There's got to be a Fleishaker mounth... you know - for poor Joe. Now, Troma has come up with their new Platform Troma Now & here we are going to checklist of Troma Production movies and detail about Troma Now.
Buy this film immediately. ? goes un-spared as Toxie armed only with his trusty mop rampages through these miscreants like a hot knife through shit. Or are we just can't see the point of the TROMA forums? We dug deep into the vault to find buried releases, fan favorites and other Tromazing greatness you may have missed. We dug deep into the vault to find buried releases, fan favorites and other Tromazing greatness you may have missed. Keep up the great work! Did Alfred Packard really turn on his own men and have them for dinner??? If there isn't one you could ask VHX to make it happen. The cast and crew bound by Larry’s three rules of filmmaking: safety to people,  safety to people’s property and  make a good movie, is confronted by fears of a homicidal maniac on the loose who has been terrorizing the fine citizens of Tromaville killing them off in the most bizarre ways (i.e. Love this place!

Looking forward to new amazing content.

Their bad luck turns worst when Leann mysteriously disappears along with all of the supplies. Now every fan of those cute little monster movies of the 1980-s, gotta get their CHUBBIES!!! Many thanks! SGT. Anyway, I don't expect any answer.

Although, the "Monster Mayhem" wasn't announced... As well, as "LGBT PRIDE MOUNTH" :(.


pollution, nuclear power, lesbianism, hermaphrodites, etc).

And even more - we are the INTERNATIONAL crowd.

It's a ride, that you take for a couple of hours - and totally forget about it as soon as you get home.

Pls contact

But also - understandable.

However, now we've got TROMA NOW... and somehow, it feels lonely. It's May already!!! why is there no Lloyd Kaufman category of movies. Browse Forums Search Start Free Trial Sign in Start Free Trial Sign In Titles Available for Purchase FREAK SNOW #1. thank you. I was thinking the same. When will "CHUBBIES" come out?! Kabukiman learn to master his arsenal of ancient attacks in time to defeat the Evil One?

Aside from that I really dig the movies available here. Hi I just found this place ,like what I see.

Loving the service so far! And sadly - that's how the majority views the movies - it's just the stupid rides. Considering, that TROMA NOW is cheaper, than NETFLIX and has way cooler stuff... however, it's the stuff, not many people have been heard about. Everything NETFLIX has is very VERY well-known, and it's loosing it's appeal fast. We are low on $. Vimeo suddenly asked us for almost 30,000$ and took us down from ROKU 30,000$, which we can’t pay!

Lol honestly I dunno if this is on there or not, Thanks! Also, some titles seems to be missing; Killer Condom, Chubbies, etc. They are out!!!

They can announce current and upcoming titles in their own way (sometimes with some gimmick, other times - simply with no gimmicks, if there's no time for it). ;) Whatever, their loss. Dear Tromaniacs, Thank you for subscribing to Troma Now! 'Cause, we ARE the community. :). As the “monster vs. hero” debates rage in the local rags, Mayor Belgoody must find a way to get rid of his archrival in order to complete his evil plans.

Not much people are here. Does the Mayor have the guts to stand up against the town’s hero??? We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. they don't have one but i'm going to talk to vhx. What happened to DIE SISTER DIE?

Everything was said from the bottom of my heart. Including but fortunately not limited to Lloyds numerous attempts at movie direction and acting. ya, my Roku is missing several big deals.HboMax, Twitch, Troma Now. Returning to the directorial helm is Lloyd Kaufman and Michael Herz, the geniuses behind Toxic Avenger. Go to Troma Movie's YouTube channel and type Troma Now to see all the promos past and present! Now that Roku is huge and don’t need us, they are kicking VHX and TROMA NOW off ROKU!, CRAIG thank you...we are making progress re ROKU app etc. Sign up for new TROMA programming every month with instant streaming access wherever you go. This bad news for corrupt Mayor Belgoody (Pat Ryan) and his trusty band of cronies, whose aspiration for transforming the toxic dumps into valuable shorefront property is now in jeopardy. Not only that, but you can also watch Troma Now movies on Roku, Android & iOS devices and others. Would be nice to hunker down in front of the ol telly this sunday evening and indulge in some tromatic insanity.

I would like to thank the TROMA web team for doing such a greate job. Later while awaiting his fate, Packard reflects back on his ordeal. Welcome to our page dedicated to the world’s oldest independent film studio, TROMA.

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