Learn more about your UL Power engine and how to ensure a safe, reliably running UL power engine. Sales centers . Website: http://corvusaero.com.au/, Official sales and service point for Romania All prices indicated are excluding taxes and transportation costs. Website: corvusaero.com.au, Phone: +886 9887 77814 / +886 9300 11219 / +1 818-399-2249

E-mail : stevewynne@xtra.no.nz Website :aerosisu.ca +44 (0) 7939 571 270, Official service point for ULPower Aero Engines [6], The ULPower engines are modular. In this Blog, I will explore the finer details of these engines, giving a clearer picture of what to expect from UL Power.

Tel: +64 09 407 8663, Official service point for ULPower Aero Engines in Germany Over the first years, the UL260i has equipped several popular light aircraft, e.g. Tel: +886 3 854 1658 Website: https://wheelsandwings.net/ For Zenith kitplanes builder assist service. E-mail: ray.lawrence@ulpower.com The design of this new line of engines was based around critical issues such as reliability, light weight, excellent performance, a direct propeller drive and modern, proven technology. UL Power North America LLC is the North American distributor for ULPower light aircraft engines. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. E-mail :aerosisu@gmail.com Tel +61 488 462 000 News . The product line was expanded again in 2013, with a line of 6-cylinder engines in both 3900 cc and 5200 cc variants, each with an option for higher or lower compression requiring different minimum fuel grades. After a few years of development and testing of several prototypes the first UL260i 72 kW (97 hp) engine was installed in an aircraft (a Lambert Mission 106). UL260 UL350 UL390 UL520 Manuals Service bulletins Frequently asked questions ULPowered aircraft Step files . Seven decades later, we are surrounded by electronic devices …

UL Power has set out to offer the aviation community a simple, yet robust power-plant as a solution to the common, and outdated aviation piston engines. Want to know more about our engines and their features ? The 6 cylinder engines can power larger experimental and kit-planes (non-certified planes) that are typically powered by Lycoming and Lycoming clones in the O320-O360 range.

Cell: +86 15615527271 For local support and pricing, please contact an office nearby: Note that local pricing may differ from ULPower's published price as it may include crate, shipping, customs declaration, taxes, exchange rate fluctuations or other services our local dealer provides. This engine with reversed rotation (RR) can be used for dual engine aircraft and for pusher applications. E-mail: les@corvusaero.com.au Adding one extra set of cylinders makes the 390/520 family.[6]. This included engine design, development and production for the Dakar Rally (formerly Paris-Dakar Rally) and a proprietary ECU Based on the years of engine experience from Rally, the prototype helicopter engine and the proprietary ECU, they decided to form a company producing aero engines. Website: portaqualitysolutions.com, Official sales and service point for ULPower Aero Engines in Spain RATED the #1 Aviation EXPO by the Light Sport & Ultralight Flyer! Website: Metal Seagulls, ULPower agent - technical support for the Netherlands List of ULPower aircraft engines: model code, displacement, bore x stroke, torque and power output. UL Power Engines.
Home; Official ULPower Sales points; ULPower Aero Engines sales and service centers. Tel: +420 724 580 879 Tel: 06 79 75 23 40 Angola, Tel: +27 83 485 2427

Website: vehra.cz They all have the same bore of 105.6 mm.

Modern Technology four-stroke, air cooled, four-cylinder opposed engine, Dual (redundant) electronic spark ignition (variable timing), Multi-point electronic fuel injection with automatic altitude and temperature compensation, Wet sump forced lubrication with integrated pressure regulator, 5 bearing crankshaft with thrust ball bearing, Ram air cooled cylinders and cylinder heads. UL power engines exposed. The reversed rotation option is available on the entire ULPower range. The 6 cylinder engines can power larger experimental and kit-planes (non-certified planes) that are typically powered by Lycoming and Lycoming clones in the O320-O360 range. Contact . All engine and Avionics installations, Consultant for ULPower Aero Engines in New Zealand Cell phone Jean-Michel BLANC : (commercial )

For the French market specifically, two adapted versions were available: the UL260iF 74 kW (100 hp) based on the UL260iS and the UL350iF 90 kW (120 hp) based on the UL350iS, specifically for gyrocopter application. Email: Info@Wheelsandwings.netI, LSRM-A Certified for Light Sport Maintenance and Inspections
T : + 41 32 525 45 00 In 2009, ULPower launched new engine types: the UL260iS 80 kW (107 hp) and the UL350i/iS 93 kW (125 hp) where the stroke was increased from 74 mm to 100 mm.

Tel: +61 (0)419 444 546 It boasts a high power to weight ratio alongside modern electronics and computer controlled systems. Cell: +1 705 349 8555, Official service point for Taiwan e-mail: simon@ecclestonaviation.co.uk ULPower produces a range of direct drive air-cooled horizontally-opposed engines with multiport fuel-injection and FADEC. All prices indicated are excluding taxes and transportation costs.Deliveries to private individuals within the European Union are subject to 21% Belgian VAT.

[citation needed] The UL350iF is no longer available. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience.

Tel: +49 (0)5731 30 17 21 All engines can run on avgas (100LL or UL91). Tel : +82 31 987 4009 They already knew about the UL260i/iS and in cooperation the UL260iSA was developed. Offical dealer for South Africa, Namibia, Zambia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Kenya, Tanzania, ROPA.BE is a metal turning and milling company making engine parts, while DR Tuning works in the motor racing arena[3]. Engines . After proving[citation needed] the engine reliability on the ground and in the air, the project was merged into an official company structure. Phone Accounts: 0421 595 533 ULPower Aero Engines — Simply the best engine to power your airplane! Website: ulpower.es, Phone: +86 13910379658 / +886 9300 11219 / +1 818-399-2249

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