}); Creating new Help Center documents for Review queues: Project overview. function defer(method) { unix = unix + (24 * 60 * 60 * 1000); If a battery or the megalaser is above 25% health with 15 seconds left on the event, all players can start to head back to where Tequatl was. Once Tequatl lands after being shot down by the Megalaser, use #4 and #5 skills on the zerg after they have started to engage Tequatl. } initialiseTimers(); Again, the Hylek will warn you of this attack (when he’s “about to breathe”). I personally find this way much easier to follow. Otherwise you’re just attacking with your scepter and adding $(x).addClass('hide'); Past 75%, Tequatl will sometimes summon vortexes on the ground near the water. Just want to say sharpening stones are better for everyone because I’m quite certain undead pots doesn’t work on tequalt. Soldier is PVT and not craftable. $('.find-button', widgetRef).click(function(){ The Turret gunners need to use skill 3 at the commander's location to remove poison created by Tequatl's fingers and Poison Pools. var match = elements[i].dataset.id; defer(function () { // Recalculate diff The encounter transitions back to the primary phase once Defend the Megalaser and the batteries in the east, west, and north ends. // Very likely some duplicates in there. The wave that kills everyone is approximately 27′ tall. // Overwrite debug date/time text var match = apiKeyOrSubtokenPattern.exec(token); On the run back, you can use the jump pads to get back to the fight faster. // If any elements have expired, the flag will be set, and the table should be sorted. Acquisition . } // Check for previous cookies and if present get the value for use with localStorage. Depending on instructions from commanders/leader, turret defense team are continuing to defend turrets or at Tequatl with the assault team. $('#achievementcontrol').after(displaySettingsLegend); the pet will die instantly anyway. $('.apikey', widgetRef).val(''); They produce whispy black smoke when wielded and their amazing black and green color scheme is very eye catching. A long time ago, I got my first ascended weapon from a tequatl hoard. All Defeated/dead players need to revive themselves at the waypoint immediately. The entire fight has a 15 minutes timer but this timer is paused during the events at 75%, 50% and 25%. The servers fill up fast so first come first serve! return v ? var match = apiKeyOrSubtokenPattern.exec(cookie); Does no damage, but artillery pierces Tequatl’s hardened scales. It’s by no means an easy fight, but if you’re willing to hop onto a free voice chat program and actually listen to people who are organizing rather than throwing an ego fit about ONLY playing how you want to play, it will make a WORLD of a difference. Those in the back near Tequatl’s tail will need to watch for his Tail Swipe and Bloated Creepers which will try to explode on top of you. Tequatl’s most dangerous attacks consist of throwing multiple area of effect fields on the ground that pulse ever second dealing damage and inflict Crippled with each pulse. Defend the eastern, northern, and western Vigil batteries, and kill Tequatl during a single encounter. The last time I attempted to get a kill from Tequatl was 2 days ago. Congrats! Depending the time left, players may need to move into melee range to attack with melee weapons as they do more damage, but comes at the cost of taking more damage as well as having to guess when the shockwaves appear instead of seeing them.

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