Nick Anderson #70. The White Sox and A’s are tried 1-1, and, along with the North Siders, the Reds, Padres, and Brewers all trail 1-0 in their series. "Your mind is very powerful, man," Snell says. Just convince yourself that it's your day, and no one can touch you.". I just know that it wouldn’t take more than two months for a tat like this to heal, even if Altuve was slacking on the Aquaphor. "It's just a matter of saying, 'Y'know what, hitting is difficult, and hitting is particularly difficult against you,'" Snyder recalls telling Glasnow. In the early afternoon, a deal broke across the screen. Though they used a different method, the Astros have previously proven that scientific fact. John Curtiss #84. Ryan Thompson #81. A deep dive into Altuve’s Instagram follows doesn’t turn up anything conclusive. In a sense, any time Bellinger goes deep, it can hardly be called unlikely. Minter grabbed the win, though the Braves used eight pitchers on the day, so they’ll need a solid effort from Ian Anderson in today’s potential clincher. He would hide the CDs under his pillow at night and play them on repeat on his Discman throughout the day. It took 13 innings for the Braves to beat the Reds 1-0 yesterday thanks to a walk-off single by Freddie Freeman off of Amir Garrett. . If they want to avoid elimination today they’re going to have to find a way to string some hits together. And would he be the first person ever to hide his newly acquired tattoo (non-hiding-new-ink-from-one’s-parents division, of course)? There is, however, no indication on Cartiel’s Instagram profile that he visited San Francisco in August—or any time, for that matter. Gary Sánchez on the video of Jose Altuve protecting his jersey after Game 6 of the ALCS: "If I hit a homer and get my team to the World Series, they can rip off my pants. RT @realcubsinsider: Ok, one more anniversary video. (You gotta get ripped off a few times before you understand.) The Questions That Will Define Each NFL Division Race. Yankees shortstop Gleyber Torres hit .719 in the two games. This was his third year, and in the Pirates clubhouse, the TV was airing MLB Network. Here are five names to watch. Since arriving in Tampa, he has leaned heavily on edgertronic high-speed cameras that capture his mechanics, to be reviewed frame by frame, and produce data sets. Brad Hand, with the help of Sandy Leon, might have been tipping their signs tonight against the Yankees, and it was pretty obvious. ", On the mound, where Glasnow used to come undone so easily, he has relaxed, though perhaps he had to fail first to do it. It was trade deadline day. MLB Is Staring Down an Incredibly Fraught Offseason, Ken Griffey Jr. on His Hall of Fame Baseball Career, We’re Four Days From the Election! Lonzo Ball is moving on from Big Baller Brand and means business. Glasnow developed a love for rap early on, starting with Eminem. The Cubs are a streaky bunch, so when they go into an offensive funk it usually lasts for more than a single game. The Rays are now 3-0 in games he's pitched since returning from the injured list, crucial wins in the tight AL wild-card race. The commitment to attacking the strike zone has been so strong and really unshakeable to this point."., — Chicago Cubs (@Cubs) September 30, 2020. eval(ez_write_tag([[728,90],'cubsinsider_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_5',121,'0','0'])); It will be Yu Darvish facing Sixto Sánchez in a win-or-walk game for the Cubs. He stayed seated. Maybe he got it done earlier, but—and take this with a big tablespoon of salt, because photos can be doctored and angles are tricky, etc.—a closer examination of the broadcast shot of his ALCS walk-off reveals no proof of a tattoo on his left clavicle. In meetings with pitching coach Kyle Snyder, Glasnow was encouraged to pound the strike zone. Oh, and the Dodgers Won the World Series. Don't freak out so much, you're fine.'". The Pittsburgh Pirates young pitcher has a pair of tattoos that are fairly hidden, and they showcase his love of rap. Who are the best bargains in free agency? "I'm not sure why I was surprised by this—perhaps I still had the goofy kid from high school in mind—but it was very refreshing to talk to a young, budding MLB star who was engaged in his career, the current state of baseball and the future of the game.". he says. But during the offseason, that all changed. (The artist who did the aforementioned thigh piece was massively hungover and booked an appointment to start four hours after mine; he was also a close friend.)

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