Winter is behind us, and the sun is on our face. BAAG has worked with Parks Victoria, friends groups, community and school groups, water authorities, local business and state and local governments to produce strong outcomes for the environment and the community. . There they have natural predators (two parasites) which keep the number of gall wasps under control. Finishing touches include gas hydronic heating, under-floor heating, evaporative cooling, solid fuel fireplace, alarm system, generous storage, 15,000l water tank, established landscaping and double carport. Cup Weekend is traditionally the ideal time in Melbourne to get your tomatoes into the ground. Thanks for contributing to Monday Mural. Floral Friday Fotos - A flower photo meme blog. I just love this time of year: the satisfaction of a major clean and tidy up in the garden, planting for spring with all the hopes and promise ahead, the camellias in bloom and debating squeezing in just one more gorgeous tree only available in the bare root season. As you can see from the pic above, it is also Tomato Time! We may also wish to pray for cheerfulness and a generous heart…………………………….. And for Frank O’Brien who died recently and Fr Tony Toms (brother of Fr Chris) who died last Tuesday….. And for those who have little or no work………………………………………………………………………, And for courage and wisdom for our civic and faith leaders………………………………………. Birds, spiders, lizards and ladybirds are feasting on aphids, whiteflies and other sap sucking insects that love to feed on new spring growth. Everything is so new and green. Bulleen Art & Garden and the Bolin Bolin Gallery have been closed since the start of the stage 4 lockdown, but we have lots of art & craft by many local artists & craftspeople waiting for our doors to open again. Allow predators to thrive in your garden by reducing or eliminating spraying, planting lots of flowers and creating a diverse and nature friendly garden. I always enjoy visiting there and at the back of the nursery, where the seedlings are displayed there is a large "trompe-l'oeil" mural of verdant countryside abloom with all sorts of plants. Citrus gall wasps (Bruchophagus fellis) are small (3mm) shiny black wasps native to northern Australia. We have already had our fair share of frosty mornings and more are likely, so continue on with those frost damage prevention measures for a few more weeks yet. Its local government ... Studley Park is part of the 642-acre Yarra Bend Park and the Yarra River runs across the park. More importantly for us vines, vineyards and grapes have all served as […] It's so nice to see all the spring plants for sale. The murals create a lush environment which must inspire people to go forth and plant something. The chemicals commonly used to control codling moth also kill beneficial insect species, which contribute to biological control of other pests. In between these challenging texts Paul invites us to imagine ourselves filled with the peace of God. Be inspired by our extensive range of outdoor furniture, interiors, plants, water features, pots and planters, indoor and outdoor garden art and cast iron urns, water fountains and so … We look forward to seeing you all again! We also expect a lot of new works from artists who have been busy in lockdown… we can’t wait to see what they have been creating! Remember the context of this Gospel – Jesus has already entered Jerusalem for the last time and the conflict between him and the religious leaders has become intense and irreversible. Click through to see some of the works we have waiting. The Greenery Garden Centre has been operating on a gentle bend of the Yarra river for over 35 years. yielding a rich vintage for eternal life. Their subject is love. The most successful way to avoid this problem is to use Integrated Pest Management (IPM). 27TH Sunday in ordinary time 4TH OCTOBER, 2020 Year A Vineyards and olive groves are still to be seen gracing the hillsides of Israel and Palestine. Read on! . Lots of walks and peering over front fences, has led to plenty of inspiration. Who could have predicted what would happen in 2019? We are fortunate to be located in an area with high environmental and cultural significance, and are keen to make our contribution to this important area. The first Magnolias are in flower and the gold and purple of Acacias and Hardenbergias create a dramatic floral display. At least it spurs me on. Oranges and Reds are popping in the nursery today! If you are with more than one person, you may wish to talk about yours and others’ needs……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. Lucky! You are the stone rejected by the builders that has become the cornerstone: You call us to produce good fruit for the kingdom of God: You offer us peace that surpasses our understanding: you plant a holy people and nurture us with care. You can raise tomatoes from seed or as seedlings, however to grow from seed you will need to have planted them by mid-September. – only a fortuneteller. Please give us the harvest you choose: the fruit of justice, the flower of righteousness. Currently there are two things which may impact on this important area, looming North East Link works, and the Bulleen Cultural Precinct advisory Committee (we will let you know more about this soon). Heide Museum of Modern Art, which is just across the park from BAAG is an iconic art venue. Winter can be a challenge, but it sure puts a rosy hue in your cheeks when you rug up, brave the elements and go about doing some of those winter gardening tasks which have been beckoning from outside. The soil is warming, and plants are loving it. But prophetic poetry can convey hard truths and pronounce sentence as we soon see. Spring is the turning point for planting options….so many new plants become available over the next three months, it is paradise for gardeners!

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