$5.99. You don't need to launch the app to adjust the count, and you can have the app icon display what your current count is. Each model includes a wrist lanyard This counter is a mechanical counter / clicker that keeps two counts and can easily be held in your hand. Ideal for attendance counting (red for people leaving, green for people... FREE Shipping on USA orders over $35 / USA Customer Service M-F 8am to 5pm PST, H-102 & H-104 Professional Model Japanese Tally Counter, AST2 Electronic Counter (Add + Subtract w/Backlight), DK-100D & DK-100M Electronic Tally Counters. I think it would be better if we can just make it less sensitive. In stock and ready to ship. To count the occupants of your venue, add the APP to your homescreen for simplest functionality. JavaScript must be enabled in order for you to use this site. Suitable for a variety of counting applications, these counters may be handheld or mounted. They have large rubber buttons that users press to increase or decrease the count total. When the number displayed reaches the number on the remaining rings, then they will turn too, until the display is reset back to 0000. 4-digit display - Increasing and decreasing a count with large, easy to hit buttons. Ideal counters for people counting, educators, industrial businesses, scientific research, transportation,... Our highest quality water resistant mechanical counter with stainless steel casing. When the count has reached 0009, then the second ring will be advanced one click and the first ring will come back to zero. Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Button for turning... High quality, durable and affordable. Enter letter a-z or number 0-9 into "Shortcut" field to count+ by … Choose Options. Made to fit easily in the palm of... High quality, durable and affordable. Comes with an index finger ring for ease of use 

4-digit display 5-digit display These handheld digital counters are ideal for managing capacity and tracking the number of people allowed to enter facilities. Sound can be turned off or on This free online tally counter is designed for mobile devices. A basic counter … A Digital Tally Counter for People Counting or Industrial Step Counting. This app has been updated by Apple to use the latest Apple signing certificate.A great new update.- Watch app, change your tally on your Apple Watch.- Today view, change your tally on your lock screen or in notification center.- iPhone 6 and 6 Plus support.- Larger counter display.- Squished bugs.- In 2.1.3 fixed an issue where the watch app name did not appear correctly.Please remember to rate Tally Counter if you like it. Chrome steel case with metal internal parts $19.99 - $28.99. • Click "+1" button to increment count. • Click "0" button to reset counter to zero. May be used individually or connected into a bank of electronic counters... High quality, durable and affordable. Featuring white digits on black background, these counters can be used to keep accurate tallies. H-102 & H-104 Professional Model Japanese Tally Counter. The E3 counter adds, subtracts, counts negative, and counts backwards 4-digit display Sound can be turned off or on. Try click counter also here (second site) 4-digit display Access My Account, Order History, Lists and more here. Part of the circle is flattened out and contains a piece of clear plastic. They are also used to tally counts in attendance, inventory, and traffic applications. 1st stroke

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