Thus, you’ll have an understanding of what it takes to be a good serving player. On the other hand, a volleyball team is likely to lose a point if a serve is done improperly. No one knows your abilities to serve better than you do. By consistently executing skills, players expect to make great plays. Float serve (also known as a floater) is the type of serve in volleyball that doesn’t involve spin. Floaters Float serves are tough to pass because the ball dances in the air making it tough to judge where exactly the ball is going. This will make serving easy for you. Although there are other serves (including the beginner underhand serve), these three are most common in competitive volleyball. To serve and volley effectively, you need to be aware of the seven volley types and when and how to use them. This should be done not by serving zones, but by making players move the way you want them to. Much like a quarterback in football reads the defense when calling plays, a volleyball server can read the opponent's serve receive. In my opinion, the easiest way to knock a team out of rhythm and keep the momentum of the game going your way is with tough serving. It’s worth noting that serving has a big impact on the success of your volleyball team’s play. Adrian Carambula, beach volleyball player from Italy, puzzled opponents with this serve, which he'd hit 100 feet high, letting in drop on the other side of the net. Remember, you should toss the ball with your dominant hand. It is referred to as a floater because it moves in extremely unpredictable ways, which makes it difficult to receive, corral, and pass. Serving a volleyball with topspin begins with the toss. After that, you have to bend your back. It’s important to point out that the serve of this type is recommended to taller volleyball players and athletes with a high volleyball jump. Actually, the server doesn’t change his/her position when the ball is served. The extra motion generated allows the server to put additional power on the ball, and this can make the serve very difficult to handle for the receiving team. The next step you need to take is to approach to the ball. By volleyball serving tough you can make it much more difficult for your opponent to run the. Same situation with a hitter that continually puts the ball away or repeatedly gets blocked. If all you ever do is decide where to serve depending on how your opponent is lined up in serve receive, you often play right into their hands. 2. serves are especially effective in the women's game. Strike toward the top of the back of the ball in a downward and outward motion. Keep in mind that only highly experienced volleyball players can master this difficult serving technique. For many players, volleyball is an emotional rollercoaster ranging from confidence to frustration. By doing this, you’ll be able to achieve maximum spin and maximum torque. Above all, we’ll outline the key differences between serves in volleyball. The third common type of volleyball serve is the jump serve. It’s important to note that this type of serve is all about taking advantage of an attack approach. We have just described all the major types of serves in volleyball. Your email address will not be published. There is no doubt that a volleyball player with great serving skills can greatly contribute the success of his/her team. your opposition has a hard time passing by serving "court zones". Every indoor volleyball team has a server. Develop tough volleyball serving skills for hitting common areas of the court that are tough to pass (deep corners and short). Training a good server is no easy task. Beverly Oden is a former member of the USA Volleyball team who competed in the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. It's effective because of its unpredictability. Thank you so much for reading our article. With fewer players serving with top spin, there will be fewer passers comfortable passing it because they hardly ever see it. However, if you learn how to make a good jump serve then you’ll be able to provide your team with a very important advantage. Typically, jump serves have a degree of topspin on them, but it is also possible to jump-serve a floater with no spin at all. What is great about a float serve is that the ball moves unexpectedly. However, for more advanced volleyball players, I don’t like the term “court zones” when talking about where to serve. The server tosses the ball a little higher than normal, strikes the ball toward the top of the back in a downward and outward motion and then follows through with their swing. So, it can be difficult for the opposite team to handle a topspin serve. Typically, the court is divided up in to zones, 1 through 6. Best of luck! Those are types of serves are the floater serve and the jump serve. On the other hand, making an extra motion may also negatively affect your serve and result in some serving errors. That’s the biggest difference between two serving techniques. Analyze how your opponent lines up in serve receive. It’s important to know that there are different types of serves in volleyball – float serve, jump serve as well as topspin serve.

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