(Note: Ratings of over 1 percent is a good sign for a TV drama in China). Follow odetodramas.com on WordPress.com It aired at the end of 2018 but finished the majority of its run in 2019. Whether it's a brand new hit or a treasured Chinese drama favorite that you won't find on Netflix or Hulu, Hotpot TV is the place for Chinese dramas subtitled in English that you can watch online free. There are plenty of costume dramas and modern works to choose from—with adaptations of popular novels making a big splash this year too.

This heart-wrenching romance has great acting from our leads and a beautiful OST that heightens the sad trajectory of Xiao Feng and Cheng Yin’s love story. 7 Hot Rising Chinese Actors Of 2019 That You Should Get To Know And Love . She had intended to get married upon her return but is unexpectedly met with her boyfriend's cold betrayal. Similar to “A Little Reunion,” this drama was also widely talked about and is a home to a plethora of memes!

Its success also garnered a second season for the show.

“The Legends” reunites Xu Kai and Bai Lu. She's struggling with her assignments at her new prestigious high school and she's feeling quite lonely. Her crush on her best friend Fu Pei (Tang Xiao Tian) does not work out, but Gu Wei Yi (Lin Yi), a Physics major, enters into her life just in time.
Through their time together, Ling Xi and Jiu Chen fall in love.

Viewing Calendar Let us know why you like To Be With You in the comments … In order to obtain the bone marrow, she enters into a contract marriage and begins living with him.

The romance remains sweet and lovely in an understated manner and concludes with a satisfying ending. Its ridiculousness draws viewers in as a show that one can watch without taking it seriously. If you’re curious, Go Go Squid!

Starring an up-and-coming cast of actors, the series depicts a legend of the heavenly sword and dragon-slaying saber, both of which have a secret martial arts manual that could make its wielder very powerful. There’s great character development too once the parents and children bridge their gap and choose to understand one another’s views.

For a show with lots of heart and tear-jerking scenes, this one must not be missed!

This creates a backstory to this drama as multiple sects vie for the sword and saber. You won’t be disappointed with plenty of sweet kisses and the amazing chemistry between the 2 leads. Chinese Drama - 2020, 41 episodes. Competing dramas on rival channels airing at the same time slot were: https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Be_with_You_(TV_series)&oldid=986723474, Pages using infobox television with unknown empty parameters, Articles containing traditional Chinese-language text, Articles with Chinese-language sources (zh), Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Finding You Is My Biggest Accomplishment 找到你是我最偉大的成功 by, Golden Bloom Production Co., Ltd. 金牌風華影像製作公司, Finding You Is My Greatest Accomplishment 找到你是我最偉大的成功 by, This page was last edited on 2 November 2020, at 16:44. Overall, it has been an eventful year with a bountiful number of releases that will put you to tears, make you laugh and out of breath, and warm your heart!

Chinese Drama - 2018, 30 episodes. On paper, Wei Wu Xian (Xiao Zhan) and Lan Wang Ji (Wang Yibo) seem to be the least likely to strike a friendship. 59.

Lin Meiya aboard a plane to return home from her studies abroad when she crosses paths with Ou Lin because of a misunderstanding. Tune in to the epic romance of “Love and Destiny” now: “Put Your Head On My Shoulder” also has high scores for a rom-com web drama and is based on a novel by the writer of “A Love So Beautiful.” Si Tu Mo (Fei Xing) begins job searching as her graduation nears.

This show does such a wonderful job of showing these diverse families as they falter and butt heads with their kids over different mindsets on education, grades, and scores. Man Li’s younger sister, Xia Man An (Huang Pei Jia) also has fostered a childhood crush on Zhen Ying Jie (Bobby Dou), but despite all her efforts to get close to him, he always seem to have someone else by his side. He starts out suspecting her, as not anyone has the power to awaken him, and he decides to keep a close watch of her. Take My Brother Away. © “A Little Reunion” was one of the most talked-about dramas of the year and came out a winner in terms of ratings in its time slot! The narrative also details gripping scenes of friendship, romance, and more. [1] The Chinese title literally translates to "Want To Love". Please feel free to drop any show recommendations to watch.

Chinese Drama - 2018, 24 episodes .

It’s a cute slice-of-life drama, and best of all, it reveals the happy ending for this couple in its first episode!

Han Shang Yan (Li Xian), formerly known for his expert skills as Gun God for Team Solo in the CTF world, now heads his own team with the goal of winning the championships, which he couldn’t personally achieve back then.

“Love and Destiny” does an exemplary job of creating such a beautiful romance between Jiu Chen and Ling Xi. Be With You (Chinese: 好想談戀愛; pinyin: hǎo xiǎng tán liàn'ài ) is a 2015 Taiwanese romance, family drama television series produced by Sanlih E-Television, starring Bobby Dou, Huang Pei Jia, Nylon Chen, and Vivi Lee as the main cast. Nervous. For an action-packed drama that provides thrills, twists, and jaw-droppingly gorgeous scenes, this is one to watch! She ends up falling for Ming Xuan, a leader of a righteous sect that is out to kill the Demon King’s son, Li Chen Lan (Xu Kai). Look at the Sky and See the Cloud. 43 titles 2 loves.

It does an amazing job of portraying an intelligent woman who builds herself up and shines even in adversity. What would you recommend for other C-drama fans to check out? “Young Blood” may be a bit under the radar for international fans, but it definitely grew a sizable fandom in China. Lin Meiya aboard a plane to return home from her studies abroad when she crosses paths with Ou Yang because of a misunderstanding. First original broadcast began April 14, 2015 on SETTV channel airing weekly from Monday till Friday at 8:00-9:00 pm. This series is comfortable and easy to watch.

