Choice (B) is correct. I believe this because people learn many things from their mistakes and that's the only way. Spoke Gallery, and The New York Center for Photographic Art. Just keep in mind that the purpose of life is to learn from mistakes, which can turn into something good). ",

From Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights, it is evident that obstacles can be transformed into motivation, a very positive emotion.

The new sentence needs to fit logically and grammatically between sentence 9 ("The U.S. is no stranger to seaweed harvesting") and sentence 10 ("However, for the biobutanol project to be environmentally sustainable, seaweed cannot be harvested; it must be farmed"). Adapted from Lawrence Eisenberg, "Caine Scrutiny.".

Facing a 50% cut in funding for the library, the director was forced to lay off two librarians and sharply reduce hours of operation. Demonstrating outstanding critical thinking, this essay effectively and insightfully develops its point of view (. (7) Japanese researchers are much more familiar with it and have spent decades studying its potential uses. }] TSI Assessment WritePlacer Study Packet 1 WritePlacer Dimensions Checklist Purpose and Focus - clear purpose and a consistent focus Communicated the issue and declared a position on the issue Maintained focus on that main idea throughout the essay Used topic-linking transitions in each paragraph Lows scores on the TSI will not derail the dream of attending college, but they could mean an extra semester or two of remedial classes that will not count toward a student’s college degree. In context, which of the following is best to insert at the beginning of sentence 7 (reproduced below)? }, { (1) Seaweed-based fuel could one day power your car. { Choice (A) is correct. Think about how you would rewrite the following sentence according to the directions given, and then choose the best answer. The sentence should be rewritten "In some places, the subsoils must sustain the crops because virtually all the topsoil has washed away." It avoids the illogical phrasing of the other options by providing the phrase "in fact," which is used in this context to introduce evidence validating a previous statement. }, { Those with low scores on the TSI must enroll in remedial English and mathematics courses to improve their chance of success in college courses. "acceptedAnswer": { Not only was he an orphan without a last name, but he was also abused and tormented by other children‐such as Hindley‐of his new household. Clearly, when one is faced by obstacles at every turn, it is extremely difficult to try to twist negative experiences into positive ones. (2) It is more than just an ingredient in a purifying face mask or a sushi roll. By building strong relationships, being open and curious, we aim to tell the stories of these modern cowboys. If the subject of a sentence is singular, the verb form must match the subject. Can any obstacle or disadvantage be turned into something good? (9) The U.S. is no stranger to seaweed harvesting. After completing a pretest, enrollees pay a fee to take the TSI at any state college or university. "@type": "Question",

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