The urban legend has long been popular and thanks to the popularity of the urban legend it has also become marketable and therefore urban legends have a commercial side. 7 Urban Legends In India That Remain A Mystery To This Day. Urban legends have appealed to many ranges of audiences since this genre tends to attract many individuals. Urban Legends can have traced origins from other countries, In entertainment, urban legends usually present themselves as horror stories. Others lump widely dispersed misinformation into the urban-legend category. Right away you think of the urban legend bloody Mary or now the infamous Slender-man, those are probably the most famous one of them I’ll be talking about throughout my speech, that one being bloody Mary. Every culture has its folktales, including modern America. How would one define an urban legend and what is it that differentiates it from other similar terms such as legends, myths and folklore? One of my friends told me that if I went into the bathroom without any lights and said “Bloody Mary” three times in front of a mirror, a bloody figure would appear. The groom then goes on to clarify that the reason for the annulment was taped to the bottom of everyone’s plate; a photo of the bride... ...Urban legends have been the highlight of the unknown. Year after year more and more books are published about the urban legends, websites … Urban legends are popular stories alleged to be true and transmitted from person to person, Urban Legends: a story, usually horrific, which uses pieces of history and information to create a story which is circulated through several generations and cultures. In cyberspace, there are different kinds of stories that are not true, and that is calling “tale story or urban legend”. For example, A child who had been poisoned by his father on Halloween and oranges in United Kingdom had been injected with mercury,... ...How Urban Legends Work For example, someone could tell you that there are giant alligators in New York's sewers, or he could tell you a riveting story about a group of kids who stumbled upon such an animal. The urban legend I am about to describe was told by a first year female biology major at the University. They touch the most sensitive nerves of human minds with ironic twists, gross-out shocks, and moral lessons learned the hard way. The Vanishing Hitchhiker Could it be the intense pressures of society, or could it even be the simple fact that we want to educate ourselves? She is of Indian descent and both her parents work in the biotechnology field. Fernback gives example of serious urban legends. American Society: Urban Legends in the Classroom The most common venue is forwarded e-mail.. And thus was, their urban legends. Over time we are introduced to these stories and really wonder what part of these stories are real and is fabrication. Urban legend can be stop social chaos by reducing social anxiety, and it can clarify people’s natural heritage and impacts on public imagination with folklore. Modern Urban Legends In the article of “How Urban Legends Work” by Tom Harris, Mr. Harris gives us various examples of different urban legends. Examples of Urban Legends in Entertainment. In Pemberton Park. The storyteller is a female 19-year-old Caucasian sophomore student, currently studying psychology at the University. Please join StudyMode to read the full document. The story has been morphed so many times over the years that the true story behind the legend has been lost in the web of its new versions. Like an actor on stage, storytellers have the responsibility of keeping a story entertaining, yet believable, through their gestures and attitude while telling the story, Goatman Version 1--Montgomery County, Maryland The dog exploded, sad to say the least , and Grandma has never been quite the same since. I collected this story on a Sunday night in the dorm. Exactly what is an Urban Legend? Our essay writers are graduates with diplomas, bachelor, masters, Ph.D., and doctorate degrees in various subjects. They spread primarily from individual to individual through various communication, and only in atypical cases through mass media or other institutional means. Those who did not mention it on their own recognized it when I described it. You’re frozen from fear, yet you can’t run or fight it off. It starts out like any other; the groom stands up at the head of the table and hushes the crowd, while all of the guests prepare for what they believe to a typical toast to his bride and a “thank you” to all of them for helping to celebrate the memorable day. Free Urban Legend Essays and Papers. When arriving at the home the young lady gets out of the car to proceed to the house. Examples include the, years) (The Internet Movie Database). One legend, often called “Lights Out,” was mentioned by just about all of the students I interviewed. However, the most remarkable thing about these stories is that so many people believe them and pass them on. word of mouth for decades across the United States. The dog exploded, sad to say the least , and Grandma has never been quite the same since. 7 Urban Legends In India That Remain A Mystery To This Day. Urban legend and folklores are stories which can be transmitted orally, and has impact on our societies such as tainted Halloween candy. In his essay, which was first published in the Los Angeles Times in 1995, Neal Gabler presents the question as to “why are we so willing to believe the strange and even bizarre tales that come to us?”(1) While reading his piece, you will find that Gabler answers this question along with other inquiries that surround urban legends. In this essay the author Tom Harris tells us how urban legends effects us on how we live, the stories that are told can either give us a lesson to be learned or it gives us a warning, some stories can be horrific as in the story about the traveling sales man who met a women in Las Vegas and had a few too many drinks and had be drugged and had his kidney removed by a body organ harvesting gang and woke up in a bathroom tube covered in ice and a note to call for help before he dies.

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