Squaw Creek, anglers can fish for wild rainbow trout and brown trout. Mainly because there are a variety of reasons that seem to change each time out. Because of this, we try and get quite close to the fish and make short casts. Stay up-to-date on the steps we are taking during the COVID-19 pandemic. Regular parking areas/ pull offs/ camping and picnic areas offer parking and access to the creek as it parallels the road. I need a quick statement that let's people know why I fish in hopes that they will be intrigued enough to inquire further into the prospect of trying for themselves. It may be difficult for them to express just how much they enjoy a particular activity, and it may not. The majority of the tributaries to Spearfish Creek are wild brook trout fisheries. Spearfish Creek Fly Shop. So many one liners, in fact, that there is an IMDb page dedicated to quotes from the flick. There are U.S. Forest Service campgrounds available (for a fee), including both primitive sites and camper spots. There’s an abundance of water just in Spearfish Creek proper, plus there’s several small feeder creeks that have great populations of trout as well. Maybe it’s that next step in the progression of a purists pursuit of perfection. Even with the great population of fish and all the water available to the walking fisherman, Spearfish Creek can be a tough nut to crack when you go there for the first few times. Spearfish Creek in the Black Hills offers year round fly fishing, along with a number of other outdoor recreation opportunities. We heard many fishing stories of great days on Spearfish Creek (bot in the canyon and in town). Czech nymphing rods are long and light, and enable you to effectively fish nearly everywhere because of their reach and sensitivity. Rainbow Trout – Spearfish Creek by everythingsd | Jul 22, 2018 | Fishing in South Dakota | 0 comments I have caught a handful of rainbows in Spearfish Canyon, always using my favorite rig – a strike indicator and small beaded nymph. Our guides are a great resource to learn how to fish the canyon and in Spearfish if you’re wanting to learn as well! Black Hills lakes offer great fishing opportunities at ice out, even if ice still covers much of the main body of water. This speed prevents ice from forming except along the bottom of the creek bed and makes year-round fishing possible. A friend quoted one of our favorite fishing movies at the tying table the other night. Current fly fishing conditions are not going to be good today. Not only does the cold still offer some great days of fishing in our neck of the woods, it also offers us a chance to catch up on some tying for 2020! February 28, 2020 Dropper tags work also, but are more of a pain to rig. Essentially, you’re fishing a spot where the fish have to be, because they generally won’t hold in the insanely fast stuff. The advantage to using this setup with the heavy flies mentioned earlier is that you can move your flies through the water at the pace the water on the bottom is flow, rather than the surface. The fish aren’t really spooky generally, but you have to think about your approach before bumbling down to the water. Essentially, any place where the current slows down or is broken by something, there’s probably a lot of fish in it as long as it’s deeper than your wading boot. 5 Best ‘Say You Did It’ Outdoor Experiences in South Dakota, The Top 7 Road Biking Rides in South Dakota, 7 of the Best Mountain Bike Trails in South Dakota. The broken, turbulent water creates somewhat of a barrier between you and the fish, and allows you to get surprisingly close. Other anglers will be sitting in their warm homes sipping coffee or cocoa just dreaming about the fish they could be catching. Maybe by the end of this I'll have... November 8, 2019 The first annual Spearfish Creek Fly Shop Fall Fly Fishing Festival was held October 6th, 2019 at the Snappers Club building in the Spearfish City Park. Each month, we deliver the best that Spearfish has to offer directly to your inbox. This is a conversation we had recently with a small group of anglers fishing the driftless region of Minnesota. Live like a South Dakota local whenever, wherever, Outdoor destinations + local stories & exclusive outdoor events. The northern Black Hills offers some of the best fishing experiences the area has to offer, with the two of the largest streams in the region. Lake trout, northern pike, salmon, rainbow and brown trout, even big bass and panfish make themselves more available when the spring thaw is on. These are our favorite spots to chase big fish in the spring: January 10, 2020 It's been cold in the hills lately! South Dakota Game Fish and Parks has regulations on fishing licensing, tackle, methods, and limits. Upstream the brook join the fray and downstream the rainbow mix with the brook. Spearfish Creek combines this abundance of trout with easy access, incredible scenery in Spearfish Canyon, and the wide variety of outdoor recreation opportunities into one beautiful package. The creek itself is about 29 feet wide, and freezes from the bottom up, making it accessible and fishable year round. I know there are some that didn't make the cut, but this is a start to your winter binge watching: #1 - Grumpy Old Men: Not only is this one of the greatest fishing movies of all time, it is one of the great "one line" sources of all time. Spearfish Creek is an amazing fishery, especially once you get a feel for how to fish it. Use the