Erik Quinn, who worked in the Springfield vault in 2014 and 2015, recalled constant problems, especially with coins. Behind that spectacular growth is an untold story of deception. But in response to Bouquin, the Wells Fargo claims consultant wrote that she had been “wracking my brains over this one” and discussed it with a co-worker. He and other employees said that coins were handled less carefully than bills. The team members included  ,  ,  , and various other GW employees. Each box of quarters contains $500. But interviews with former Garda employees and other records show that Garda continued having shortages. Garda laid off Bouquin the day after she sent the email. A detective testified that employees regularly didn’t follow Garda’s money-handling policies. Joseph James, a vice president of finance at Garda’s U.S. arm from 2013 to 2015, confirmed those employees' accounts and the issues in the company’s vaults. In a statement to the Times last month, the company said it handles about $8 billion a day for 8,000 clients at more than 75 vaults. He said many of Garda’s practices made him uncomfortable. “Inventory reconciliation is normal course of business for any cash vault operation.”. The Federal Reserve’s Board of Governors declined to comment, and the St. Louis bank did not respond to interview requests. Some analysts predicted Garda’s demise. This could improve Garda’s financial picture by “millions, if not tens of millions, of dollars,” Bouquin wrote. There are indications, however, that the U.S. operation’s growth came at the expense of basic safeguards that are commonplace at other major companies. In January 2014,  ,  , and Shellie Crandall formed a team to identify, review, report known OOB conditions and provide a framework for clearing or closing (paying) all known OOB conditions. “At the end of the night, I would be freaking out about thousands (of dollars) missing, and other people weren’t,” Bolton said. Crandall previously was a vice president at Chase and also spent more than 18 years at Brink’s, where she and James worked together. He said issues with truck safety and vault security had the same cause: Fixing either would require money. Garda sets money aside to pay legal claims related to crashes and workers compensation, based on estimates of what each case might eventually cost. The objective was to identify any known but unreported (to customers) OOB conditions (defined as vault currency/coin did not equal the amount being reported to the customer). She added: “A notable portion of the reserves are not very reliable in regards to accurate forecasting.” She pointed to cases where the reserves seemed inaccurate and asked if the current executive leadership wants to use these numbers or “accurate financials.” The emails do not show whether Mathis got an answer. “Their opinion was shared with Christine,” James said. Assess the identified OOB condition and determine if recovery of the loss amount is feasible. “A lot of unknowns, actually.”. Today, 51 percent of the company belongs to BC Partners, with Crétier and other top executives owning the rest. He was a World War II Navy veteran. Born in Enterprise, Ala., he came here in 1937 from Plant City and was cofounder and owner of P&E Machinery Co., Largo, and was also an inventor. The employees — whose accounts have not been previously reported — said they were told to manipulate financial records to downplay the potential costs of those wrecks, increasing the company’s value.

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