Total local control with quick setup and updates. You can use this to take global actions like updating firmware on all devices or split up devices into different groups using a unique GroupTopic for each group. Send an IR remote control code as a decimal or hexadecimal string in a JSON payload. If you're using Tasmota versions earlier current release some of the commands might not work. Auto-saving happens 10 seconds after a new Device parameter was changed, this command is normally not useful. See changelog for a complete list of new features, changes and fixes. Therefore Power1 ON command will not be executed and the power would remain off. If you flashed the device via serial method you can connect to it with a terminal application (e.g. Sonoff Pow (and any device with sensors) status can be requested manually with cmnd/tasmota/status 8. This command accepts spaces in the name. If you are using mosquitto_pub, you can issue an empty payload using the -n command line option. The switch uses a command response structure. Each command is separated by a semicolon (";"). For precise and complete control use Console commands! Read Zigbee device attributes using command syntax: Restores a device configuration previously dumped with, Forces saving the Zigbee device information to Flash. Tasmota provides a powerful control interface using commands, Commands can be issued using MQTT, web requests, webUI console and serial. Most common usage will be provided as high-level functions. It might look something like this: DVES_3D5E26_fb. Software Serial Bridge can use any other GPIO to be configured as components Serial Tx and Serial Rx (or SerBr Tx and SerBr Rx). Automate using timers, rules or scripts. Shortly after turning this option on, Tasmota will broadcast a list of information over MQTT to Home Assistant. By default, Tasmota replies to all commands through .../RESULT. Control the power state simultaneously for all power outputs on the device, User control over switch debounce timing and method, Change the name of the toggle buttons of the WEB UI. All MQTT status messages will be sent using the configurable %topic% which must be made unique by the user. Additionally, Tasmota periodically sends telemetry every TelePeriod, which defaults to 300 seconds (5 minutes). To send commands and view responses you'll need an MQTT client. Display current device state and publish to, Set policies for the beginning of daylight saving time (DST) and return back to standard time (STD), Send a command to Tasmota host over http. Incredibly expandable and flexible. Replace in a command with the appropriate index number. In order to send IR data, Send HVAC IR remote control code as JSON payload, Show current display setting as a JSON payload. You can use it to: Configure MQTT broker address, MQTT credentials, device topic and activate a few custom options, For specific power control, using backlog like a script, When using web requests (Don't forget to encode "space" as '%20' and ";" as '%3B'). Configure MQTT topic for Zigbee devices (also see, Disable sending MQTT with non-JSON messages, Select MAX31855 or MAX6675 thermocouple support, Add Zigbee source endpoint as suffix to attributes, Disable MQTT retained messages (some brokers don't support them), Virtual CT channel (experimental feature), Set virtual CT channel light type (experimental feature), Send learned or default RF data for RfKey (x =. Backlog command allows executing up to 30 consecutive commands with a single command line. a remote to a bulb) without any action on the coordinator. When a command mentions resetting to "firmware default" it means the setting will revert to the one in the flashed binary file. Number of shutter can be the index or the arguement, Engage the relay to open the shutter. Do not use unless you know exactly what you are doing. A {"SSerialReceived":{"Data":""}} message will be posted. While here, you might as well change the Friendly Name into something more descriptive than generic "Tasmota".This is a must for Home Assistant autodiscovery feature. While most MQTT commands will result in a message in JSON format the power status feedback will always be returned like stat/tasmota/POWER ON as well. Use to easily convert your commands. Termite or Arduino IDE Serial Monitor) to issue commands and follow responses. Integration with home automation solutions. Hardware Serial Bridge uses GPIO1 (Tx) and GPIO3 (Rx) or GPIO13 (Tx) and GPIO15 (Rx) pins of your device. Beside results initiated by a command (synchronous) you can get asynchronous results initiated by rule trigger, telemetry event, commands from other source or changed device values. Power1 and Power both control first defined power output (usually Relay1). Tasmota 8.5.1 Hannah*all documentation is for current release only. Relay 1 updates are sent to/received from device group 1, relay 2 updates are sent to/received from device group 2, etc. MQTT topic can be changed with cmnd/tasmota/Topic tasmota1 which reboots Tasmota and changes the %topic% to tasmota1. Subscribes to an MQTT topic and assigns an Event name to it. Upgrade OTA firmware from the OtaUrl server with cmnd/tasmota/Upgrade 1.

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