Hi,friend.I think you forgot Madeline,a French schoolgirl by Ludwig Bemelmans.She was brave,cheeky and smart little girl.She was also a redhead.She was a dear little girl. Anna Marie Bowman (author) from Florida on October 04, 2010: Rob-- As far as the Cattanooga Cats, I would guess Tennessee. She has completely changed from when I was a kid. She used to be a huge fan of Playhouse Disney, on the Disney Channel. The Queen of the Inhumans' hair might not have much of a style to it, but it would have been a crime to leave out a character who's power is controlling her super-strong hair. My Hero Academia; L Lawliet. Wreck-it Ralph also has red hair as well. Several people made suggestions, and left great comments, concerning people who had been left out, but still, it felt like something still needed to be done. She definitely deserves the attention! Thank you for the corrections and the addition! so you could argue the red-fox Robin and Marian versions are redheads too. Shape. Vector collection of potted desert plants. I was leaving out a very important group of redheads that have been a part of my life since childhood! The ones with the descriptions above are most likely to be shounen, which is basically anime targeted at boys. Anna Marie Bowman (author) from Florida on January 23, 2013: You keep me busy tracking all of these down!! Another notable example is the sassy and tough Princess Fiona, from the Shrek movies. I sometimes still do. Charlie Brown kissing 'the little red haired girl'. LOL! 1 Article, By Dragon Ball Super; Kefla. 5)Mad Monster Party's Beautiful Android "Fransecsa". :) I love Ichigo Kurosaki from Bleach and Kenshin Himura from Rurouni Kenshin: http://ui09.gamespot.com/2024/ichigokurosaki.jpg. Besides a variety of television shows and animated movies, there have also been two live action movies involving this character. Sill another possible redhead candidate: "Adventure Time's"Flame Princess, who's a combination of the colors red,orange, and yellow,with a flame-haired style for the tyop of her head. Vector of knight with shield and spiky ball weapon, Serious Boy With Spiky Brown Hair, Primary School Kid, Elementary Class Member, Isolated Young Student Character. Best of luck!! 7)Buzz Lightyear's blue-skinned android Girlfreind Had red hair (I Forget her name). I can see from all the postings, I have a lot more work to do. Like the crime fighting, Kim Possible, who saves the world, and goes to cheer-leading practice all in the same day. You just can't. I also forgot to mention that Princess Merida's father has a full head of red hair and a beard. Is it a children's book?? Perhaps it's because artists like how the different shades of red (carrot, strawberry, golden, etc) appear stronger than blondes without taking away attention from the brunettes. Vector illustration with black ink contour lines isolated on white background, Sketch of Prickly, Thorny or Spiky Scribble Monster. Even my husband will watch it with me. As for The Princess On the Smurfs TV Show, she only appeared on the 2nd season, on the spin-off Cartoon, Johan & Peewit, About humans Who befriended the Smurfs, & lived near a Palace by smurf vilage. Hope it was helpful! Anna Marie Bowman (author) from Florida on October 06, 2010: Rob-- Binky the Clown...ha ha...I can add one more, as well. A lot of thought goes into organising the characters into categories but it's never occurred to me to listi them according to their physical properties. I just miss the classic Winnie the Pooh that I remember. Cartoons!! And Elmo Monster, as well?? Rugrats is another show that has been around for a while. She wears pink, not red, and she looks nothing like the Strawberry Shortcake from my childhood. of 4,921. body parts doll cute little girl in long dress vector cartoon girl character vector children body parts happy girl cartoon cute fat avatar facial expressions man facial emotions human flat body parts child cartoon girl, brunette. spiky cactus plants set, 3D Rendering Spiky Dragon on White. I can't count the number of times I have watched all the Charlie Brown holiday specials. I love Red Fraggle! Discover Characters Tagged spiky hair. Frankie, from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. Bozo!!! For some reason, it's now pink. Vector Illustration of Colorful Bright Flowers with Spiky Petals isolated on a white background, Colorful Bold Flowers with Spiky Petals Vector Illustration. )Kitty-Jo was A Long-haired Member/singer/groupie That looked a lot Like Daphne Blake(I Suggest that H-B's Animators simply took Daphne's Features,Long Red Hair, & purple Mini-Skirt, & Turned Them into feline form for Kitty-Jo.). The Cattanooga Cats probably Are From Chattanooga, Tennissee. Thank you for your dedication!!! Hand drawn pencil sketch of a spiky sea shell, A creative warm gradient line drawing cartoon spiky hedgehog. A gel pen drawing of a colorful spiky pattern on a white background, Spiky Organic Cone. I really enjoyed reading about these sweet/fiery characters. So, naturally, that leads me here. Anna Marie Bowman (author) from Florida on August 06, 2009: schroeder-- I did...I don't know if Woody Woodpecker really counts...he didn't have red hair, he was a bird...LOL... schroederingercatinpandorasbox on July 21, 2009: Woody Woodpecker & Kyle Brovlofsky (from South Park). The character, Frankie helps out at the home, taking care of all sorts of strange and wonderful imaginary friends that have been abandoned or left behind by their children. Enchanted's Giselle is also a redhead. Thank you for the addition! For some reason, the Princess from Mario Brothers has been divided into two princesses, Princess Peach, who is blond, and Princess Daisy, who is a redhead. It Didn't Last. I get to see a wide range of children's television thanks to them. That was a 1969 H-B Cartoon About A Southern Rock band Comprised of cats (no Particular State was given About their Location, but I'm guessing By their Southern Accents They were from Georgia or Alabama. Not only is Phineas a redhead, so are his sister, Candace, and their mother. a redhead-- OMG!!! Whether she is a human princess or a big, green ogre, she comes across as strong and confident; not the normal damsel in distress that is characteristic of most fairy tales. .....and the list of redheads keeps on going strong..... Anna Marie Bowman (author) from Florida on October 02, 2010: Rob--Again, another great list!!! What About Goof Troop's redheaded trio Pistol (From the original TV Series),Roxxanne (from "A Goofy Movie"), & Goofy's Girlfriend Sylvia (From "An Extremely Goofy movie")? Either that, or I will do a second hub with all the additions that people have suggested. It Never occoured To me, Although the word They used in the Show Was a pun On the Name "Chattanooga" as "Cattanooga", Because they were an all-cat Band.I noticed on your list earlier this afternoon About Charlie Brown's supposedly "Unknown" Fantasy girl, the little red haired girl. Ariel has always been my favorite! Looks like Jane is headed for a day of shopping! Strawzenberry-- Nice! Chuckie is the scared best friend of Tommy on the show. 4)Danny Bonaduce was twice animated as a cartoon character in "Goober & the Ghost Chasers" & "The Partridge Family AD 2000 (A Jetsons/Partridge Animated Cartoon.). Anime – That’s Cartoons in Which the Characters Have Yellow and Spiky Hair, Right? I watch a lot of kids' shows. Spiky element made from fractals, Purple soft jersey with spiky sides. What about Ginger from the nickelodeon show "As Told By Ginger" or Eliza from "The Wild Thornberries"? Rob-- I could write at least two more hubs based on your suggestions, alone! The Flintstones gave us not one, but two, beautiful, cartoon redheads. Stephen-- It looked reddish to me. Evil(he's sort of balding with bits of red hair around his side & a red goatee), Jonny Quest's dad Dr. Benton Quest, who has red hair & a full beard, & the 1990s re-make with Jonny's red-headed female partner, Jessie.

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