Because of her mother’s low rank, she suffers an unpleasant childhood.

She had intended to get married upon her return but is unexpectedly met with her boyfriend's cold betrayal.

If you want just want a bubbly cute drama with lots of romance, Go Go Squid! What makes “Go Go Squid’s” accomplishment standout, though, is it aired simultaneously on two different broadcasting stations and was able to still achieve this feat that only a handful of other dramas have been able to do. “Go Go Squid” is a movingly patriotic gaming and romance-heavy drama.

Lin Meiya aboard a plane to return home from her studies abroad when she crosses paths with Ou Yang because of a misunderstanding.

Talk about plot twister. Prepare tissues and start watching “Goodbye My Princess” now: This series takes its plot from Jin Yong’s famous novel and is the last in its trilogy.

Two people's chance encounter on the plane paves the way for the beginning of a wonderful union.

Its popularity is well-known among a younger demographic and is an adaptation of a novel as well. Same Bed, Different Dreams Season 2 1. Contract Relationships. The Chinese title literally translates to "Want To Love".

This drama includes a special as well.

The series follows our protagonist Ye Xiu (Yang Yang), a professional e-sports player for the game Glory. Chinese Drama - 2017, 15 episodes. Chinese Drama - 2019, 53 episodes. Korean Drama Calendar; Top 100 Korean Dramas; Top 100 Japanese Dramas; Top 100 Chinese Dramas The drama deals with the common event that students in China must face: the gaokao, a rigorous exam that determines students’ admissions into the different tiered universities in the country.

It’s an underrated series that drew in viewers through word of mouth and is rated highly as well.

From beginning, you'll love the romance; then you are brought along a roller coaster ride through all the plots of a typical Chinese drama. Filming began on March 18, 2015 and will be filmed as it airs. Hottest Upcoming Dramas.

Learning to stand up and walk again from a heartbreak, she finds employment at Ou Lin's company.

This series chronicles Zhao Qiao Yi’s (Wu Qian) and Yan Mo’s (Zhang Yu Jian) lives from high school sweethearts to their stories as adults. Experience the world of first loves in “Le Coup de Foudre now: “Love and Destiny” takes place in the same universe as “Eternal Love: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms” and has one of the highest-rated scores for dramas of 2019! With this kind of dramas, the rating is really not an issue.

What makes this drama impressive lies in the great unraveling of its central question about the line between good and evil. Discover the cute college romance of “Put Your Head On My Shoulder” now: The live adaptation of “The King’s Avatar” was a very popular topic among fans as its novel and animated series have garnered many positive reviews. Recently Watched By .

Ep 169. The Best Chinese Drama of 2019. “Goodbye My Princess” contains betrayal, angst, and buckets of tears. The drama has a decent amount of humor and lots of romantic moments tucked in between the revenge-driven plot.

Follow the adventures in “The Story of Ming Lan” now: “The Untamed” is one of the biggest web drama hits of the year.

In some ways, this drama feels like a good counterpart to “Go Go Squid” because it is game-heavy with no romance while the latter drama does the opposite. Top Cross-Dressing. Upcoming Chinese Dramas.

Also, this show has a special episode too that follows what happens in the future. Time sure flies as it’s already the end of 2019.

Light and Fluffy. She even attracts the class rebel Lu Xing He (Zhao Yan Song) and he announces his love to the world.

Rich Guy/ Poor Girl. Can a young woman gather the courage she needs to approach a high school crush? 2019’s crop of web series and televised dramas came out fairly strong!

Complete Zhao Yao’s journey of revenge in “The Legends” now: “The Longest Day in Chang’an” had a quiet premiere, but it ended on a high note with a great score rating and received praise for its cinematography and amazing acting.

Wei Wu Xian is a demonic cultivator whose easygoing personality contrasts greatly with Lan Wang Ji’s righteousness and impassive countenance.

After Ming Xuan betrays her, she forms her own evil sect and plans for revenge.

Filming lasted 113 days from May 20, 2018 to September 9, 2018.

However, she is a gifted child who has many talents in dealing with situations and people. Through their time together, their relationship surpasses that of simple friends and they learn, to lean on each other through difficult times. Her father just remarried and she's adjusting to her new family. Also Known As: I Want To Be With You,Wo Yao He Ni Zai Yiqi.

Hottest Airing Dramas. It houses numerous adorable characters and contains an inspirational message about pursuing your dreams and overcoming the hardships that come along. The OSTs are amazing, the gameplay scenes are incredible to watch, and the beautiful narratives of friendship and grinding to get to the top are especially moving. Zhao Yao (Bai Lu) grows up secluded from the outside world.

The show incorporates a lot of the awesome aspects of a wuxia drama. Learning to stand up and walk again from a heartbreak, she finds employment at Ou Yang's company.

Begin the magnificent tale of Wei Wu Xian and Lan Wang Ji in “The Untamed” now: “Well-Intended Love” gained lots of attention for its surprises and plot twists. This event causes him to fall for her and become her greatest ally and protector.

Do not forget that there is an epilogue that places the characters in modern-day! It not only provided a popular pairing but also maintained top ratings during its run. Due to recent site issues, some images are not loading in posts. Time Teaches Me to Love.

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