right bugs. 1. I really need to watch this movie again. Specializing in guided fishing trips, tenkara, Black Hills stream fishing, big brown, rainbow, and brook trout. There are tons of fish in the fast water of the canyon, and most of them never see flies. Sign up for Black Hills on the Fly for updated news, stories and information about fly fishing the Black Hills and beyond. #2 - Grumpier Old Men: Sequels usually leave much to be desired, but this movie carries on right where they left off. Iron Creek Lake, west of Spearfish Canyon, has yellow perch as well as rainbow trout. Many fishing stories were shared throughout our day together. Even in the fastest of water, there’s almost always a slow edge that extends from the bank out anywhere from 6 inches to several feet, and there’s fish in nearly every one of these edges. Spearfish Creek also houses one of the few self-sustaining rainbow trout fisheries in the Black Hills; Castle Creek: Castle Creek flows into and out of Deerfield Reservoir. Work, school, children, friends, family...life is not always accommodating to anglers, especially when extensive travel is involved. Education. Surrounded by the Black Hills National Forest, Spearfish Creek is a fly fishing paradise and holds one of the finest populations of wild rainbow trout in the Black Hills. Made us very proud to call this place home. Spearfish Creek in the Black Hills offers year round fly fishing, along with a number of other outdoor recreation opportunities. But, as we know too well, you need not leave your own backyard to experience world-class angling opportunities. The immediate area holds mostly brown trout. Even in the winter, the creek typically doesn't freeze over completely, though there will be some ice. Call your local ninja because you will need them. You come to enjoy a craft to the point where, just maybe, your skills are better used to help others progress. Even with the great population of fish and all the water available to the walking fisherman, Spearfish Creek can be a tough nut to crack when you go there for the first few times. While you can use split shot or putty to get down, they dampen your ability to detect strikes and you get tangled and hung up on the bottom way more often. We know we can catch fish. Get the fly down to the fish. We know you want one. I always try and keep a fast current between the fish and myself, and I often won’t even get in the water. Spearfish Creek is the second largest stream in the Black Hills and supplies some of the most diverse and best fishing in the Hills. 2 – Heavy flies are your friend – Because the water is so swift in Spearfish, you need to have a fair amount of weight to get down to the bottom where the fish are holding. It’s an undammed freestone river sitting in a gorgeous canyon, and it’s filled with wild brookies, browns, and rainbows, depending on which stretch you’re fishing. Yes, it's cold. Spearfish Creek in the scenic Spearfish Canyon. But, this is not always the reality that we are faced with. The setup I almost always use in Spearfish is a size 12 or 14 tungsten jig nymph as a lead fly, with a smaller jig or dropper pattern trailed below. Conditions can be tricky to figure out, as it depends on the weather and creek flow. Surrounded by the Black Hills National Forest, Spearfish Creek is a fly fishing paradise and holds one of the finest populations of wild rainbow trout in the Black Hills. Check out our Fly Fishing in Spearfish Canyon Package and enjoy two night’s lodging, cocktails, and a full-day fishing license. There are many good fishing spots here, but the best areas are near Spearfish Canyon. As Spearfish Creek flows north of town and under the interstate it winds through pasture and ranch land and the Brown Trout grow quite a bit bigger. I, on the other hand, would like more people to pursue fly fishing. Click here to view the South Dakota Fishing Handbook. Many people have had mentors as they’ve grown as anglers. Spearfish Creek Fly Shop. Within this community full of stereotypes, misconceptions, and mythical ideologies that aspiring fly flingers may find off-putting or challenging, we hope to spark a glimmer of simplicity that might help light the way for others hoping to advance their fly fishing craft. But once things start to warm up they are one of the most aggressive trout in Spearfish Creek, or pretty much anywhere for that matter. Spearfish Creek Fly Shop. While ice fishing continues to dominate the Black Hills scene, stream fishing remains spectacular. The Premier Fly Fishing, Fly Tying, Fly Shop and destination for the Black Hills of South Dakota. For more information on fishing in Black Hills area, click here to download the Black Hills Fishing Guide. Ask any angler and they might tell you they did not get out on the water as much as they would have liked, if at all. Along with fishing, Spearfish Creek is a peaceful spot for picnicking, bird watching and nature photography, especially in the fall when autumn foliage is in its prime. Only a one star day. The creek is unusual because it freezes from the bottom up instead of icing over due to the very fast rate at which the creek flows. Accessibility to big fish is one of the biggest advantages of a spring ice out scenario. If you’re planning your first fly-fishing adventure or you don’t have your own equipment, you will find everything you need at the Spearfish Canyon Lodge’s Rental Center.

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