This can become even more pronounced if a unit is rapidly deployed, in which case a heavy brigade will be hamstrung while waiting on sustainment assets. [86] The first Infantry Carrier Vehicle - Dragoon (ICVD) was delivered to the 2CR in Germany on 8 December 2017. [54], The Stryker's thermal sights can see out to 7,800 ft (2,400 m; 1.48 mi), compared to 330 ft (100 m) for night vision sights used by dismounted soldiers. All 144 M-SHORAD systems are planned to be delivered by 2022. The Infantry BCT can conduct entry operations by ground, air, and amphibious means. (Refer also to Appendix C, Sniper Employment.) Contact Us | 913-684-2127. This symbiotic relationship between the dismounted infantry and the Stryker characterizes all the success seen in training and in the use of the Stryker in offensive operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. The SBCT employs a multilevel, integrated suite of ISR capabilities to develop and disseminate a common operational picture throughout the force. These BCTs are intended to be able to stand on their own,[5] like a division in miniature. 2nd Brigade, becoming the first "Advise and Assist" Stryker brigade. "[17], The Stryker 105 mm M1128 Mobile Gun System (MGS) moved into low-rate initial production in 2005 for evaluation,[19] and entered full production in 2007. The “Arms Room” concept is a key principle that guides employment of Stryker formations. It normally operates under the direction of the battalion main CP and the CTCP. The HQ company provides limited combat support (CS) and CSS to the battalion through its special platoons. Once again, the operational mobility of the Stryker force allowed it to move long distances and put a large infantry force into a position of advantage against the enemy. However, due to personnel limitations, senior Specialists often fill the Team Leader role in practice. The company headquarters section provides the immediate leadership, supply, and personnel support to all HHC personnel, including the battalion's command group, coordinating and special staff, and specialty platoons and squads. Trauma specialists are allocated on the basis of one trauma specialist per each rifle platoon in the battalion's rifle companies. A brigade is normally commanded by a colonel (O-6) although in some cases a brigadier general (O-7) may assume command. The focal point was always delivering infantry into the fight …. The requirement to reduce collateral damage and noncombatant casualties requires precision fires and well-trained soldiers who understand the direct fire plan and who remain aware of the situation. The vehicle commander has almost a 360-degree field of vision; the driver, a little more than 90 degrees. The vehicle is employed in Stryker Brigade Combat Teams, light and mobile units based on the brigade combat team doctrine that relies on vehicles connected by military C4I (Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Intelligence) networks. At the Association of the United States Army, Army Chief of Staff Eric Shinseki defended the six-brigade plan and boasted that the C-130 could carry a Stryker every way but sideways. 4 It can be loaded from inside the vehicle, but does eliminate one of the four roof hatches. A HMMWV had five people, two stayed with it, so maybe three dismounted; [Strykers] dismounted nine. [78][79] The remote turret requires a modification of the hull roof, and adds an additional two tons of weight[80] with an upgraded suspension and wider tires. Each of the battalions 3 sub units are composed of 3 Infantry Platoons a Weapons Platoon and an HQ. The route followed by Company C bypassed a massive obstacle belt south of the city and allowed the lead elements of the company to seize a foothold in the city before being detected by the enemy. [81] Outfitting the first Strykers with Mk44 Bushmaster II cannons is planned to occur in the next two years,[82] allowing them to engage light armored vehicles out to 3,000 meters (1.9 mi). The first major test of the newly formed Stryker brigade took place during Millennium Challenge 2002, a major joint exercise that included transportation of Strykers by C-130 aircraft from Fort Lewis to Fort Irwin, California, and return movement by high-speed sealift catamaran. The Organisation is interesting and quite different to anything else. of the vehicles began in spring 2002, when Company A, 5th Battalion, 20th Infantry (known as 5-20 Infantry), received the first fourteen Strykers (as the vehicle had been newly named) and began training with them. [110][111] Soldiers have anecdotally referred to Strykers as "Kevlar Coffins", affording the Stryker vehicle its own rank-and-file pseudonym, a time-honored tradition among American servicemembers. In March 2017, Strykers were seen operated by U.S. special forces near the northeastern Syrian town of. A recent upgrade program provided a field retrofit kit to add air conditioning units to all variants, and production started in 2005 on the Mobile Gun System mounting an overhead General Dynamics Land Systems (GDLS) 105 mm automatic gun called the M1128 Mobile Gun System. Brigades equipped with the Stryker are intended to be strategically mobile, i.e., capable of being rapidly deployed over long distances. All staff elements assist the commander with planning, organizing, employing, and sustaining the battalion.

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