Knife Myths: Knives from China are always cheap and inferior. In every state of our country; and 80% of every county of every state.
I also carry a CRKT Fossil, one of the best knives I’ve owned. Folding: Folding knives come in different styles for different uses, from utility to survival. We MUST become strong again, as a country! Their history of high quality blade making is one of the richest and most well known in the world. Required fields are marked *. And one thing that I really like, the blade shape. THEN I TALKED THEM INTO TRYING SOME OF THE NEWER cobalt alloys which I really like in my personal EDC knives. They truly make quality products from premium materials sourced and bought from the US material manufacturers as well as other manufacturers at the head of their game around the world!

WE knives are excellent products… great materials, excellent fit and finish. It started with the hallmark Spyderco leaf-shaped blade, available with a full-flat grind straight edge or a combination edge featuring aggressive serrations. Fixed blade: Knives with fixed blades are always ready for the next task. It's reached the point for me where China is in last place and everyone else is in a dead heat.
Schrade, for example, closed its doors in 2004. Today, the company distributes its various tools, sharpeners, and an outstanding selection of knives around the world.

Flicking open and close several times he handed it to his VP of marketing with the comment “The action is better than ours”. I believe the "stone" Spyderco uses is only made in the US (could be wrong on that though), so.

In the kitchen knife category, you’ll find bread, paring, chef’s, and utility knives, all designed for the professional chef or occasional. I’m also willing to pay more for the little differences found in the Spydercos made in Golden Colorado, Earth vs. those made in China. American IS better. Grip: When you’re using a very sharp knife, precision depends on a reliable grip. I was searching Google for input on the Spyderco Resilience and came across this board and read through. To get a full grip on the Efficient, you have to also grip the blade at its choke. I fear for the future generation, as the America I grew up with will be no longer be available to them. Now for those that blame labor unions. Either way, it's a win-win for anyone looking for good quality knives. Anyone who uses a knife knows the difference between one that’s poorly made and one with superior workmanship. Over time, the craftsmanship and longevity will likely prove to be a lasting investment worthy of the cost. Don’t let the price of a high-end or specialized Spyderco knife stop you if you’re in the market for this specific type of cutlery. Japan is just one example. We are fortunate to have many masterful craftsmen in the knife business, but like Lexus, they have to devote their attention to costlier, higher-priced product. However, I'd say the QC of Spyderco's China-made knives trump most anything out there for anywhere near the same price. Anyone with decent QC can create quality stuff.

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