It was thanks to their timely intervention that the provincial army was forced to retreat, and the bandits were duly arrested for their crimes. The rest of the prologue is mostly a dungeon crawl with Rean, Gaius, and Elliot. G summoned a mighty bone dragon, and while quite the challenge, they were able to defeat it. The time had come for Class VII to prepare for their next field study, and Group A’s latest destination was the Nord Highlands, Gaius’ homeland. Thanks to both Group A and the efforts of the Intelligence Division’s Captain Lechter, war was successfully averted. When they discovered that the provincial army was greatly expanding its armaments. What was the Bandanaed Boy’s (Crow) trick with the coin? Finally, Mishy Panic is imported to Erebonia for the festival; the player gains points by whacking Evil Mishy but loses them by smacking others. No sooner had they finished speaking did Rean receive a call from Captain Claire, who asked if the two could meet privately at a nearby bar. Elliot came prepared and brought his own orbal stereo, including recordings of the songs they would be performing. They were seen off by Princess Alfin, Elise, Governor Regnitz, and Crown Prince Cedric. Rufus and Captain Claire’s appearance prevented things from escalating further, but it was clear that something was amiss. While also possessing two huge railway guns capable of targeting Crossbell City, which stood between the two. It was only when Instructor Sara and Rufus—Jusis' older brother—appeared that they were saved from peril. Upon assessing the situation, the group quickly realizes that the enemy's attack was a diversion to let them reach the two railway guns stationed at the fortress. Upon arriving, they were shown inside by Major Neithardt, their military science instructor at the academy. Rean, still thinking about Ka-fai's letter, is greeted by his friend with whom he has the highest bonding level. They even met with Elise before the gates of St. Astraia, and she elegantly led them to a stunning indoor rose garden. What makes Cold Steel unique is its structured gameplay cycle that conforms to the days of the calendar. Can't wait to use this. In this sample, Alisa Reinford serves as main character and was capable of interacting with a couple of NPC's. Unbeknownst to him, Rean is enrolled as member of Class VII, a small group of students from various backgrounds and social classes gathered to take part in a pilot curriculum. She instructs them to pick up their weapons and master quartz, which were placed on stands around the perimeter of the room. Typically, the group begins the field study with a set of sidequests similar to Rean's during his free day, and upon the completion of each set, the story advances and the political tension increases. This site uses cookies. No sooner had reconciliation happened, was Jusis abruptly summoned to his home, leaving the rest of the group no choice but to proceed without him. Alisa is satisfied with her work and Laura audibly wonders whether this look would not be a better fit for Emma in daily life. Its name was the Courageous, and notably on board were Prince Olivert, Toval, and its captain, Viscount Arseid. They do their best to quickly destroy these archaisms, but they're too late. Sara points out that there has been no sign of other ILF members, meaning the terrorist group has completely been wiped out, but the mystery as to who shot down their aircraft still remains. The air was filled with the cheers of his classmates, but they were soon silenced by a familiar voice. They were transported and knocked out in the aftermath, but once they’d opened their eyes, they discovered the building was back to normal. To Rean’s surprise, he saw it pass in slow motion, as he could clearly see Osborne, Olivert, and Towa on board. The game follows Rean Schwarzer, who finds himself part of Thors Military Academy's brand new Class VII, an experimental course of study in which the otherwise-segregated nobles and commoners are forced to intermix. This guide is written by Zoelius (Chao Min Wu). The first attack, called Rush, allows a linked pair to simultaneously attack a small group of enemies by spending 3 BP, and the second attack, called Burst, allows the entire party to simultaneously attack all enemies by spending 5 BP, as long as all party members are linked to someone. You're a legend. As Rean heads out, Elise asks if he's dropping by again tomorrow. I love your guides man, I'm so happy you're already on the ball. He asks if they are really willing to lose to Class I over something like this, which was enough to shut up both Jusis and Machias. Rean managed to put the knight out of his mind enough to focus on showing Elise, who had come to visit, around the academy campus. On the other side stood a giant humanoid. Awaiting them is Claire Rieveldt, who says Chancellor Osborne thought it would be a nice surprise to have the group escorted with the Eisengraf. Every character's weapon is capable of performing at least one of four different attack types - slash, thrust, pierce and strike - and its proficiency in each is symbolized by a letter grade, ranging from D to S. Furthermore, every enemy carries an efficacy for each attack type, ranging from 0 to 4 stars. She was met by Bleublanc, who praised her work, addressing her as Ouroboros’ Second Anguis. The demo seems to focus on emotions and gestures of characters. [1] The press release confirmed that the game would take place in Erebonia and that the mechanics would be enhanced with a combat link system, active voice segments and a 360 degree camera. The two groups reunited soon thereafter, finally making their way towards Garrelia Fortress. Upon inspecting the location, Rean is prompted to select a rod, at which point the action begins. Their field study was over. After a challenging battle, they were able to defeat it, overcoming the trial that it represented. Models for Rean's adoptive parents, Teo and Lucia Schwarzer, have also been found among the files in Trails of Cold Steel despite not appearing in-game. Despite these moments of frustration, they at least felt they would be able to fully complete their assigned tasks. As usual, support items can be bought from shops, as can the gear which will be slotted on their characters: weapons for offense, armor and boots for defense and two accessories for general purposes. Each free day provides a limited number of bonding points, one of which is received in the evening. They discussed the beauty of Ymir and their preparations for the school festival. There are many other perks to combat linking. However, thanks in no small part to Jusis and Machias forming a successful combat link, they emerged victorious. The remaining students split into two groups, with Gaius Worzel and Elliot Craig following Rean and Alisa and Emma Millstein following Laura Arseid. In takes place before the Academy Festival. I don't wanna do this without your guidance. As the students take in the rustic scenery and wooden structures in Ymir, Alisa reminisces the trip to Ymir she once made with when her father was still alive, a winter 9 years prior. Suddenly, a door that was before them opened. Use the links below to get started, if there is any mistakes, suggestions or changes, you can always shoot me a PM. This PlayStation 4 version is compatible with save data of the PlayStation 3 and Vita version through the cross-save mechanic. As such, each free day sees Rean completing a small number of sidequests on behalf of the council. In the midst of this, the Reinford family’s maid, Sharon, was appointed caretaker of Class VII’s dormitory and with her came the revelation that Alisa was the daughter of the Reinford Company’s chairman. They are very helpful and accurate! The next morning, they began their patrols of the festival as requested. On the train, they gloomily discussed the factional conflict Erebonia faced. Several other strange conversations followed, such as when they found out Sara had once been a bracer, or how Rean was invited to be Alfin’s dance partner and finally, they were asked for help with an important mission by Captain Claire. The sniper who shot him was none other than C, the Imperial Liberation Front leader who was believed to have met his end in Roer. Their names, however, were not included in the press release. Bonding events: In addition to his duties as an honorary member of the Student Council, Rean can hang out with his classmates - among others - during free days, by spending bonding points. This variability allows the two sides to vie for favourable turn bonuses, while attempting to force unfavourable ones onto the enemy. From outside, one of his close friends bade him a private farewell. Move: Moves the character within a range determined by their MOV stat. Running into enemies on the field will initiate an encounter, though not all encounters begin in the same way.

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